Saturday, March 1

I have joined the ranks of those with ink. Last night I was all, "oh, it doesn't hurt, it's fine!". Must have been the booze/adrenalin/crazy talking, cuz this morning, let me just say... ow. A little sore. And I was extra judgemental about it as I laid in bed this morning, but I think I love it. I defintely like it, and I think it'll only grow on me, so... I'm happy. I guess it's probably a good sign that I'm already thinking about the next one. For you veterans, I'm sure this is all very boring. Luckily, I don't have a whole lot of time to sit and babble about it because I have to get ready to go to Princeton - yay! I'm really hoping my hips hold up. Stooopid brokeyness. Also, I feel completely hung-over. Considering I had all of three drinks last night, maybe I spoke too soon when I said I was glad my liver was back to functioning normally. Or, my seven livers, depending on who you ask. I suppose that's probably enough whining for one morning. See ya later!


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