Wednesday, December 11

News flash II: Chia didn't actually eat the pop tart. But nearly all of you know that already.
I took a vacation day today because, damn it, I can. I was all set to spend wads of cash with the birthday gal. Instead she headed up nort and I took Chia back to the vet. Yesterday young Dr. Schatz thought the problem was not his teeth. This morning I decided he was probably wrong, and it seemed extra cruel to feed my baby an appetite stimulant if he couldn't actually eat, so back I was with the sick, sad animals at the vets' office. The nice (though, I have to say, odd) Dr. drugged up the poor kid, filed his tooth down, and sent us on our way. No charge. I can get behind that. So... I'm suppose to continue with the meds, and if Chia hasn't eaten by Friday, we're back in for blood work. It was very reassuring when the dr. said that he had drawn blood on chins "two or three times before, and it went ok". *gulp* And he's the small mammal specialist in the office. Large mammal owners don't know how lucky they have it. Vets with experience, food at any given chain store, people not mistaking their animals for other animals. "That's a rabbit, huh?" Sure, sure lady, it's a rabbit. Whatever. Chia does draw a crowd at the vets, though. He's very popular. Especially since half the staff have never seen a chinchilla. One lady evidently was a bit more informed and she even commented on his coloring. I decided I liked her immediately. Everyone else should put down their Field Guide to Retrievers and pick up something a little more broad, if you ask me.
I'm actually in a fairly good mood, though that endless paragraph would suggest otherwise. This evening I got to eat breakfast at Perkins and then went to the Hobo Lobo. Then I made a Christmas present. So industrious on my day off. I'm very impressed with myself. And now it's getting late. Tomorrow I actually do have to go to work. And I'll probably go in Friday as well (since I don't work on the third floor!!) and since the new girl would be the only person there for our entire team, and that seems a little harsh. I wouldn't want to lose my rep as the nice one.


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