Wednesday, March 19

Today was productive. I left work last night slightly disgruntled with 50+ e-mails yet to deal with. That meant I got into work this morning with 115 or so. And I was crab-bee. Possibly even more syllables than that. There was lots of "that's not my problem, it's yours" going on this morning. grrrr. But, this afternoon I kicked butt. I left work with 9 - that's right, single digits, baby (as I've already mentioned to OP). This makes me very happy. Never mind that I have no idea how to deal with most of those 9, it's still 9, and 9 is better than 115. Trust me.
I've also come to realize that I'm going to be sad to give up some of my responsibilities that will come with the promotion. Mostly because those responsibilities have me working with some of the cooler people in the company, and the ones that remain leave me working with some people that are considerably less cool. The price of success, I guess. And maybe if I do really well, I'll get to go back to working with the cool people again. Or (more likely) job duties will get juggled on 3rd floor (again) and I'll get to work with my gals again. I am, of course, jumping the gun somewhat. It will be a while before things transition completely to my bitch, so I'll just enjoy the time I have left. And the idea that my e-mails will eventually be cut in half or so. I enjoy the thought of that a lot .
Tonight, I'll enjoy some tasty dinner prepared with love my UPB, shared with Shaft. Then off to the P, maybe for some tasty tasty cherry beer. Hope to see you all there.


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