Sunday, March 30

Turns out that while I never tire of shopping, shopping makes me tired. Two days straight especially so.
Yesterday was the trip to Mayfair, where I got a steal of a deal on a Paul Frank thermal featuring *yay* a penguin, and less of a deal on a no-less-necessary pair of Nine Wests. I am such a sucker for their shoes. And bags. And jewelry. And clothes. I should have more of their clothes.
Today it was the wonders of Ye Olde Oshkosh Outlet Mall. I got a good pair of socks. If they had had more good socks at Bass, I would have gotten a better deal, but they didn't, so I didn't. After a few more stops I managed to succeed in finding a present for tomorrow night's surprise baby shower. Cross your fingers that the guest of honor did not give birth over the weekend - it is certainly possible she did. I have to say, though, that as much as I really like the mother-to-be, I don't usually go in for these types of parties, with the games and the whatnot. No offense intended to those selfless souls who are planning this shin-dig, especially since I know some of them don't really get into either. I will be a good guest, though, and I'll try my darndest to enjoy it all. I'm counting on tasty tasty snacks to make that considerably easier.
Now, as I mentioned, I am quite pooped, and I think I'm going to go have a little lie-down before heading to the Robin's Nest. See many of you there...

Friday, March 28

The official plan: meet at the P at 6 to carpool to the IHOP. That way, all our cars will be where we'll end up at the end of the night anyhow. My husband is a genius.

Don't you love how listening to music can take you back in time? I'm currently in 8th grade, riding around in the Pig Car, listening to Depeche Mode tapes and going through countless drive-thrus, ordering water and ketchup with 13 people in a Dodge Charger hatch-back. If I had a Metallica or MegaDeath or some other similar CD to put in next, the picture would be complete, but I don't. Or Pink Floyd. So much Pink Floyd. Note to self: if/when we have kids, if they know every word to "The Wall" when they're 12, they are hanging out with the "wrong crowd". But that doesn't mean they are bad kids. But I suppose, these kids these days don't need Pink Floyd, what with all the ambiant/trance/etc music out there. But there's something timeless about the line "We don't need no education", don't you think?
I have a fairly strong suspicion that I'm the only one of that crowd who finished college. I hope I'm wrong, but I've lost track of all of them 'cept one, and I know what she's doing. I suddenly feel awfully old. I also have an urge to pay money to that stupid Classmates site, just to see who I could contact if I wanted to. The last person from that crowd that called me out of the blue got murdered, though, so maybe I'll just sit on my hands.

Thursday, March 27

Tomorrow night: IHOP. Who's with me?? Yeah!!!

I feel like I haven't blogged in weeks... strange. Maybe because I took a mental health afternoon yesterday and didn't go back to work after lunch. Except for the part where I logged on to the system from home and took care of all the e-mails. Evidently, everyone at work was making fun of me for doing it, but I was just excited to find out I have the technology. This means I shouldn't really ever have to go in on weekends anymore. Unless it's to box up garments, or *hopefully* to move into a new cubicle because someone got hired for my old position. Or rather, my current position, because I have yet to do anything new. *sigh*
I have training this afternoon to learn to do things in Excel that I will never, ever use. Which is fine, cuz work is actually pretty slow right now. Sure, I have a million things I could be getting caught up on, but nothing too pressing. So, I get to spend my afternoon hoping I don't fall asleep in class. It doesn't help that it's nursing-home-hot at work again...
Speaking of sleep, thanks to all for sharing their personal and familial dysfunction at the P last night. Good times... good times... I could't fall asleep when I got home, though, so now I'm a little over-tired. Which for me means super extra klutzy. It's fun. Weee!
Today at work I scored a sweater that we asked for a sample of, that we immediately dropped before anyone even saw it. It's sooper fuzzy soft and has silly flowers on the shoulder. I can't wait to wear it. Of course, I have to fix the large gaping hole in the back somehow - I think that'll be my project for this evening. I might leave on the "Mutilated" sticker, though, just for fun. If I ever leave the company for some reason, I'm totally yoinking a roll of those. How could you not think of a million uses for those? Maybe I'll just design myself a t-shirt that has one printed on it. *Genius* Not as good as the t-shirt UPB decided I need last night, but still pretty good. For more info on that, you'll just have to wait and see. The clue is: genitals.

