Wednesday, September 5

deja vu

seems the last time I posted, it was due to the fact that I was painfully bored at work.
Well, today I'm posting because
1) I'm painfully bored at work and
2) This has led me to significant web surfing, finding fun things to bookmark and to the realization that I should not have a craft-type blog because I do not fall into either of two categories:
2a) Interesting: I am not interesting enough to come up with quips or insights to counteract my very, very low craft-productivity and
2b) Crafty: I can't imagine how I could craft more. Yet it really isn't enough to support a website that people would go to in hopes to find, you know, crafts.
So you see, Reader: I have no content. And content is what this-here internets is interested in. As are you, most likely, and thus I now owe you an apology.