Tuesday, February 25

Ah... a nice relaxing week at work, with all the big-wigs and most of the smaller-wigs in Vegas for a vendor conference. Or... not. Rather, continuation of the crazy-busyness and several near stabbings do to some *starts with a B, ends with an onnie* incompetence. It makes me hurt, how du-umb she is. Some of the people upstairs have a new nickname for her, considerably less flattering than any I have come up with. And let me say, that's saying a lot. I wish they'd take their gripes to her supervisor, but, unfortunately, they don't really like her, either. So I get to hear them all. Not that I don't enjoy the stories, but... I am completely powerless to change the situation, and that is rather frustrating.
And now I am at a loss. I have homework to do tonight, and usually that would mean going to the P, to spread my shite all over a nice big table. Now I feel like a homeless person, with no where to go. I guess I could go to... I have no idea.
I'll probably think on it this afternoon, while I'm doing the work to prepare me for the homework. Don't you just love it?


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