Tuesday, December 3

Look at me, getting so much done tonight. The kids' cages are clean. The Christmas tree is up. Not decorated, but up. I took the garbage out (in the cold, mind you) and now I'm blogging. So impressive. Unfortunately, that's about all I've got to report.
My coworkers missed their flight out of Chicago this afternoon because of delays flying out of Appleton. That airport is no good. Sure, they've spruced it all up for the many, many business travelers that frequent the fox cities, but they still can't seem to get planes in or out in a timely manner. I suppose O'Hare is to blame, as well. At any rate, they had to stay overnight in Chicago and they're leaving tomorrow. Which screws up their schedule completely, and which I'm suppose to help take care of from this end. Um... sure. Ok. Let me just... er... that is....ah...um...yeah. I guess I'll worry about that tomorrow. And now it is time for good little girls and me to go to bed. ZZzzz.


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