Friday, August 4

Remember When...

- the majority of the bad guys posted on their blogs all the time?
- some bad guys decided to never blog again, but then did; and others made no such declaration, but then just stopped posting?

I'm just saying... I have clearly gotten so old that I have nothing of import to say, and in my years I have gained the wisdom to know as much. Also, you know, I barely leave the house.

We did leave the house yesterday - I left it twice, in fact. Once to go to a book sale at the Ripon Library, which was Rippin' Good!! I was hoping to find some lovely knitting books (cuz a girl can never have too many!), and I did not find books, but I did find pattern magazines from I don't know when. They are older than me. They are hysterical!! All pants bulging and smoking and wearing lovely knits made out of yarns that are no longer manufactured. LOVE THEM!! Oh Spinnerin "Fresh and Jaunty", how could I not love you?

My 2nd trip out of the home was to the dog park with UPB and little Miss S. We met a big slobberpuss on the way in, who managed to slobber me on both legs... my pants didn't dry out until we were about ready to leave the park half and hour later. But... that's the fun of the dp.

Ok - here's how you can tell there's something wrong with me: whenever we go to the dp, it seems that all of the other people there are friends, or like there's some sort of clique or club or secret handshake that we don't know so we don't get to play their reindeer games. Were I Shaft, I would have already gone on several rants about how I get the stink eye when I go there. It's strange, I know. What kind of dork do you have to be to feel like you're getting the stink eye from a bunch of strangers at the dog park? Well - this kind. I am biased towards my dog, as all dog owners should be, but come on... she's beautiful!! You've met her; you know. (or, at least, you've probably met her...) And at the park, she's even (generally) well-behaved. Yet, especially recently, I feel like the other people snub us. Somehow, when I go there, the "strangers talk to me" sticker falls right off my forehead. This is unfortunate, because unlike, say, doctors' waiting rooms or Hobby Lobby or everywhere else on earth, at the dp I would actually enjoy talking to people sometimes. "Oh... what a neat dog! What kind is it? Really - a dingo, you say... well, I never would have guessed they could be so sweet!" etc...

But alas. I am a dog park loser. *sigh*


Blogger atom said...

And now, the obligitory: "Maybe a dingo ate your baby." You should say that to those snobs.

Yeah, I should post more. I have a new blog design mostly finished. I should do that someday.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Ron said...

To the above poster: I'll believe it when I see it.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Onion said...

To quote Mr. Loper:
"[The site] is a bit incomplete, but check it out later this weekend. It'll be done then."

6:17 PM  

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