Tuesday, March 25

My body has decided it wants to make up for all the late nights, early mornings, stress, and 4 o'clock wake-up calls in one fell swoop. I went to bed at about 7:30 last night, woke up for about an hour when someone came to the door, was back to sleep by 9:30, and couldn't get out of bed this morning.
And b'gosh is playing dick around dick around soon he won't be around with my bitch, which leaves me bitchless, and therefore bitchy. Amy and I are planning mental health days, or afternoons at least, for some time this week. Unfortunately we can't both be out of the office at the same time because, unlike other departments I could name and start to fume about, we have a sense of responsibility to get shit done. Mostly because when the samples, due to ship Friday, don't come in on time, it's our asses on the line, even though it's not even a little bit our fault. Such is my lot in life. I wish I thought I could do something differently next season to make it all ok, but unless "someone" gets hired right quick, I'm not even going to have time to breath when spring '04 rolls around in *oh crap* a week and a half. Add to all this the fact that I won't be able to do any of the things associated with my now in quotes "promotion" until someone starts in my old job, I'm feeling a little frustrated with our lovely HR dept right now. grrrr
Plus, no new Gilmore Girls. CB had the packages closed before I could send out some art (that has to be on something being shipped out of Malaysia on Friday, and we only send out packages on Tuesdays and Fridays). My car is falling to pieces, and I don't want to pay to have it fixed. I "get to" go to a negotiating skills seminar for two full days at the end of April, and they had to go and put it at the Hilton, cuz the Park Plaza would be too damn convenient. I'm suppose to have a section of our department's manual updated by the first and nearly everyone who could help me check the facts in it is in Asia until at least then. Everyone in the department got a chunk to update except CB, who didn't volunteer for one.
I'm going to go surf the internet now in hopes that I'll find something to cheer me up. I'm hoping someone posted the picture from Conan of Grover shooting up.

Monday, March 24

Oh lucky number is "A". That can't be a good sign.

Sunday, March 23

Puchi Puchi Wanko

Ripon can be fun. Who knew?
But that's not why I'm posting.
Oscar party, my house, tonight, party starts around 7, show starts at 7:30. Bring what you would like to drink, any snacks you feel are appropriate, plan on ordering food, and bring your scribble pad so we can keep track of who's getting tickets from the fashion police. Fun fun!!

Thursday, March 20

Ok... so this may or may not work. Blogger is not playing nicely for some reason.
But I have big news. Very few of you will think so, but it is in my world.
Vetts is getting married.
When I read the news, I could not close my mouth for literally a minute. And that's a long time when you think about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for him and his betrothed. I wish them all kinds of luck. It's very happy news. I'm still stunned.

Wednesday, March 19

Today was productive. I left work last night slightly disgruntled with 50+ e-mails yet to deal with. That meant I got into work this morning with 115 or so. And I was crab-bee. Possibly even more syllables than that. There was lots of "that's not my problem, it's yours" going on this morning. grrrr. But, this afternoon I kicked butt. I left work with 9 - that's right, single digits, baby (as I've already mentioned to OP). This makes me very happy. Never mind that I have no idea how to deal with most of those 9, it's still 9, and 9 is better than 115. Trust me.
I've also come to realize that I'm going to be sad to give up some of my responsibilities that will come with the promotion. Mostly because those responsibilities have me working with some of the cooler people in the company, and the ones that remain leave me working with some people that are considerably less cool. The price of success, I guess. And maybe if I do really well, I'll get to go back to working with the cool people again. Or (more likely) job duties will get juggled on 3rd floor (again) and I'll get to work with my gals again. I am, of course, jumping the gun somewhat. It will be a while before things transition completely to my bitch, so I'll just enjoy the time I have left. And the idea that my e-mails will eventually be cut in half or so. I enjoy the thought of that a lot .
Tonight, I'll enjoy some tasty dinner prepared with love my UPB, shared with Shaft. Then off to the P, maybe for some tasty tasty cherry beer. Hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, March 18

