Thursday, March 13

Mmmmm.... tasty group think. Which is my way of saying:
#1 I haven't had a full night's sleep in two weeks... stupid clowns
#2 Hell, yes, Koreana!
#3 Also a little crabby. And sick.
I want some confirmation I got the promotion. The interview went very well. My boss is holding off ordering me new business cards until my title changes. (Therefore, I assume it will be soon) But I want an offer. I want an announcement. I want the damn job, damn it. And I won't hear about it tomorrow because my boss is on vacation. *bother*
I will have to be consoled by the fact that I'm getting a hair cut, so I can be cute again, instead of dumb looking. Dorothy at work wanted me to take her into the (2nd floor) bathroom (cuz it's bigger than ours) and fix her hair all twisty with the clippies like I do mine. She is almost 60 (I think) and just the sweetest, silliest woman. I think I'll take her up on it one of these days.
And now for the sleeping. Clowns be damned.


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