Thursday, May 29

In honor of my birthday, an e-mail from UPB's rad cousin. It's about cake.
Take this cake personality test. No cheating. Pick your cake, then look to see. If you were buying a cake and you had your choice of the following which would you choose?
Angel food
Lemon Meringue
Vanilla with Choc. Icing
Strawberry Short Cake
Chocolate on Chocolate
Ice Cream
Carrot Cake

OK - Now that you've made your choice, this is what research says about you!
NO ... you can't change your mind once you scroll down! So think carefully, what your choice will be!!!
Angel food ... Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm fuzzy items. A little nutty. Sometimes you need an ice cream cone at the end of the day.
Brownies ... You are adventurous, love new ideas, are a champion of underdogs and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare up, you whip out your saber.
Lemon Meringue ... Smooth, sexy, & articulate with your hands, you are an excellent after-dinner speaker and a good teacher. But don't try to walk and chew gum at the same time.
Vanilla with Choc. Icing ... Fun-loving, sassy, humorous. Everyone enjoys being around you, but you are a practical joker. Others should be Cautious in shaking hands, however, you are a friend for life.
Strawberry Short Cake ... Romantic, warm, loving. You care about other people and can be counted on in a pinch. You tend to melt.
Chocolate on Chocolate ... Sexy, always ready to give and receive, Very energetic, and really likes to get into life. The opposite sex is always attracted to you.
Ice Cream ... You like sports, whether baseball, football, basketball, or soccer. If you could, you would like to participate, but enjoy watching sports. You don't like to give up the remote control.
Carrot Cake ... You are a very fun loving person, who likes to laugh. You are fun to be with. People like to hang out with you. You are a very warm hearted person.

I'm not telling which one I picked.

Monday, May 26

You've gotta feel pretty special when the dj stops the music and doesn't start it again until someone goes to buy you a birthday shot. Even if the shot wasn't all that tasty, the music was, and there was only the one crazy who really wanted to be my friend. I'll take that over a gaggle of loser guys that don't understand the words "fuck off" any day.
Birthday week is just flying past. Maybe next year I'll have to institute birthday month. Next year *my golden birthday, no less* my birthday falls on a Friday, which is much much better than a Wednesday. It makes no sense to take a day of vacation on a Wednesday, but a four-day weekend, that I can get behind.
To sum up the last two days: Shaft family: good, possum: bad, shopping, chili & ice cream: good, Molly's: good, breaking a nail on the way home: bad. Having another day to celebrate with all the bad guys and everyone else I love: priceless. And now I should make myself clean and eat some breakfast. Yay breakfast!! I'm so mad I can't find a video clip for the Captain Breakfast skit from Sesame Street to link to right now. I guess if you're as cool as me, you can just hear it in your head.

Saturday, May 24

Yes, birthday week has begun in earnest. And, yes, I may have overdone it a tad. And, yes, I am paying for it a bit this morning, when I should be all shiney happy about the wedding. But don't worry... I plan on shrugging off this slightly annoying headache, rehydrating, cleaning my stank-ass up, and enjoying the day. Even if it isn't all about me, even if it is during birthday week. I won't hold it against the happy couple.
I should have written a letter to the Sens explaining that birthday week started yesterday, and them winning and going to the Cup finals would have been a really nice present. I'll have to think of that next year. *sigh*

Thursday, May 22

Myohmy... birthday week is nearly upon us! I got my first present today (thanks, sissy) for to help me not look like a schmuck. I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off to clean up and get some food prepared for the jammy party/Sens party tomorrow night, and I'm sneaking in a little pampering. No better way to kick off birthday week than with pretty feet. Get it? kick... feet... It's birthday week, you have to humor me a little. It's in the Bible.
And then a long weekend full of happiness and goodness - a wedding, a night out, a picnic party, and presents. Maybe I should take the whole day off tomorrow just to prepare. Hmm....

Saturday, May 17

Watch me go - that list of things I wanted to do today? Done - or, at least, in process. I haven't given away any clothes yet, because I started with the shoes. I gave Goodwill more pairs of shoes today than any sane person should own in the first place, though looking at my closet, hardly a dent was made. But it did give me ample excuse to buy a new pair. *teehee*
Rode my bike to Scandia Spa, of which I will be a card-carrying member come Monday. I have my card today, in fact. But I don't really know why they give you a card - no one ever checks if you're a member there. It's a little odd that way. The new and improved location actually is, and not just because it's within walking distance of my house and my work. They have taken over all or nearly all of what was the food court in the mall turned office complex. It's pretty, and they have all the cardio machines turned so you can look at the river, instead of having to watch Judge Judy, like at the old location.
The laundry is the only part that is still going.... and may very well not get finished today, but I'm ok with that. I also managed to make it to Target with UPB to pick up a wedding present and eat at the Friar Tuck's. All in all, the most productive Saturday I've had in quite a while.
On a down note, the Sens game was painful. Also - the kids they have working at Topper's suck. We called in an order for dinner, then thought better of it because the kid on the phone needed a serious attitude adjustment. Something you could maybe get away with if you were the only game in town, as it is Rocky's will be getting our hard-earned pizza money this evening, thank you very much.

