Sunday, February 2

Woo! Punk Show!
Woo! Kohler!
Woo! Evans!
And that about sums up my weekend to date. I bought my dad Best In Show for his birthday, which we watched yesterday afternoon together. Then he called me a goof ball. I assume that means he liked it. My brother has decided to stop shaving or something, so now I'm related to Grissly Adams. Everyone I know has functioning Pea Coats, so at Evans I had to pick up some new buttons to get mine in working order - perhaps sewing on buttons will be my task for the day. Both my dad and my brother were surprised that I didn't drive up to the house in a new Mini. They obviously have pretty high expectations about my ability to budget. Sure, I could probaby swing it with the new lease terms, but... so many other bills to pay.... thinking about it makes me tired. But I don't get to complain about being tired this weekend, because (for a change) I'm not the Krause putting in the over time.
I probably shouldn't blog before I've had a Mountain Dew or two. The whole post seems a little disconnected. Welcome to my world.


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