Monday, January 20

Sorry to all those out-of-towers and in-towners that I missed this weekend. We were hosting the famous (infamous?) Shan and her guy on Saturday night. Catching up seems to take us a while, what with the near-constant laughter, so we didn't end up hitting the sack until much MUCH past our normal bedtimes. Needless to say, I was a giant piece of poo on Sunday, slept away most of the afternoon, and screwed my sleep cycle up entirely. Also, I'm a giant slacker and didn't go to work today. I've actually been battling with my body in more ways than one lately, and I won't use this forum to bore/disgust you, but today was not such a great day to be me, comfort-wise.
I'm feeling much better and looking forward to the mounds and mounds of work that await me for tomorrow. Yay work! Maybe I'll get some more jokes from my nice mandarin-speaking friends.
Oh, and I'm totally going to Japan with Shannon.


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