Monday, March 10

That's it! I can't take it anymore. I'm going back to smoking.
But let me explain why... I am not just whelmed, but overwhelmed with aromas, fragrances, stinks. Today I was pestered all day long by the odd combination of fragrances in the stairwell 20 feet (30? I have no idea) from my desk. Mind you, there is a door. Nonetheless, this horrendous miasma of bubble-gum/perfume stench was inescapable. And I mean, it smelled like Bazooka Joe decided to open up a perfume factory. Like Hubba Bubba soda, only perfume. I can't possibly explain the nastiness of it. I couldn't concentrate all day. Then I walk outside: rotting potatos. Very high on my list of most hated smells, and the air, the outside "clean" air, was full of that smell. There is something sick and wrong about that. At least when I got home all was well, as garlic is featured prominently in dinner this evening. And there's not a damn thing wrong with garlic, my friends. However, I can enjoy garlic as a smoker, whereas, I've never had to deal with Bubbalicious #5 before, so I can only assume that it is my "enhanced" ability to smell.
Now my super nose is telling me dinner is about done, so I will sign off. And probably sign back on later to bitch about other things. It's Monday, that's what you get.


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