Sunday, March 9

So...I'm at work, waiting for my phonebook size pile of crap to finish printing, so I'm la-la-la surfing the uberweb (see, I can use it in a sentence) and found a(nother) new unhealthy affection. Puchi Puchi Wanko! Not only is that the funniest name for a sanrio character I've encountered for a while, but it's the cutest damn thing ever, and he loves strawberries!! What's not to love?
Eventually, I'll be back home, and home I shall stay for the evening. Sorry to those I miss tonight, but I've got a ton of stuff I'd like to get through tonight, including some more laundry. I may even get inspired to weed through the clothes I already own to make the keep/give away/throw away piles. It's March, we can call it spring cleaning! Yay Spring!


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