Monday, March 3

Ok. Today was stressful. I figured out that there was a whole big bunch of stuff I should have taken care of last week (early last week) that didn't end up happening until today. I also learned that it's a good thing that I was damaged on Friday, because the people that are in my department that didn't go to Vegas got together for lunch. I begged off, and came home, then to the chiro. Today I learned CB hits her fork on her teeth when she eats (my co-worker told me this, as I admitted my little problem to her last week). My response was, "of course she does". Is there nothing about that woman that isn't evil? And I don't mean that in a good way.
I would have had to kill her. And prison is seriously the last place you want to try to quit smoking.
Speaking of... I wanted a cigarette today. Badly. But I didn't cave, thanks to the help of some friends and some very helpful coworkers with gum. And I'm trying to keep this in mind. I'm approaching 48 hours:
Nerve endings start to re-grow.
Your ability to smell and taste is enhanced.
Interesting... as I've always thought my sense of taste and smell were somewhat overdeveloped already. Possibly, I'm a Super Taster. Wouldn't that be exciting!!


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