Tuesday, October 29

Did I mention that a bottle of water at the club cost $3.25? The waitress actually apologized. Stupid FIBs.

Monday, October 28

Ok - this time I have a (little) excuse... the last time I tried to post Blogger was down. Honest. And I was gone all weekend, as most of you know.
But first, the concert. It rocked. They rock. The opening band, not so much. They were stinky. But TMBG completely made up for it. They played an entire song in the dark. No lights on anywhere in the theatre. Very very cool. I didn't like the Orpheum as much as the Barrymore, but... how can one complain about something so trivial when listening to "Fingertips"? Or Flansburg sing "Unicorns are crying rainbow tears...." along with the radio? You can't. It would just be unAmerican.
We got back late, and despite dozing for most of the trip home, I was soooper tired for the rest of the week. Oh well.... now it's another already and work is already much more unfun than I'd like. But on to the weekend, instead of my incessant bitching...
Saturday we began with a lovely lunch at Africa Hut (which opens at 11:30, for future reference). We were the first people there, and we were given a lovely lovely deep-fried dumpling appetizer, because they are the best restaurant ever. "Here, have you ever had these? You'll like them. They're good." Oh yes they are... another thing to add to the growing list of items I now must order whenever we go. So tasty.
Then we went to the museum, which was very nice - it was a good exhibit, and I was slightly impressed that it was in Milwaukee. Home of the arts. Who knew? I had a nice laugh as I pointed out to UPB that I felt like I was surrounded by couples who could have passed for Lorilai's parents (that's just for the sexy people). Rich people and hippies - and us. And The Gays. But it was nice. Then driving, stopping at Woodman's to pick up PopTarts, then driving, then trying forever to find the hotel, then driving and being (somewhat) disappointed that Nobu's isn't, in fact, Nobu, then driving, then watching dancing, driving, sleeping, driving, shopping, driving, shopping, driving, eating, driving, home. I'm not complaining, because for me driving=riding, so I definitely got the sweet end of that deal. But I owe Michael J. Hock a big thank-you. And some of you got presents out of the deal.
Being gone all weekend means that now I need to do laundry A LOT. That is my big plan for the evening. And football. I didn't get my fix this weekend, but I also didn't miss a Packer game, so I win.
And now my Easy Mac is ready, so I have to put it in my Easy Mac hole and get back to work. Or maybe I'll ask someone to knock the wind out of me after I'm done eating. It will be about the same.

Tuesday, October 22

Good Lord! What have I been doing?? Well, not blogging, obviously. And not even really keeping up with the blogs of others. *sorry*
You see, I have been stressing about work. I have nearly 3 hours of overtime in this week. Boy - that really sound lame. But it felt like an eternity! Honest. And tomorrow it starts all over again - but thankfully I'll be leaving on time to see
Oh yes... they might be. In fact, I believe they are. Yes, definitely giants.
Once again, the power of the soccer twins comes together to produce a most lovely evening. Or a glass of water. I'm not sure which. And sweet hubby is driving so I can snooze all the way back home and be well-rested for another grueling day of whiney-Sharon. Yay for me! Oh wait...
Friday night after dinner, when DerK was purchasing the much esteemed velour running suite a la Hello Kitty, I too purchased something that has made my life much much better. A cute and efficient space heater for under the computer desk in the Hydie. No more blue fingers for me. I am thinking that I possibly should have spent a wee bit more money for it, however. I've come to the conclusion that one with more settings would suit my purposes a little better. When the choices are off or blast-furnace, it's hard to get acclimated. Maybe I'll just start calling the blocks game and the 'musings' art, and then I have a reason to suffer for it. Hot ass. Cold ass. Hot ass. Cold ass. Repeat.

Thursday, October 17

brrrr! Now, I know everyone knows (and continuously abuses me) for being cold. And I'm just complaining now because I'm sitting in the Hydie and I think I can almost see my breath. But what I'd like to point out is: I didn't complain playing volleyball last night. Not one peep from frozen old me, so you can all just suck it.
My boss let me know that it would be "ok" if I "wanted" to work overtime in the coming days of insanity. How gracious. And generous. But then she said I didn't have to, which was more than she would have had to offer. She's so cool to work for. I've been so lucky in the boss department. Now if I can just find a company that doesn't suck... that would be a luxury. meh. I'm not holding my breath. Because then I couldn't see it. I am considering putting on my gloves, though. But that might interfere with my typing a wee bit. Stoopid winter.
Note: tomorrow is Krispy Kreme donut day!! [insert Homer noises here] Oh yeah, baby! I'll try to save some for the rest of you, but I only bought the two boxes, and tomorrow is going to be a very long day. Still, I love you, so I'll see what I can do.