I woke up this morning, full of ideas of things I wanted to do today. Laundry, a bike ride, get together a bunch of clothes (and maybe even shoes!) to give to the Goodwill, all sorts of things. Then I had a bowl of cereal, and this has somehow zapped all energy out of me and all I want to do now is crawl back into bed. It's not especially nice outside, so that may be part of it.
Also, I'm dying to go shopping. Preferably in Chicago, but not necessarily. I guess I'm going to Milwaukee tomorrow anyway, and Matthew's party doesn't start until 4, so we could leave early and get in some quality shopping time at the Mayfair. If this doesn't work as a fix, I'll let everyone know and we can start planning a trip to Schaumburg - or maybe even Chicago proper...mmm... Michigan Ave. It's been a while, old friend.

Thursday, May 15

The prom invitations are picked up, and with the exception of one minor omision, I think they are quite nice. So, get your addresses together, folks. I'd like to get them mostly sent this weekend (with a little help from my friends).

Monday, May 12

Well, it's not 20 hours in a day - but I just got home (again) from work and I'm pooped. I took a break for a nice dinner, then went back for more. And tomorrow's going to be another long night, getting ready for a meeting on Wednesday afternoon. I'm fairly certain there's no way I'll be as prepared as I'm suppose to be, but maybe they'll cut me a little slack, since I'm new and all. I can hope, right?
That's about all the energy I have to blog with tonight. Sorry it's not more interesting.

Sunday, May 11

It's Mother's Day, and my kids are still in bed. Typical. But I did get to sleep in. "Hearing the click" must be running rampant in the Krause family line, as today we are not eating at the Charcoal Pit II, but rather driving all the way to Appleton to eat at Koreana. Another happy day for me!
If I don't make it to the Robin's Nest tonight, it's not because I don't want to. I just have the now-standard veritable fuck-ton of work to do, and I'm thinking tonight may be my only opportunity. So, I'll miss you all. *sniff*
I had a thought of how I'd like to kick-off birthday week (starting 5/23, in case you were wondering). I think I'm going to give Fusion in FDL a call and see if we can get their swank back room for dinner on that Friday night. I don't really have any interest in seeing the show, whatever it may be, but I do have an interest in having their tuna steak (rare) again. I don't think we'd all fit in the bar area, so I'm going to gie them a call and see what the deal is with that other room - it's so bad guys... so, unless one has to rent it or something, that's the plan. Friday, 5/23, 7:00ish. Let me know if you can make it. And for all of you to whom the rare tuna steak isn't a good selling tactic (i.e. if you're broken), their other food is very good, too.

Saturday, May 10

So much news! Work is... well... a lot of work. But I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about happy stuff! Like my new baby! She (and we're going with she for now) is named Buddha, because I got her on Thursday, which was Buddha's birthday. She is very little and strange and round and fluffy and cute and cream-colored and talkative (well, barking mostly) and curious and did I mention cute? Cuz she is.
And today is a good day - Sens game, movie to see, plus.... are you ready? It's eggroll day! Oh, lovely eggroll day! It's like an early birthday present. Happy, happy day.
Now I should make with some cleaning or something so the day is productive as well, I suppose. Or, at least, I should clean myself.

Tuesday, May 6

Seems the icky is spreading. And intensifying. Since I'm often queasy, I'm pretty sure it's not my fault that both UPB and Plinko are ill. In fact, I'm waiting to be actually ill instead of just feeling like I'm going to be. It seems inevitable. Unfortunately, tomorrow is my first big meeting with the big boss that has anything to do with my new job, and I'd rather not miss that. Or piss her off by having to reschedule. So here I go, off to the salt mines. Maybe I'll skip breakfast just in case...

Monday, May 5

Icky. In my tummy. At least the weather is cooperating with my insides.

Saturday, May 3

Don't say I never did nothing for ya! The prom site is up, and while (of course) I'm sure you can all find room for improvement, it's there. The idea is that it will be a group blog, possibly one that can live after prom (hence the no-prom title), so if you're interested in jumping on this-here bandwagon, give me a yell. That way, you can tweak it to your liking as well. I promise, I won't get too upset. Unless it's all ugly or something when you're done with it. But I trust you. No, really.