Thursday, January 9

My oh my, how lazy I've become.
Tied for first thing I should say would be #1 Happy Birthday DerK. I tried to send you a text message to your new sexy phone... I have no idea if it worked or not. I'm hoping it did, cause that would be kinda cool. And #1 Go Shaft. You da MAN. And, in your new position, you actually kind of are the man. I hope this doesn't cause too much internal conflict, what with you hating da man and all.
I am brokey in my back, and started to feel all fluish today at work. S, who has been out sick on and off all week told be to blame Clown Bonnie, who was only sick Monday and Tuesday, and didn't come into work sick like S did, but I thought it was pretty funny for her to try to put the blame on CB (which, btw, is a perfect 2nd nickname for Clown Bonnie, if ever she needs one... she looks kinda like a cb using kinda gal).
So tonight I took a bath, trying to fix my back so I'll be ready to party cowgirl-style tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to it already. Alas, I have no cowboy hat. I will make due with one of UPB's sexy western shirts. And I bet B'Gosh has some wheat I can borrow. (that's a joke for the sexy people, and by sexy, I mean skanky).
And now it is bed time... yep. You heard me. I'm going to be early tonight because I have it on good authority that that is one way to relieve the feelings of the tiredness. Sounds crazy, but I'm willing to give it a go. 'Night all. See you on the morrow.


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