Monday, April 7

Oof. It hardly seems like I had a weekend at all. Waking up (very) late on a Monday morning will probably do that to you, though. Also, having very little that was up in the air when I left Friday resolved when I got in this morning, meaning that my meeting tomorrow is going to su-uck kinda puts a damper on the week. Plus, a big meeting Friday afternoon, which will most likely last until after normal people at work will be long gone and enjoying happy hour somewhere. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...(my mantra for the week).
On an up-note, my favorite cube-mate will be moving tomorrow, and I get her (much bigger) spot, to make room for our new employee. *and there was much rejoicing...yay*
Though in-between meetings tomorrow, I have no idea when that will actually get accomplished. I might not move until Wednesday. Unless they move my PC tomorrow, then I guess I don't have much choice. Unless I just take over both cubes.... now there's a plan. (insert evil laugh here)
Happy Birthday to the Pop Tart. 40 years young.


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