Hullo all. I have no new news to speak of. I did get a nice e-mail from a company that may interest some of the more crafty-gals who, like me, have way too much fabric and other assorted things lying around. Just trying to help. Last night we watch Angel, tonight's a new Buffy, but GG is a repeat, which makes me sad. Also, I'm back to the waking up at 4 am for no reason thing. I guess this weekend didn't sufficiently screw up my sleep schedule, but I have no idea how that's possible.
Yeah... I'm tired, so that's all I got.

Sunday, March 16

Hooray for me and my new jobby job! Ok... you all know it's really the same old jobby job, but I got the promotion. It's official. My boss (God bless her) came in Friday with her son *so cute!* just so I could get the offer. And it was a little funny, cuz they literally treated it like an offer - as if I wasn't going to take it. And maybe, given that one week into this pay period I have in 10 hours of overtime, and next pay period I'll be salaried, maybe I should have thought twice about accepting it. No. That would have been dumb.
So this weekend I celebrated. And celebrated. And celebrated. And slept, and ate out (practically every meal), and saw my dad and my newly clean-cut bro, and got to go into work, and slept and slacked and now I should be at the Robin's Nest, but I'm not cuz I was checking on the old finances online. Yep... we've got bills. Even still. But I think we're getting smarter about them and should be able to start putting a fairly big dent in them quickly. Or, at least, that's the plan. But you know what they say about making plans... whenever you do, God laughs. I'm just very thankful to be working, getting the promotion is a nice bonus, and it makes things seem a little more secure (than previous jobs). So... on with the planning, and then playing the cards we're dealt. I'm evidently still tired if I can be philosophical about credit card bills, but there you go.
"Spring is soft and fluffy. Winter is sharp and pointy." Today was gorgeous. You can't fully appreciate one season without the others. I would rather that sharp, pointy winter was much shorter, but there's something so glorious about the first warm days of spring, I couldn't really ever give it up entirely.
And now I should go so I can induce a cat-fight. Meow.

Friday, March 14

Ok, I'm a little early, but Happy St. Patrick's Day! Tee hee!
There is a definite mood of "let's not work" today at work. Which is great, as my boss and my boss's boss are both gone. Except that I actually have kind of a lot to do, and it's suppose to be nice this weekend, and I really, really don't want to have to go in. Plus, my dad might be coming up (just like Pink). So... why spoil a perfectly good weekend with work? I think I won't. But that means I should probably bust my hump this afternoon. We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, March 13

Mmmmm.... tasty group think. Which is my way of saying:
#1 I haven't had a full night's sleep in two weeks... stupid clowns
#2 Hell, yes, Koreana!
#3 Also a little crabby. And sick.
I want some confirmation I got the promotion. The interview went very well. My boss is holding off ordering me new business cards until my title changes. (Therefore, I assume it will be soon) But I want an offer. I want an announcement. I want the damn job, damn it. And I won't hear about it tomorrow because my boss is on vacation. *bother*
I will have to be consoled by the fact that I'm getting a hair cut, so I can be cute again, instead of dumb looking. Dorothy at work wanted me to take her into the (2nd floor) bathroom (cuz it's bigger than ours) and fix her hair all twisty with the clippies like I do mine. She is almost 60 (I think) and just the sweetest, silliest woman. I think I'll take her up on it one of these days.
And now for the sleeping. Clowns be damned.

I'm preparing to get smacked around this afternoon in my meeting by eating tasty comfort food: graham crackers in milk. I know, I know, you're all disgusted. But I don't care. If TJ's reading this, he'll have my back.
I'm also hoping they will help me to feel less like ick.
The interview went well yesterday morning, I'll fill in more later on tonight. For now I should run back to the grindstone.

