Thursday, August 29

You might think you're right. But that's only because you don't share a brain with Mrs. Jones and I (yet). We knew who we were talking about. Did we not mention the dreds? So we had the position wrong...ppbttbbbpppttt. At least I knew he was on defense.

I'm going to be making this short, as sitting upright is not really fun for me at the moment. Didn't go to work today (not because I stayed out too late, though I did) but rather because my back is once again killing me. Not crawling-to-the-toilet killing me (which was one of the options on the chiro's questionaire), but rather, lie on my back all day and try to to move or breath too deeply, yet still mobile killing me. Stupid Copps for making me play so hard. Stop laughing. You can play hard without winning... we do it all the time. Oh, shut up.
Mr. Jones should feel pretty proud, only three slackers in the bunch. Not bad at all.

Wednesday, August 28

Volleyball tonight! Woo Woo!!
fyi to my team mates, I think we play Copps, or whatever they're called now. Maybe the skies will let loose and we'll be spared, but I bet not. Oh well, what's the worst that could happen?
I've felt like a moderately-functioning go-tard all day. Some would say this is a step up, but they're mean. I did uncover the secret of my office chair. It is a little too adjustable, in my opinion, only because it took me until now to figure out what all the different levers do. I've worked there for nearly a month. At any rate, I am now super comfortable in it. And I want one for here at home.

And for Mr. Jones:
Meetings all day long
And so many packages
Make my small brain hurt

But UPB is still the boss, sorry.

Tuesday, August 27

Just so EVERYONE's aware, the next Packer game (despite taking the schedule off my page, I still know) is Friday. 7 pm. I figure that they'll let us (or make us, depending how much you love the Packers) watch it at the bar. And yes, if you're wondering, I must screw with my template each and every day, or I'm not happy. Nearly. But I'm still nice. ;)

Yay Packers!
Thanks to all who enjoyed in the festivities and the snakes. They were tasty, if I do say so myself.
Work has been busy. I am tired. I was almost going to poop out and stay home this afternoon, but I have a meeting. Maybe I'll go after that, we'll see.
I should eat.

Saturday, August 24

Also, I added a little something to the bad guys page. I think Sam Brown is on my list. *sigh*

So I went to the crap shoot and it was ok. Quieter than I imagined, though I was led to believe that that was because it was still early. Diana looked lovely, as did Atom's new beauty. Plus, I got to play around a little with his keyboard. I think I'd definitely need more practice before I could turn off the spell check if I used that little puppy, but it was VERY pretty. Also, there was a disco ball, but thankfully very little dancing. I can't imagine that would be a pretty picture.
Mrs. Jones and I spent the afternoon shopping, and then stopped by "the boys" with some Little Debbies, because we are nice. Had dinner, shopped some more, then snooped around the competition.
This is when I have to point out that I have the best husband in the world, because while I was out galavanting all afternoon, he did the laundry. As I'm sure you're all too painfully aware, this is not done nearly enough in my house, so it is a big job. I owe him a lot. I assume that my new underthings (and Invisible Pete, Mr. Jones and Plinko can probably back me up here) will go far when it comes to payback. I'll leave the rest of you to ponder that. I'm going to bed.

Friday, August 23

He claims that he's not drunk, but with that many typos... I'm not convinced.

Thursday, August 22

I am too tired and ookey feeling to enjoy the musical stylings of one Miss Joan Jett. That's ok. At least I made it through work. And I think I fixed my blog. Woo-hoo!
Eh. That's all for now.

Tired. So tired.

Wednesday, August 21

Just so no one is too concerned... Yesterday turned out to be just fine. No getting WASTED, but that's probably for the best. Volleyball tonight - quite possibly wet volleyball tonight. It should be grand. See you all there, or at least at the P, where I'll be dining along with UPB and any and all other takers.
I just realized I'm going to have wet ass from leaving my car window open. Bother.
Back to work with wet ass for me. Yay.

