Monday, April 14

Loper, shut your pie-hole. You are the only human being in Oshkosh complaining about the gorgeous weather today. Gorgeous!!
Training makes me tired. Ti-i-erd. I am so tired that I don't really have a feel for how today went, as far as first days go, for Bucky. Really? That's better than Mr. Buck? Hmm. For me, I feel like a dolt. I think my boss and I both feel "discombubilated". If you were wondering, this isn't a good thing. I'm guessing tomorrow will be better. The plan is to start it with a significantly greater amount of sleep under my belt. That can only help. And maybe I'll clean up some of my e-mails before I go to bed. Or, perhaps, not. As my pillow and blankie are calling me right now.


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