Monday, February 3

Hola amigos and amigas!
I have just finished filling out an application for a new job! Next verse, same as the first. At least this time, I haven't lost my current job first. The promotion I wasn't going to write about so as not to jinx or get myself in trouble is not a sure bet, you see. I have to apply for it. And possibly - ok probably, nearly definitely - interview for it. I wonder if that means I have to pull out the old interview suit. It seems a little silly, so that's probably why the idea is so attractive. I mean, I dressed up for Chinese New Year. To not dress up for an interview would seem almost insulting to those who'll be interviewing me, i.e. my boss. Maybe others will be involved, but I can't imagine who apart from the HR gals. I gotta say, I miss Brent. He wasn't kidding when he said there would be room for advancement in this position. Too bad for him the same couldn't be said for his job. All that aside, it's going to be pretty strange to be called into a room with my boss, interviewed, and then have to walk back to our adjoining cubes together. I imagine I'll want to be like that yippy puppy from the Warner Bros cartoons, "so boss... did I get it? did I get the job? did I do ok? huh? huh?" but I'll try to fight that urge. I love working for my boss, and the upside of this whole thing (is there a downside?) is that I can still get ANOTHER promotion and still work for her! Ah, org charts, who knew you'd turn out to be my friend? And who thought I'd get a job that wasn't somehow marginalized? At Candle Corp I reported directly to the director, and you'd think that would be a good thing, but somehow it just meant that I got all the crap jobs no one else wanted because I wasn't assigned to a particular team of people. Now I revel in the hierarchical nature of corporate America. Oh, and I'm thinking about going back to school to get my MBA. Eventually, my brother and I will have become so opposite that the universe will actually be in jeapordy if we hug. Luckily, we'll always have our love of chorizo in common.


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