Thursday, December 26

Well, we're about half way through the festivities of the season and all is well in the Krause household. I saw a few former classmates out at the bar, talked to even fewer, but still had a good time down at the old Horse & Plow. Christmas Eve day was filled mostly with preparing food for after church, most of which didn't really get eaten, but that's ok. I'm sure my bro and dad did their best to put a dent in it Christmas day. Before church I sent UPB on a mission to get my dad his new keyboard, and he picked up one for us, too. I just plugged it in and I'm thinking it's going to take a lot of getting used to. TJ said he felt like he was going to sprain his fingers, the way you sprain your ankle when you step off of a curb wrong, and I totally understand what he means. Oh well. At least if we decide we hate it, our old one still works.
Many of you have seen at least one of my presents, my dad got me the entire series of "The Young Ones" on DVD... so excited!! We're going to have to schedule a viewing very soon :)
I have a pounding headache, and there is nearly no one at work today, so it's totally boring. This should give me the opportunity to catch up on some stuff that I've kinda been slacking on, but it's awfully hard to feel motivated. *sigh* I woke up asking myself why I didn't save a vacation day for today. Then I remembered that with my boss gone, I probably wouldn't have been able to take it anyway. At least I don't have to go in tomorrow.
This is probably about all the finger spraining I can handle for right now. Plus, other than recapping all the presents I got and sounding really materialistic, I don't have much else to report. Except I got a phone call from Shan, who didn't make it to Kohler for X-mas this year, and I am convinced as ever that she needs a blog, if for no other reason than to share with the world tales of her crazy nieces and nephews. When a story ends with a 5-year-old girl's mom saying, "Well, at least they had their clothes on" you know it has to be good.
Oh - one thing I got for Christmas that I should keep everyone informed of.... my grandma gave me some of her recipes. Stay tuned for goodness, or at least, attempted goodness, coming your way. :) (And no picking on my sentence structure or no tasties for you!)


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