Friday, March 28

The official plan: meet at the P at 6 to carpool to the IHOP. That way, all our cars will be where we'll end up at the end of the night anyhow. My husband is a genius.

Don't you love how listening to music can take you back in time? I'm currently in 8th grade, riding around in the Pig Car, listening to Depeche Mode tapes and going through countless drive-thrus, ordering water and ketchup with 13 people in a Dodge Charger hatch-back. If I had a Metallica or MegaDeath or some other similar CD to put in next, the picture would be complete, but I don't. Or Pink Floyd. So much Pink Floyd. Note to self: if/when we have kids, if they know every word to "The Wall" when they're 12, they are hanging out with the "wrong crowd". But that doesn't mean they are bad kids. But I suppose, these kids these days don't need Pink Floyd, what with all the ambiant/trance/etc music out there. But there's something timeless about the line "We don't need no education", don't you think?
I have a fairly strong suspicion that I'm the only one of that crowd who finished college. I hope I'm wrong, but I've lost track of all of them 'cept one, and I know what she's doing. I suddenly feel awfully old. I also have an urge to pay money to that stupid Classmates site, just to see who I could contact if I wanted to. The last person from that crowd that called me out of the blue got murdered, though, so maybe I'll just sit on my hands.


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