Tuesday, March 11

Interview in the morning... if you've got phalanges, they better be crossed. If not, um... I'm sorry. Both of my grandpas were missing digits and I loved them very much, so... no hard feelings, right?

All you non-posting people are boring dummy-heads.

Monday, March 10

I'm not just writing more to prove that I am not a liar, but because I do, in fact, have things that didn't go quite my way today. #1 - I worked for 3 1/2 hours yesterday afternoon; I'm still behind
#2 - I swear I heard Sharon trying to tell my boss good things that I could 'start with' for costing (little bits here and there, to get ready for the big promotion) and they were all her items, which would not take any of the pressure off of my boss, even a little. Now, I could have misheard, she may have been talking about things the new person under her could take on, but said new girl will probably take a while getting up to speed with the things that actually are her responsibilities, without S dumping on more right away. Grrr. Also, S tried to scare me off of the promotion Friday. I said that I wasn't sure which day of the weekend I'd be coming in, but that I knew it wouldn't be both, because I feel like it's ok to need one day off a week. "Well, you won't get that when you're a buyer. You'll be working every day. 7 days a week. Every week. We don't get days off." As it happens, she is the only buyer, of any rank, that is there every weekend. And who brings work home with them every night. She must just be slow. I'm not scared. Nanny nanny boo boo!
#3 - Babs is an insane person. She wants samples of a chunk of the holiday '03 line here no later than March 31st. Umm.... that's never, ever going to happen. I'm putting that out there right now. Nope. Sorry. Artwork isn't decided for half of it ("oh, that's ok, it can come in without art, we understand"....March 31st: "where the hell is the artwork?? we can't sell this stuff like this!!" -- my little prediction). Sample orders are being placed today, tomorrow, and who knows how many days after that. Sample fabric may or may not be done. There are many, many issues standing in the way of this happening. But I'm sure everything will be just fine...
Have I mentioned how cool smoking is?

That's it! I can't take it anymore. I'm going back to smoking.
But let me explain why... I am not just whelmed, but overwhelmed with aromas, fragrances, stinks. Today I was pestered all day long by the odd combination of fragrances in the stairwell 20 feet (30? I have no idea) from my desk. Mind you, there is a door. Nonetheless, this horrendous miasma of bubble-gum/perfume stench was inescapable. And I mean, it smelled like Bazooka Joe decided to open up a perfume factory. Like Hubba Bubba soda, only perfume. I can't possibly explain the nastiness of it. I couldn't concentrate all day. Then I walk outside: rotting potatos. Very high on my list of most hated smells, and the air, the outside "clean" air, was full of that smell. There is something sick and wrong about that. At least when I got home all was well, as garlic is featured prominently in dinner this evening. And there's not a damn thing wrong with garlic, my friends. However, I can enjoy garlic as a smoker, whereas, I've never had to deal with Bubbalicious #5 before, so I can only assume that it is my "enhanced" ability to smell.
Now my super nose is telling me dinner is about done, so I will sign off. And probably sign back on later to bitch about other things. It's Monday, that's what you get.

Sunday, March 9

So...I'm at work, waiting for my phonebook size pile of crap to finish printing, so I'm la-la-la surfing the uberweb (see, I can use it in a sentence) and found a(nother) new unhealthy affection. Puchi Puchi Wanko! Not only is that the funniest name for a sanrio character I've encountered for a while, but it's the cutest damn thing ever, and he loves strawberries!! What's not to love?
Eventually, I'll be back home, and home I shall stay for the evening. Sorry to those I miss tonight, but I've got a ton of stuff I'd like to get through tonight, including some more laundry. I may even get inspired to weed through the clothes I already own to make the keep/give away/throw away piles. It's March, we can call it spring cleaning! Yay Spring!

Oof! Morning! It came earlier than I would have liked today, but that means that I've gotten kind of a lot accomplished already, and this afternoon I can go to work to take care of the stuff I should have done yesterday, while I was watching a musical instead. