Sunday, March 9

Oof! Morning! It came earlier than I would have liked today, but that means that I've gotten kind of a lot accomplished already, and this afternoon I can go to work to take care of the stuff I should have done yesterday, while I was watching a musical instead. Such a long sentence... sorry.
No visit with my dad this weekend... with the snow yesterday, he got accomplished about as much as I did. So today instead of getting together, we will both be doing laundry, I bet. Yay clean clothes! It's probably best if I don't stink for the interview, and I figured out what I'm going to wear, so life is good.
Why is the football season so short? Sundays just aren't the same without my third quarter nap. Perhaps today I'll have to improvise.
It's been slightly over a week since my last cigarette. The improved sense of smell has become annoying. Everything stinks. Well... actually, freshly baked bread smells good, and pizza, and a lot of things... but not my house. And it's too freaking cold to try to air it out. Maybe I'll have to make a trip to the candle outlet this afternoon. Or just go buy tons and tons of baking soda and place it strategically throughout the house. What's annoying is that I know that at least some of the stink is left over from the last resident, who is now our downstairs neighbor and who I otherwise like. She has a pet bunny... and I can still smell where it's cage used to be. Bleck. That was almost 4 years ago. And yes, I've tried that. That, too... there is no solution as far as I can tell. Time to start saving for a house, I guess.
And now I'll sign off, as my lunch should be arriving shortly. We live in a wonderful age.


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