Tuesday, August 20

So... today was a weepy day for me. I didn't think it would be-never has been before-but today after posting about my mom's b-day (and I don't mean Mother), that was on my mind. And then this morning's typically tickle-my-funny-bone before I go to work, News Radio, had to be the one where they're all sad because Phil Hartman (a.k.a. Bill) died. Kinda not what I needed... but then, at lunch, I got the coolest e-mail ever with this link in it: Mission Mini.
How cool is that? So things are looking up.
Also, I don't have to play the fishy game tonight because I beat it last night, so now I can go to bed at a reasonable hour. This may also counteract the weepiness. Or at least, that's the plan.
So... who else can't wait to make the Fat Slapper cry? Just me? Not likely.

Monday, August 19

Just when you thought they couldn't make Oreos any better: chocolate & peanut butter cream filled. uraggaglluuhhhh. (just imagine Homer here). Rarely do spur of the moment, impulse buys turn out so well.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mom's birth, so all of you who are Catholic should think about her and pray (to Mary, God, etc) that she's getting out of purgatory real soon, and the rest of us should go get wasted. I'm just saying, that's really more the way she would have wanted it. WASTED. I'm waiting for Mozy Bot to get her blog up and running so she has my back on this one.
Also, here's what I don't like about the fishy game: your money & fishies don't follow you to the next level. This makes me sad. Other than that, it's completely addictive. Danger, Will Robinson. Danger. Beep.

Sunday, August 18

WWWoooo! Packers!

Saturday, August 17

Morning, all. I took a nap, successfully. That doesn't always happen. Now I'm ready for the GAME! Yay Packers!
We did serious shopping today, and it tuckered me out. The bad part is, the only thing I really bought was a new phone. Don't get excited my techy brothers and sisters... it's exactly the same phone. Evidently, mine took a big crap or something, and was beyond hope. This saddens me, because I don't plan on having the same phone plan after Jan (when our contract is up) and I really didn't feel like giving Verizon another $50, but it was either that or continue to pay them a princely sum until the end of our contract for nothing.
I will mention that the mall was completely INSANE. It was like Christmas or something. Couldn't find a parking spot, couldn't find a table in the food court. There's a new store called Hollister that happily shot Aberwhatever in the gut as far as the kids are concerned. They have two "greeters" standing outside who are prettier and creepier than teenage boys are suppose to be, and it was madness inside. I advise all to stay away. You don't really need $40 screen-printed tee shirts anyway, trust me.
So.... it seems to me like our friend Plinko gave a shout-out to the bad guys, but I can't exactly decifer for what. Hmm... interesting. Does one of us have ducks I'm not aware of? Mr. Jones is afraid of ducks, you know. Maybe it was just his way of saying that unlike say, Gary, we don't limit our blog space to ripping on him. Pop-ups and banners aside *cough cough*, we generally like our friends, and choose to treat them as such. There are plenty of people in the world who deserve to be constantly ripped on, and those people are not my friends. Crazy, I know. Anywho. It's Packer time, baby. I'm outta here.
***I don't want to work, I just want to bang on these drums all day***

PS to Ruby - That you applied for job was the one I had, and a. yes, you're grossly overqualified because you don't need your shoes off to count to 20 (but so is everyone else who actually works there) b. yes, you probably asked for too much money (if you were thinking you'd get more than starting wage at McDonald's) and c. you're probably better off not working there because the crazy in charge doesn't look too kindly on those without ovaries. So... better luck next time, but it's not all bad news. Keep looking, home fry.

Thursday, August 15

Who woulda thunk it? It's a night of many goings-on. Hubby & I went to the new Austin Powers movie. I almost wet 'em when the Mini was introduced (and I don't mean Mini-Me). *sigh* Mini Cooper. It was good fun. I was contemplating how strange it is that that is one of the few series of movies that I would look forward to seeing another one of. (Can you tell I'm not a writer anymore?)
Also - Beej went all geodesic on his blog. Very fabulous. Plus he posted, which, in and of itself, is noteworthy.
I got paid $ching$ching$ Hooray!! The check can be cashed tomorrow, and so it shall. I also went to the crazy chiro again. Less bruising this time, I think, which is good since I'll be back there tomorrow. Uf.
The Naked Omreau webring is up and happy, thanks to the stylings of one Mr. Jones. I helped some, too. Yay!
And a few comments to others of you...
Invisible P- I have no clue about Saturday. I'm thinking that I may want to be doing some cleaning, as the whites have been piling up since before the Con, and I (obviously) got nothing done last weekend. So I'm thinking I'll probably bow out, though UPB may be up for it.
Ruby - I don't know what job you're interviewing for - and that makes a big difference at 4i. Either way, good luck. It won't be all bad. The lunches are good.
And now it is sleepy time for me.


