Tuesday, February 11

I know I promised to regale you all with stories of women's weekend part III (though I've only been present for two). Here goes: lots of driving and chatting, stopping for Ponderosa in Baraboo - we were going to go to Denny's, but it was all '50's diner themed and scary, scarier even than a Ponderosa with a horse out front - confused our poor waiter with a planet on his forehead, confused another waiter who told me I look like Kelly Osbourne - then eventually made it to Minneapolis. Unfortunately Beth and OP were zonked out by the time we made it to the cities, so they didn't get to see how pretty the capitol is at night, but they are weak. During the next two days I became quite jealous of the ability to sleep, but I digress. We stayed up late enjoying the company of Heather, Kat and Abba and then got up late the next morning. That part was really nice. We ate tons of crap food including donuts a la Pam, went to a local restaurant with Shannon from Kohler, Sara, Pam, Melanie and um... Jessica. I think that's it. There were twelve of us, at any rate, and they were very accomodating. Then we went to Michael's to try to buy stuff to make the craft project I stole the idea for from a girl at work, and that didn't go over very well... for some reason, eating crap and getting not much not very good sleep makes you kinda tired. Then we watched the Michael Jackson interview. I tried to warn them. Honestly, you can ask any of them. But did they listen? No. So we all had a nice little freak-out session. Hydie and Pam went to the Indigo Girls concert, and we stayed at Heather's and some people played games. I did not. Well, not exactly. There was some pressure to play Outburst...I chose to not join a team and just shout shit out, which was way more fun (and I got to enjoy the dirty looks I got from a certain girl). Then I had to lay down the law and kick someone off of my pillow and my sleeping area. Not my typical m.o. but she was totally asking for it. Plus, I was getting crazy tired. So... we slept. Or, we tried to. "MY ASS!"
Then it was time to come home, well... stop for pie and come home. Mmm... Osseo pie. Some of you were lucky enough to enjoy my (and OP's) generosity. I, however, still have the leftovers, so I win.
And that was that. It really was a good time, though when I read this over, it doesn't sound much like it. I've learned that for some things you just have to be there. Maybe next year some of you with internal genitalia can join in.


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