Sunday, March 16

Hooray for me and my new jobby job! Ok... you all know it's really the same old jobby job, but I got the promotion. It's official. My boss (God bless her) came in Friday with her son *so cute!* just so I could get the offer. And it was a little funny, cuz they literally treated it like an offer - as if I wasn't going to take it. And maybe, given that one week into this pay period I have in 10 hours of overtime, and next pay period I'll be salaried, maybe I should have thought twice about accepting it. No. That would have been dumb.
So this weekend I celebrated. And celebrated. And celebrated. And slept, and ate out (practically every meal), and saw my dad and my newly clean-cut bro, and got to go into work, and slept and slacked and now I should be at the Robin's Nest, but I'm not cuz I was checking on the old finances online. Yep... we've got bills. Even still. But I think we're getting smarter about them and should be able to start putting a fairly big dent in them quickly. Or, at least, that's the plan. But you know what they say about making plans... whenever you do, God laughs. I'm just very thankful to be working, getting the promotion is a nice bonus, and it makes things seem a little more secure (than previous jobs). So... on with the planning, and then playing the cards we're dealt. I'm evidently still tired if I can be philosophical about credit card bills, but there you go.
"Spring is soft and fluffy. Winter is sharp and pointy." Today was gorgeous. You can't fully appreciate one season without the others. I would rather that sharp, pointy winter was much shorter, but there's something so glorious about the first warm days of spring, I couldn't really ever give it up entirely.
And now I should go so I can induce a cat-fight. Meow.


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