Saturday, January 25

Dilemma dilemma. Everyone knows how much I want a Mini, and with the new financing news *thanks DerK* that would even be possible. We could again be a 2-car payment household. However, after a lovely excursion to the Goodwill this afternoon with UPB and OP, I'd have to say that I'd be pretty hard-pressed to give up the trusty hatch-back. In addition to one kick-ass pair of boots purchased by yours truly, one lucky someone picked herself up a new chair for her sparse living room. Said chair, while small as far as chairs go, would never, ever fit in the back of a Mini. Even with the seats folded down, I'm pretty sure. So you see my problem. I enjoy being able to haul around huge piles of crap, or large pieces of furniture, but I also want to own the smallest car ever. Maybe I just need to get me one of dem trailer thingies. Then I'll join the Otter Street Fishing Club. All in favor?


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