Tuesday, March 25

My body has decided it wants to make up for all the late nights, early mornings, stress, and 4 o'clock wake-up calls in one fell swoop. I went to bed at about 7:30 last night, woke up for about an hour when someone came to the door, was back to sleep by 9:30, and couldn't get out of bed this morning.
And b'gosh is playing dick around dick around soon he won't be around with my bitch, which leaves me bitchless, and therefore bitchy. Amy and I are planning mental health days, or afternoons at least, for some time this week. Unfortunately we can't both be out of the office at the same time because, unlike other departments I could name and start to fume about, we have a sense of responsibility to get shit done. Mostly because when the samples, due to ship Friday, don't come in on time, it's our asses on the line, even though it's not even a little bit our fault. Such is my lot in life. I wish I thought I could do something differently next season to make it all ok, but unless "someone" gets hired right quick, I'm not even going to have time to breath when spring '04 rolls around in *oh crap* a week and a half. Add to all this the fact that I won't be able to do any of the things associated with my now in quotes "promotion" until someone starts in my old job, I'm feeling a little frustrated with our lovely HR dept right now. grrrr
Plus, no new Gilmore Girls. CB had the packages closed before I could send out some art (that has to be on something being shipped out of Malaysia on Friday, and we only send out packages on Tuesdays and Fridays). My car is falling to pieces, and I don't want to pay to have it fixed. I "get to" go to a negotiating skills seminar for two full days at the end of April, and they had to go and put it at the Hilton, cuz the Park Plaza would be too damn convenient. I'm suppose to have a section of our department's manual updated by the first and nearly everyone who could help me check the facts in it is in Asia until at least then. Everyone in the department got a chunk to update except CB, who didn't volunteer for one.
I'm going to go surf the internet now in hopes that I'll find something to cheer me up. I'm hoping someone posted the picture from Conan of Grover shooting up.


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