Saturday, March 1

Add more things - or places - to the Unhealthy Affections list. Oh Henry's, how I love thee. And Twister, some day I will emulate you in a shop of my own. Why you don't have a website, I do not know. Of course, this one is a suitable substitute in many ways. (Another unhealthy affection...the list continues to grow.)
There's something wonderful about shopping in Princeton without seas and seas of flea market goers. To be honest, as much as I enjoy the theory of a huge flea market, I don't ever end up buying anything and I always seem to get rather ill. But downtown Princeton is where it's at. We ate at Mimi's for the first time, and it was nice, but I think I prefer the diner or the award-winning pizza place. Be sure to ask aLo about his generous coupon offer, and his cleaning habits. Tracey Porter was closed (thankfully) and Bullmoose Mercantile was open and so hot I nearly wet 'em. Art & Crafts (the architecture and furniture movement, not the Hobo Lobo concept) and super cool books and... oh my. And the shop owner hates the cold, so I liked him immediately. The bookstore had a signed copy of Lyda's 2nd book, which delighted all of us, and other choice items. What used to be Urban Artifacts (now Daiseye) seemed a little too full of hemp-related items and not enough salvaged goodness for my taste, but Dish "epicurean outfitters" was wonderful and I can't believe I didn't come home with the sushi-print sake set. *kicking myself*.
And again I'm asking myself: how is it possible that shops so cool exist in a town so small and relatively remote? And how is it that we can get none of this coolness in Oshkosh, or even Appleton, which is full-up of shops that sell crap and still make a go of it? And when am I going to win the lottery so I can try to change all that?
Seeing as I do not actually play the lottery, I suppose I will have to resign myself to driving to the middle of nowhere to enjoy what Princeton has to offer. I guess I should consider myself quite lucky that it isn't any farther away. And that I'm not driving from Illinois, like so many of the people there. And that I've heard of it at all, to think of it.
Also: remember (those of you who were there and listening to my babbling last night) my trying to describe a certain candy bar, made by Cadburry and found in England? Yeah... I bought one (two? I can't remember now) at Henry's this afternoon. MMmmm... candy :)


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