Saturday, March 8

In the midst of my little freak-out yesterday, I forgot to mention that I have news of my own. I have an interview Wednesday morning. It will most likely be low-key, as it includes me, my boss, and one chick from HR. That's it. Now, all things considered, it's all rather silly, since the only people attending have the following information: I want the job. My boss wants to give me the job. HR knows this. So... the interview may be a little unnecessary. Sorry to any fellow employees who may be interviewing for the position (there are 2), but... better luck next time, losers. Ahh ha ha ha!! I shouldn't be so cocky... whenever I am things tend to bite me right in the ass. So... everyone still keep your fingers crossed for me.
Also, my boss brought up a good point yesterday while we were talking about the whole interview thing. She wasn't at my first interview (maternity leave), so she really doesn't know anything about what I've done prior to joining OKB. So she gave me the head's up that she'll probably ask a lot about that. Which means I should start trying to remember what my job descriptions used to be, because as many of you know, what I actually did was jack squat. That is a really funny funny phrase if you stop to think about it. I'm giggling right now just reading it again.
In other news, yesterday I got a big bag of free stuff from work, left over from the vendor conference. Anything free is worth having (as we all know) except disease and rancid food, so I'm not complaining, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with half the stuff. I don't actually need the world's cheapest, worst umbrella. Anyone who does, give me a jingle. I'll start the bidding at a nickel. The sweatshirt is super nice and soft, and there was a baseball cap that will come in handy during volleyball season, which I assume will be starting any minute.
I got to drive Shaft's car last night. It's big. Also, I got to see Chuck (the lumpy potato). Tomorrow I may get to see Chuck (my dad).
And finally, it's snowing. It's snowing. God, I hate this weather.


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