Tuesday, October 15

I talked the wet blanket into taking the afternoon off.
I am a genius!

Monday, October 14

So, sometimes, while stumbling around this crazy thing we call the uberweb, you trip over something that just cracks you up. Now, I understand that everyone has probably already seen this site, but I'd just like to point out that he has a link to the Onion, like all good citizens should and do. Cracks me up. We would totally know him, and pick on him endlessly, out of love, probably, if he weren't all famous and stuff.
Today I brought home a fuck-ton of lavender waffle-weave knit fabric from work. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I seriously need to start making things, or the piles and piles fabric will soon take over the Hydie and I'll be exposed for the poser-seamstress that I am. Damn! Who wants a pillow? How about a lavender togo? Halloween's coming, people... time to start planning.
And on the sewing tip... here's a funny work story that brightened my day:
I am NOT the only one who sees my horrid co-worker as a kill-joy. Here's the deal: we receive lots and lots of artwork everyday during this time of the product cycle, done on little scraps on fabric, to show that the factory can do it and they have the right inks and threads. Makes sense, right? Ok... so along with all the ones we get that we need (and pass on up to design) we tend to get quite a few that are useless. The art has changed since the makers sent the strike-off, the style has dropped and the maker is too dumb to not do one, etc etc etc. So these pile up, on my desk and the desks of others, for eternity. For some reason, we are hesitant to discard them. I don't know why. But I came up with a solution!! I will make a crazy quilt of them, when I have enough, and the season is over. Genius!! But no. Today we were cleaning out some of the stuff left behind when T left (*sniff*) and I was going to grab some really pretty and some really silly strike-offs, and I was thwarted. "Those are examples of what the makers can do... we might need those... " Blah blah blah. #1 These were from Holiday '02. Long, long ago. #2 No one is EVER going to know where to look if the ever want to find them. #3 Designers never look back. Never. This is proven by the fact that we continue to try things that have failed time and time again. And they ask us to have makers send in something they've done 100 times for "development" work. These things that I could make good use of would never be missed. Yet I get the stink-eye. But D (my smoking buddy and fellow Sheboyganite) rolled her eyes for my benefit at the wet blanket we have to work with every day. I'm starting to build my posse. And so it begins.
Tomorrow is another day.

A half day in, post-Tina, and all is well. The chaos starts tomorrow. Today is EA (coworker)'s 50th birthday. I never would have guessed he's 50. He brought in giant muffins as a treat. Yay muffins! Yay birthdays! I sometimes wonder if I will ever grow out of loving birthdays - mine in particular. I hope not.
This weekend I played the role of super-slacker. I eventually got a little bit of laundry done last night, but apart from that - nothing. Reading, snoozing, generally enjoying myself. It was lovely. Really, really lovely.
Hope everyone who participated in TBCS enjoyed themselves. Sorry I was a no-show, but I was waiting for a phone call from a certain Mrs. Jones before heading out, and that didn't come until it was much too late to leave the house. So you can blame her. Also sorry you didn't get a chance to enjoy my new shirt. *sigh* TMBG *sigh* So...soon...can't...wait!!! And for the record, I am not a hay-seed. I've never even tasted squirrel. Though I hear it's a lot like pigeon. Which is a lot like the dark meat of duck. So I'm told.
And now is the time when I should probably actually eat something on my lunch break.

Well, shame on me. One week plus without blogging.
Maybe my life has just been that uneventful. It's too early in the morning now to judge. And I still don't have anything interesting to say. Or do I?

