Thursday, June 27

Have I mentioned how great Mr. Jones is? I finally have a blog that is mostly of my own doing. Maybe I'll submit it to Blogskins. Or not.
At any rate, I should get back to the grind.
B'Gosh interview scheduled for this evening.
Also a haircut.
Will wonders never cease?
Perhaps today will be a good day.

Sorry I missed A-lo & DerK at the P. We are old. We require sleep. But man, we were coming up with a whole bunch of Bubba-palooza jokes, take my word for it.
And DerK - the spam I get is terrible and massive, but I just thought I'd make you aware that your roomie possibly bought into the hypnotizing thing. Beware if she gets a metronome. (sp?) You know what I mean.'re getting sleepy.
V. out.

Tuesday, June 25

Even though I can't get my links to show up. (They show up fine for me - Ed.) :(

I don't think I can give a big enough shout-out to Mr. Jones. You are my new hero.

Monday, June 24

Hypnotize Women Into Bed

This is the kind of junk mail I receive. Jealous, DerK? ;)
I've resolved that if I want to create my own template for this damn (*darn*) thing, I'm actually going to have to go out and possibly buy some software to make that go. Cuz just trying to guess my way through html isn't actually working at ALL. Plus, I think UPB is missing me due to all the time I've spent getting nowhere on this stupid idea.

Anyway... I still love the blog. Let's all welcome another member to the community: Hi Gary. (Imagine this in unison)
I still know nothing about work. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Ziltch. You'll know when I do.

Evidently, Shaft & Mr. Swag went to Mad-town today. And Shaft didn't drive. Which is to say that Mr. Swag did. Hope everyone had their dogs on short leashes. And their children inside. All I'm saying is that he's a bad driver. No offense, but, admit it, you know you are. So ok. I hope you both got home safe and sound.
And now I'm signing off.
Much love.

Sunday, June 23

Thought 1:
Hung over. Went to sleep sometime after 5 this am. Hurting.

Thought 2:
Lasagna. Mmmm.

Saturday, June 22

So -- for all those I don't get to see on a near-daily basis, I forgot about a somewhat important to-do that I'm going to be rather involved with come October: I'm UPB's sister's matron of honor. In her wedding. Bought the dress Tuesday and everything. I'm convinced that everything will be just fine. That may even be the mantra I'm working off of. Yes. Everything will be just fine. Breathe. In.... out....

Now I'm going to go lie (lay?) I never did get that one. Writer, my ass. Anyway... I going to go lounge on my davenport ;) and listen to the lovely rain and thunder. *sigh*

Friday, June 21


We LOVE the 'girl'. All of us. I'm not even kidding. And not in a sex way.

Work is strange. I don't know if it's my work yet, but it's still work, and it's still strange. They have this way of not supplying me with all (or much) of the information I need. They say: this is where the numbers go. I say: what numbers? They say: oh, you'll get it. It's neat. This way, I work, and I work, and then I find out that I've been doing something wrong all along. Yet this doesn't seem to be enough of a problem for them to actually give me a list of policies or procedures or even tips. OK. It's Friday. I'm done.
As much as I was enjoying the idea of sitting outside tonight, I sure do love thunderstorms. Even those that get me out of bed at 5 AM to close all the windows. Yeah! Summer! :)

Ok - scratch the plan of sitting outside and enjoying our new fire pit. With the skys opening up the way they did this morning, it might just be safer to take activities indoors. We'll see all ya'all at the P this eve.

Thursday, June 20

I tried and I tried and I couldn't seem to make anything look the way I wanted to because, in fact, I am not good with the html. So - I cheated. This nice new template is courtesy of blogskins. They are lovely people. I even left the link to the designer's site on here, cause, hey! I couldn't do it, why not give the guy/gal who could some credit. I'm going to bed now, defeated.

So here's the story for any of you that are out of the loop:
History cut-and-pasted from an e-mail to MozyBot:
Suffice it to say, the job I thought I got for sure, I didn't get for sure. I'll find out tomorrow if I got it or not, but the down-side is that I don't even really want it because I think Sam probably makes more asking, "Do you want fries with that?" than I'd make. BUT - B'Gosh called to tell me to apply for a position that just opened up with them (hooray!). This is good except that I've interviewed with them before, and even if they love you it takes them months to make up their mind, and by the time that happens they change the job description and you don't fit it anymore.