Oh, and for the record (again) Naked Omreau is here.

And now, due to popular demand and slow loading times, I am taking down my comments thingy. So you'll just have to e-mail me if you have something really important to say. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 13

Today I worked until almost 6 o'clock. I knew that not getting salary was going to work in my favor. What's crazy is that when you're busy, the time just seems to fly by. Who knew? I can't remember the last time I worked this hard. In fact, I maybe never have.

I neglected to mention a major highlight of the Con for me (and it wasn't all the Steineke look-alikes). It didn't really involve the Con at all, but I purchased a lovely new pair of shoes. Two, actually. One new (for work and such) from Payless, which was a find, and one from Goodwill. Lovely Christmas Chucks... just a bit too small. They're not selling for all that much on e-bay, so I'm thinking I'm just going to have to keep them. Shucks.

And just a head's up for Friday. Me and my man (tee-hee) are going to Golf Central for a party for a former co-worker who is (happily) leaving the insanity that was 4imprint. Go K! So we will be at the P. late if at all. My guess is late. I'm jonsing for some quality P-time, and our v-ball game will cut into it tomorrow night.

Plinko, I hope you had fun shmoozing, and Mr. Jones - why for no pop-up? That's unpossible. It makes me sa-ad.

Monday, August 12

What a Con... so much fun, so much food, and no time for gaming. For me, anyway, because I require 17 hours of sleep a night, evidently. Sorry if I pooped out too much, guys. The plan is to pick some fun games to play on Wednesday down at the P, however. I will probably have to miss out on most of that as well, as I have to play sports. I mean, get to play...
It looks like I'm going to be traveling for work a lot sooner than I thought, though not to the Far East for quite a while. No folks, I get to go to Tennessee. DerK loves TN, don't you? We were just talking about it. Actually, our distribution center is down there, and I think I'm actually flying into Nashville. Swimming pools, movie stars... wait. That's not Nashville. Anyway - the part that is slightly more scary than Nashville itself is the fact that I'll be flying home 9/11. *gulp* Now - I'm not self-centered enough to believe that terrorists are going to try to hijack a plane going from Nashville, TN to Appleton, WI just because I'm on it. None the less, it does make me feel a bit sketchy? - squeemish? - itchy? - I'm not sure what. I just have to wonder... would it really cost the company that much more to let us come home the next day? Probably so. Did I mention that I don't think the other new girl is invited?.... Very interesting.... I'll keep you all in the loop on that one. I think, at this point at least, I'm winning. Yay me!
And remember, if you ask for Ranch dressing and the waitress brings you French, the terrorists win.

Thursday, August 8

Also this evening...and certainly not due to the fact that I'm home alone and have nothing better to do than sit behind the computer... I followed The Reverend's lead (as usual) and have added a lovely comments thingy to the bottom of my blog. Could I be a bigger genius? Well... yes. And I only say that because I have no way of knowing if it works until someone tries it. So - have at it.

Good day, all.
I was one sleepy puppy this morning, as I spent much to long at the P. last night, and then (as I suspected) could not sleep very well last night. It was TOOOO quiet. I'm hoping tonight goes much better. It should, considering I've been wanting to go back to bed since I got home from work. I've resisted, however, so I wouldn't be up with the birds tomorrow morning, and then a big dud tomorrow night for my first night with Mom & Dad N. I can't wait. :)
Tomorrow is also a big day at work. I'm going to be getting the info I need to actually begin doing things that are part of my job. It's very exciting. It actually is, to me at least. I sat in meetings all day today to prepare me for tomorrow and what I'm going to have to know. It was nice that they gave me the chance to practice taking notes and finding out what kinds of questions I'm going to have to ask when it's my turn. That said, I was also told that I should expect to stay a little late tomorrow night to get all our ducks in a row. Not exactly what I had planned considering I'm making the trek to K-town by myself, but I guess at least this way I won't be holding anyone up from leaving.
On a crummier, more whiny note, my back hurts again. I found out that my chiropractor isn't one of my 'preferred providers' and now I have to pick a new one, which I'm not too excited about. The plan is to hold up at least long enough to make it through the Con. And to wear comfortable shoes. That's right. I don't care if people look at me funny for not being fashion-forward. My concern is comfort. Oh wait... where am I going again?

Monday, August 5

Hello Friends and Relations!
I started at B'Gosh today, and it was very nice. The woman who is to be my boss is on maternity leave until next week (then only half-days for a while), but she stopped in today to say "hi" and she brought her new baby who is really cute and REALLY BIG for being only 12 weeks old, I thought. The guy who is charge of making sure we new people (as there are three - me, a genuinely other new girl, and a girl (woman, I suppose) who is new to the department and was working in Customer Service) are kept busy and generally getting our orientation on. I'm not exactly sure yet what I'm going to think of the actual work I have to do, 'cause we haven't exactly gotten to that part yet, but I'll keep you posted. We didn't have any time to take any breaks, which is ok, because then I get an hour for lunch 1/2 paid, and I still get to go home at 4:30. I can handle that.
We took the grand tour, and I was so turned around and my feet hurt so much by the time that we were done that I totally spaced on the next part of the training, which was the computer system. So I feel a little behind there, but the people in my department are really nice and I don't think they'll have a problem trying to bring me back up to speed. I felt a little better when other new girl started whining kind of a lot, and I didn't. I just didn't think that would make a good first impression, call me silly.
It seems as though training is fairly extensive, which is nice. There's a new employee thingy every quarter, and they just had one, so it'll be a few months before I have to go to that. In fact, it looks like a lot of the next couple weeks will be spent on training and training-while-I-work. Also, as part of our training, at some point in the future I'm going to get to sew! The strange out-building next to the corporate building where I work houses a sample factory. There are about 10 people who work there, and they make samples of all the clothing that's produced in the Western Hemisphere, or something like that. It's pretty cool, actually.
So all-in-all, a good first day. I'm kinda pooped, but that's ok. Plus, I found out that I'm have-way through a pay-period already and that means I'll get a check before I was expecting to. YAY!
In other news, my stab at the logo for our webring is up. Others are welcome to make a cooler one. You know... those of you with more artistic leanings than yours truly. Now I guess there's probably some code or other that will have to go with it, but one thing at a time...
I think I'm going to sign off for now. Time to go try to hem a skirt for tomorrow. Such ambition...

Saturday, August 3

Today we went to see my dad. He's the nicest dad of all the dads that ever were. Plus, he fried out brats and hot dogs. Mmm... (Don't start).

We went to a town(village)-wide rummage sale at the school, and, I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed. Apart from a GORGIOUS black velvet Ann Taylor shirt for $1.50, for being such a "richy rich" town there weren't many fancy or cool things there. Just goes to show that when I get the "Ohh... you're from Kohler" line that I hate SO much, I am justified in hating it. Of course, some of the cooler things were probably stolen by the custodians as the 5-O was called to the scene when a number of items came up "missing", but no arrests were made to my knowledge. They missed one thing, however, and UPB had quite a find with a sexy orange blender, but I'll let him tell you all about it.

So now we're home, and there's football on tonight (but late) so I think I'm going to rest up. Yay me and my good day!

Thursday, August 1

Another day, another new template. Don't ask... this is how I relax, I guess. Don't get too excited. So far it's just the front page... I'll get to the rest eventually. I just didn't want any of you to worry and think that I wasn't spending my evening in front of the computer, just because I don't really have anything to say.
Hope you like it...