Wednesday, January 29

Ok, Ok... no one was hitting on me (or hitting me) at the bar. No one wanted to smooch on me who isn't my husband. My last post was really more in the "Kicking and Screaming" vein of: I gotta go fuck a freshman. Yeah, me too.
So sorry if I confused you all.
Actually, yesterday I finished the Chinese New Year newsletter for work. It was a much bigger job than I had anticipated, and I'm glad to be done. We're having a big cleaning/New Year's party day on Friday, which means we can dress extra casual. This means, apparently, anything goes - except, of course, bibs. My company is insane.
To further my point, today I got really good news at work, that I'll tell anyone about (in person) who asks, but I'm going to hold off on posting about it for awhile- probably until after the 5th for sure. So...if you're not one of those people I'm likely to see in the next two or three weeks and your just dying to know, drop me an e-mail.
Now I should put some food in my food-hole and get back to work. "Shut your noise-hole, taco human!" is such a great line. I should use it more often! Note to DerK: there's an Invader Zim ring tone for our phones.... tee hee.


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