Saturday, February 22

What a wonderful day! I'm a little sleepy, of course, but wonderful none the less. We are celebrating a birthday for someone wonderful, and we're eating somewhere wonderful, and, in addition, it's eggroll day. I love eggroll day. It's one of my favorite days, in fact. If I was really, really rich, and we didn't all already have dinner plans, everyone could celebrate eggroll day. As it is, I'm postponing much of the celebrating for tomorrow. And possibly Monday. Maybe even Tuesday, if I'm lucky and not too greedy.
I'm crossing my fingers that the b-day cake will turn out ok. It was an adventure trying to get the ingredients. It's now in the oven... we'll see how it goes. These things are suppose to be fool-proof, but somehow aren't me-proof, so I'm a little nervous. I'm guessing we'll all be much too full of the Mongo's goodness to be hungry for cake, but I could be wrong. Time to check on it (again).


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