Sunday, February 23

Most of you know what a (possibly unhealthy) affection I have for breakfast foods, so I'm just going to put something in perspective: I'm having eggrolls for breakfast. Not the perfectly delectable poptarts that are on the counter, not a tasty bowl of cereal, but eggrolls. They're that good.
I'm glad I didn't eat them all last night, however, because it turns out that I'm a better cook than I had previously thought and my two dishes at Mongo's turned out wonderfully. The on to Chez-Selk for a happy allegedly lucky super-fun time. As sad as I've been about losing our beloved P, even temporarily, I had to admit that I had more fun last night than I've had at the P in quite a while. But then, I've always been partial to the grab-ass. And with the psuedo-kamakazes flowing, it wasn't so different. Except I bet it's much easier to convince some people to do the pants dance than others.
Now I'm off to begin eggroll day, part II. I know what you're all thinking, but I'm not going to write it.


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