Thursday, December 19

So I was kidding about the lesbian thing. Honestly. Although word seems to have leaked out, as I received this e-mail today (and not to my junk-mail-filled hotmail account, either):
I'm not sure you are having the same troubles I am on yahoo personals, but I
have had major difficulties getting ahold of you :) First, I wasn't able to
reply to your email on the site, did you take your ad down? And then I wasn't
even sure if you got my first messages ?? I hope you did !! i loved what you
wrote. you seem like my type.. and you sure sound like someone I would like to
go out with. I am a very down to earth person, very open, honest and upfront,
and I love to play around. Guys tell me i am pretty, but I figure there is no
use in beating around the bush right?? I think that most girls lead guys on
too often, and then all that is left is bitter feelings. i am not that type of
girl at all. I am very honest and very comfortable with myself. Like i said
before, I am not sure if you ever got my first is very
frustrating !! Well, I would love for you to check my personals page out:
My best pictures are on there, and pretty much everything you need to know
about me !! I would love to get together sometime....well I guess it
depends on whether you find me attractive or not and if you get this email. I
am sure you will not be dissappointed though. I think I am too picky
sometimes, so I am excited about the possibility of us !! Well, this is
getting pretty long, so i will stop writing for now. Write back soon !! At
least let me know you got this. I have nothing to do, I've only lived here for
a few weeks. =o( Love, Maria

Wow. Porn. E-mailed especially to me. I feel so... ew.


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