Thursday, March 27

I feel like I haven't blogged in weeks... strange. Maybe because I took a mental health afternoon yesterday and didn't go back to work after lunch. Except for the part where I logged on to the system from home and took care of all the e-mails. Evidently, everyone at work was making fun of me for doing it, but I was just excited to find out I have the technology. This means I shouldn't really ever have to go in on weekends anymore. Unless it's to box up garments, or *hopefully* to move into a new cubicle because someone got hired for my old position. Or rather, my current position, because I have yet to do anything new. *sigh*
I have training this afternoon to learn to do things in Excel that I will never, ever use. Which is fine, cuz work is actually pretty slow right now. Sure, I have a million things I could be getting caught up on, but nothing too pressing. So, I get to spend my afternoon hoping I don't fall asleep in class. It doesn't help that it's nursing-home-hot at work again...
Speaking of sleep, thanks to all for sharing their personal and familial dysfunction at the P last night. Good times... good times... I could't fall asleep when I got home, though, so now I'm a little over-tired. Which for me means super extra klutzy. It's fun. Weee!
Today at work I scored a sweater that we asked for a sample of, that we immediately dropped before anyone even saw it. It's sooper fuzzy soft and has silly flowers on the shoulder. I can't wait to wear it. Of course, I have to fix the large gaping hole in the back somehow - I think that'll be my project for this evening. I might leave on the "Mutilated" sticker, though, just for fun. If I ever leave the company for some reason, I'm totally yoinking a roll of those. How could you not think of a million uses for those? Maybe I'll just design myself a t-shirt that has one printed on it. *Genius* Not as good as the t-shirt UPB decided I need last night, but still pretty good. For more info on that, you'll just have to wait and see. The clue is: genitals.


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