Monday, April 29

Actually, it wasn't crazy at work. It's just crazy that they have internet machines in the break room so you can play with them during lunch. I'm guessing that everyone who works there actually has internet access at the cube (other than us lame temps), so I can only assume that they do it for my benefit. It's pretty sweet. Not as sweet as getting paid to surf all day like my old jobs, but hey. Who can complain?
Also - I found my stash of summer clothes (i.e. shorts) that I thought I had lost. The weather seems to be figuring out that it's almost May (& my birthday - hint hint). It's only 5ish and I've already got a load of laundry in the wash and one in the dryer. It is a good day. *sigh*

I'm at work. It's crazy.

Sunday, April 28

Ok... so after I post I go and read all ya-all's blogs (or those of you I like & know of) & just wanted to say... Reverend - how can there be any hard feelings? You're the cream filling, baby. Plus, you know, shots. And you're the only one who's allowed to call me monkey pants except my husband. I actually felt like a big piece of poo that night because I thought I had eaten possibly both of my feet, but I'm glad things seem to be somewhat settled. Quick to anger, quicker to forgive. Ce la vie. (now I'm going to get my ass kicked for using French, I just know it.)

Hooray! I'm back. It seems like much ado about nothing, but last week Thursday the buzz was put in my ear that big things might be brewing at my favorite salon, but they have possibly stalled, so there isn't actually any news to report. Stay tuned on that front.
On other fronts, I'm currently temping at 4Imprint, which isn't so bad. The facilities are crazy nice, and the job isn't exactly hard, even though they don't seem to want to give us temps the actual information to do it right, but that's about par for the course.
B'Gosh called somewhat out of the blue on Wednesday and asked if I was still on the job market and interested in working for them. I (of course) said that I was, in a message I left that evening and (again of course) haven't heard boo back from them. I sure hope that if I'd actually end up working there things would be less kerfukled.
Just a little shout out to all the supa-fun gals I was out with last night, especially the bachelorette stand-in. Ladies, that t-shirt is still in my car and it is seriously nastified, as Mother would say. C. is so much fun I think we need to start working on a bad-guy name for her... "Lady Ala Mode's Mom" just doesn't do her justice. She was the only one actually flashing skin down at the P, for crap's sake, despite the fact that there wasn't a woman in the place who didn't take her bra off... leave it to the best bartender in the world to inspire such craziness.
Today we turned the Hydie into the official work zone of Mr. Chan's Machine. Very exciting. Plus, now my dining room table has been spared.
Here's hoping that everyone had a wonderful crap this weekend (or at least all who participated). I myself was witness to a little crapping out, but that's a whole different story and things probably ended for the best anyway. Two words: Pussy Control. And one word for anyone who'll be where I'll be next Saturday night: Closer. You know who you are. Peace out.

Friday, April 19

I must be a moron. I don't get it. And just in case the page expires before you get a chance to look at it - right now on e-bay there is a pair of size 13 black hemp All Stars that are in a sadder state than any in my husband's closet (including the much much cooler pair of All Star bowling shoes). And the current bid is $202.50. Yes. That's right. You heard me. Get your bid in now. The auction closes in 2 hours. Just for the record, you can still purchase a new pair of these shoes at the wonderful Jack's shoes, for (I'm guessing) $40. That's quite a nice profit and all you have to do is (evidently) wear them 24/7 for the next six months.
Whatever. We're going to be millionaires with this Mr. Chan's Machine thing. Seriously.

Thursday, April 18

Sometimes, the internet is stinky.
Today is fun. I like the thunderstorms. I had breakfast at the Tudor house with my hubby. One word: townies. Three words: Raisin French Toast. Yeah, baby. Then I went home and took a nap. Until noon. Now I'm Shaft. Then I had lunch with Foxy Roxy and Miss Sarah at the P. Now I want another nap. Also I went to the PS. It was just fine.

Wednesday, April 17

Rather than forward this to many, many people who get too many forwards, I thought I'd put this little piece of inspiration on my blog. Just one more shout out to the Reverend.

Who's Your Best Friend?

New Year's Eve, a lady stood up at the local pub and said that it was
time to get ready for the celebrations.

At the stroke of midnight, she wanted every husband to be standing next
to the one person who made his life worth living.

Well, it was kind of embarrassing. The bartender was nearly crushed to

So... I thought it would be a good idea to change the template of my blog instead getting anything done today. I'm a genius. It wouldn't be so bad if I had any, you know, skills as far as these things go. All in all, it looks springy and cute and happy. Things are generally where I want them, if not exactly the colors I would choose. Maybe someone with the mad, mad skills could help me make the one change that is bothering me. Mr Jones, Atom... I'm looking in your general direction.
Also - there is a load of laundry that's dry in the dryer and one in the wash, so ***pbtptptpt*** :P
Another thing that isn't so bad is that I've listened to Mink Car 2 1/2 times so far this morning. This makes me happy. I've got a fang. And another excuse to go to Germany. None the less... things aren't getting any more done this way. I think this is why I didn't have a web page for so long. Not being in school left me much less time to procrastinate. I say "yeah yeah". Tootles.

Just for the record, I didn't go to bed at 11 this morning - but my silly blog didn't want to work last night. :(
So - the genius that I am, I copied it so I could post it this morning, as it actually took me much too long to write it in the first place, I wasn't going to just forget about it.
Today I am suppose to be doing laundry. Right now, in fact. I'm getting on it. Shut up. Is your laundry done? That's what I thought. And at least I still have clean underwear.
Well - it's Wednesday - so anyone that could possibly read this I'll probably see tonight anyway. That's the problem with living in the same city as nearly all of your friends - no need for a blog. Oh well.

Well. Look what a slacker I am. Possibly I would do better if I actually sat at the computer once in a while. Also if I had things as funny or interesting as my husband to post.
On the upside - I'm not telemarketing anymore. Oddly enough, I am once again on day two of recovering from too much *booze* (Thank you again, Reverend!) Evidently I didn't put out enough to get mentioned on his blog, but *sigh* oh well. Mr. Jones' people. Ok, I guess it was funny. Not quite as funny as Mrs. Jones scaring away a biker, or the Reverend getting a slightly frightening peep show (this one actually not from me or Mrs. Jones!), but still funny.
Tomorrow is a job fair. My sole purpose in going is to harass the guy from B'Gosh who is suppose to be getting me a job there. Doing anything. I don't even care at this point.
Today I dropped off a few things at our church, which is having their rummage sale this Friday and Saturday. I even managed to part with a few pairs of shoes. Tomorrow comes the big digging-through-the-closet ordeal. I intend to make enough room that I won't have to buy a new dresser to hold all of my recent thrift store finds. I don't know how you people could think that I wouldn't buy that leisure suit. It is simply gorgeous.
This past weekend I went to AA's wedding shower. Holy poop. #1 - I don't know that many adult women, including everyone I've ever worked with, been related to, or seen at the mall. This leads to #2 - She got soooo much stuff. Which doesn't exactly lead to #3 - I got sooooo drunk. Mmmm.... raspberry kamikazes. To which, by the way, Mother said, "Oh yeah. Those are good." She has turned into quite a little booze hound in the last 2 1/2 years. Would you believe that her first drink was at my wedding?! Craziness. Anyway... Big Gulp wants me to come to bed now. It's past our bedtime.