Wednesday, January 22

While some people continue to slack off, others have evidently listed "post to my blog" on their lists of New Year's Resolutions. Happily for me, one of them is my auntie, ie Mozybot.Yay!
I know that it's just lame to talk about the weather, but I'm done with this whole winter thing. Having no snow sucks. But having snow sucks, too. And it should be against the law to be forced to leave your house when it's this cold. Has no one heard of telecommuting? What year is this? Look! I could be working right now, right here, in front of my beloved space heater! But noooo.
And tonight, rather than stay in the warm coziness (Ok, who am I trying to kid? the relatively cool unless you're piled in blankets-ness) of my house, I'm going to the Polish jamborie. Which is to say, OP and Jen and I are going to the Rail (yes, you read that right) for polka night. I'm certain it will be something to behold. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the she-male wears to such an event. I should bring my camera. Some of you (the unfortunate ones) know who I mean. One word: ew. Possibly two words: ew ew. One can't help but stare and wonder, "Exactly what is that? It has a beard, but it's wearing a dress... I'm so confused." Then, in hushed tones, you learn - she/it has given birth. She/it has children, even grandchildren. Wow.
I'm telling you, my blankets and space heater are sounding better and better. Unfortunately, after this weekend, I've probably used up my "blowing off my friends to stay inside" quota for the year. Unless I, too, want to be considered a hermit. So... here I go. At least my next post will have some content.


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