Friday, April 18

I'm not so good at this sleeping-in thing, despite what my husband says. In my book, I should still be sleeping. And if not sleeping, doing something really productive, like trying to pick up the Hydie, or sewing, or getting something accomplished. But I'm not. Thanks to Jesus, it's my day off. So I'm puttering around, still in my jammies, sitting in front of my beloved space heater. Mmm... warm.
Eventually, I'll have to make myself clean. Church is at 1, or 6:30, but I expect that at 6:30 I'll be stuffed full of dumplings, and won't want to waddle into church smelling of *beef stew* on Good Friday. Shouldn't we be having, oh, I don't know... fish? Not that I'm complaining. Or Catholic. But... it is something of a tradition, isn't it? Again--I'd like to make this perfectly clear--I am not complaining. I am a big fan of the beef stew. Plus, I've never really understood the idea that fish is not meat. I believe the generally accepted categories are: animal, vegetable, and mineral, right? And I'm pretty sure fishes are neither marigolds nor quartz. Therefore: animal. And animal=meat. (Which explains why God made them, because they're tasty, and we should eat them)
See... and this is why I should be doing something productive. This rambling is helping no one. Maybe I'll go make my easter dress. Ok... probably not.
Oh - and that guy at work was totally flirting with Plinko. Totally.


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