Sunday, October 6

A quick word of advice to all those I love: do NOT, under any circumstances, go to the grocery store at noon-ish on a Sunday that does not feature a Packer game. Insanity. I nearly couldn't find a place to park. Unless you go to the Pig, which I can only assume was dead-ass as always.
It was necessary, however, so that my guests for the required movie watching could enjoy some of UPB's famous and wondeful salsa. It would have been much more difficult without the Scoops. Slackers (ie the Joneses) missed out. Also there was candy. And I didn't even slam my finger in the car door. I did, however, manage to burn my finger with my cigarette. As soon as I get my tatoo, I'm done. Stupid fire.
The up-side of no Packer game today is the anticipation of the game tomorrow. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Tee-hee.
And Jon Madden is on Mrs. Jones' list. Oh yes he is.
So it's back to the grind stone for me tomorrow. T's last week of work. Possibly the last sane week of work I'll enjoy for some time. If after the 21st I usurp the title of "One Stop Bitch Shop" you'll know why. But no sense in worrying now - now's the time to bask in the freedom of doing only one person's job at a time. *sigh*
At least I have lots to look forward to in the coming months: 2 concerts, a trip to Milwaukee to take in some culture with Invisible Pete and co. (this is my way of telling you I'm in, IP), a party this month at A-lo's *cough cough*, a Packer game! a party at Plinko's? Thanksgiving, Christmas.... aahhh. Better already. Friends keep you sane. This is what I'm counting on. Hope that's not too much pressure.

Saturday, October 5

This has been a most wonderful day:
#1 Got to see Chuck - the best dad ever (oh, and my slacker brother for about a minute) in
#2 Madison - where we enjoyed the farmers' market and Stillwaters Pub. Very delicious. Made only better by
#3 TMBG tickets purchased. Yeah baby! Yeah!! October 23, 7:30. Be there, or be sorry. So very very sorry.

And later this evening will be
#4 A toasty fire. Possibly the last of the season. Excellent times will be had by all, I'm sure.
The whole day entirely overshadowed the pro-pot expo going on on campus. It was humorous to see guys walking around with giant wooden pot leaf shaped signs that read "Pot Saves Trees". Reread that if you missed the irony. It's wonderful. But oof. So many hippies. I know, it's Madison, but still.... they don't own the town. I shouldn't be forced to listen to white guys singing Ziggy Marley songs just to enjoy shopping on the best street in the state.
The bongo guy up by the capitol got a request for a "real bongo song" as we were walking past and launched into a monologue about the next song he was going to play, evidently very famous, available for purchase on a tape if you so desired, which was a bongo lullaby. This shit is priceless.
But I suppose - it's about time to eat some fresh cheese curds and heirloom apple varieties and then get bundled up for this evening's festivities. Yay!!

Wednesday, October 2

Evening, all. I win. In fact, we all win, as the other team failed to show up once again! Yay us!
There is (according to the ref) one other team that showed, but that was much earlier than we were scheduled to play, and they weren't our opponents, so yes... we are the only team tough enough. Of course, I was whining the entire time. Fall is one deceptive bitch. One day: glorious and warm and the trees are turning beautiful colors; the next day: crap. Pure cold wet gray crap. The kind that tricks you in the morning into thinking it's hours before you have to get up, only to hear your alarm 60 seconds later. Crap. No sir, I don't like it. Except the pretty parts. They're nice.

Tuesday, October 1

It is a sad, sad day. Because I am a dolt. And used a video tape that is approximately 10 min. shy of being enough to tape all of the Gilmore Girls. I'm hoping one of the other adoring fans can help me out on this one. There's a Buffy tape in it for you...
A-lo, I'm looking in your general direction....
Tomorrow night is v-ball. Maybe the other team will actually show up. But probably not. The weather is suppose to be crummy, and we seem to be the only team tough enough to stick it out through the end of the cold, wet season.

What would Shanny say?
This morning blogspot is again *crazy* and when I went to read our friend Machine's post, I instead get:
Ribstone Pippin
Not a half bad site, I guess.... but no Jean Teasdale. I'd put in a link to it, but right now the address is spitemecha.blogspot.com, and we all know where that's suppose to go.
I believe that hot and sour soup made me well. Thank you again Mr. Plinko. Bucko. Bucky. Max. tee-hee
They should feed that stuff to patients in the hospital. Think of how fast health care costs could be cut. Cure for the common cold: $1.69. And that's for two Steph-size servings. Nice. I bet in works on cancer, too.
At any rate, that means that I must be off for work now. Ugh... so much catch up to do. And to think, I thought I might be taking a day of vacation Friday... I'm guessing that's not going to pan out. Just a hunch.