Today's Thursday (which you should already be able to see). I took a mental-health day away from work and did a little laundry. Somehow I just couldn't stand going into work (again) only to be told that I'd know if I got the job there "tomorrow". I was suppose to know on Monday.
I haven't heard boo from b'gosh yet. *gasp* Yeah, yeah, I know. So actually, there is no news to report from job-land. They did give me shelves around my cube at 4imprint, and they sort of taught me how to do something new yesterday, but as of yet I haven't earned a phone. It's all very strange.

Tomorrow night everyone is invited over to our hiz-ouse for a nice fire in our new-to-us fire pit. (Thanks, T.) That's assuming the thunderstorms continue to go around us. At any rate, come over after dinner, or work, or whathaveyou, and BYOBeverage. And probably seating, if you can.

That's all I got.

Thursday, June 13

Hola. I have a job. And a job interview. At the same place. I really don't know what's going on. Today was the first day that I was the only remaining temp at the 4imprint gig. It was ok. Not quite as full of humorous stories of getting dru-unk as when I was working with J & J, but still pretty good. I have e-mail now, but they won't let me look at the internet (except for the 4imprint intranet site, which is nice). And this wonderful e-mail allowed me to receive a meeting request for an interview with the woman who is technically already my boss for tomorrow afternoon. I wonder what would have happened if I had turned it down. Anywho... I can't decide if it's something I should be stressing about or not. I am a little concerned about what I should wear. It's complicated. Normally, I have handy interview suits, and there would be no question. However, it's been casual all week at work, and Fridays are always casual, and I already work there, so I know that. Plus, I have to work for almost the entire day before I actually have the interview, so you see why the suit really wouldn't be appropriate. BUT - what kind of person wears jeans to an interview (for a job that they actually want)? I could wear my nice linen pants, but they're brown and I don't really have any nice shoes to wear with them. Man, it's hard to be me. On top of all that, I don't know if this is a real, "we're going to grill you", kind of interview, or if it's a formality and I already kind of have the job in the bag, assuming I don't stink or chew gum tomorrow. Do I bring another copy of my resume? References? Donuts? I'm seriously lost.
Did I mention that I had to watch the training video that I overheard four times in the last six weeks today? Here's some helpful information that will cause you to not sound stupid when talking to your 4imprint customers: embossing is raised, while debossing is pressed into the material. Here's a helpful way to remember: Embossing is elevated. Debossing is depressed. To which Julie said, "oh... poor debossing. Maybe it should get some counseling." Funniest thing she said ever. I nearly fell asleep. Then we looked at golf balls. I really do think I'll like this job, though. Despite all the golf equipment. Seriously. So much crap for golf. Whatever.
I'm going to go now so I can catch up on some zzzs and worry about clothes some more. Wish me luck or something.

Thursday, June 6

html is so picky.

Welcome to the world of blog, Mrs. Jones. One tip, however: you may not want to update when you are half in the bag and more than a little bit tired! And I thought we decided that we do NOT, in fact, hate skinny girls. A few of the girls that we don't like so much may, in fact, be skinny - and as dear, sweet UPB likes to say, skinny doesn't equal pretty - but we hate plenty of fat girls, too. Some of them work for a competing salon, for example.
That said, I have a funny work story. It should be disheartening, but somehow it isn't. Today the department that I'm temping for passed around a birthday card for one of our co-workers. They wanted to include us, so a post-it inserted in the card read: Pass on to Jon + Julie (and then in very squeezed handwriting) & the other one. Maybe they're so afraid of my abilities and intellect that they're afraid to call me by name. Or they forgot about me. Or perhaps Stephanie is just too hard to spell. At any rate, I had to laugh. I am now "the other one".
Today I'm doing very well with the whole trying-to-lose-weight thing that SOMEONE planted in my head last night. Yogurt for breakfast... Kashi for lunch. I've even had a few sips of *gasp* water today. Crazy. I also have a lovely bag of popcorn that I will make at my leisure. But for now I must go. Back to the grindstone.