Tuesday, February 18

Well, kids, tomorrow may be the day. Not the big day. Not the "I know for sure I got the promotion" day, but I do have my review tomorrow, and I'll be told how much I'm getting for a raise, pre-promotion, which means I'll be able to ask for even more money if I get the new job. Yay me!
In other work news, I got to write a nasty e-mail to someone today because they are the suck and are not sending me the stuff I need in anything like a timely manner. The thing is, I've been told the Chinese are a sensitive bunch, on the whole, and they tend to take it very personally if we're not happy about how much (or little) they are working. I'm sure this is a gross exageration, or generalization at the very least, but it still makes me feel guilty about having to bitch someone out. Especially when I'm sure office-lady over there has about as much control over how fast their company is sewing stuff as I do. Yet, I wrote the nasty e-mail. I'm going to have people on my butt about the whole thing, might as well spread the misery around a little.
CB decided to (once again) pull a no-show on a day we send out packages to the Far East. This, I would hasten to point out, is one of her only responsibilities, and while it only takes an hour or so to put together the FedEx stuff on a normal day, today was not a normal day. Today people in other departments were bringing down crap for us to send out until around 5. (In case you were wondering, our work day technically ends at 4:30.) I wasn't on cover-for-CB duty today, but the poor woman who was was completely frazzled by the time she got out of the office (still 45 minutes before me, but who's counting?) Evidently CB's boss has suggested that she better bring in treats to make up for all her sucking, but no one is that good a baker. No one. Not Norske Nook, not Krispy Kreme. CB is literally that bad. Her boss had to tell her specifically that she cannot be ill or have off or be otherwise absent on Friday (the next package day). Now, when your boss has to make a point of telling you to actually show up for work, there's a problem. I would think this would be obvious to even the most disinterested observer, but her boss doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. I hope they take whatever amount was set aside for CB's raise and distribute equally among the rest of us who have to constantly hear about her sucking. It might be another nickel in my pocket, who knows?
Ok... enough bitching about work for one post. Today is Gilmore Girls night. Yay for me!


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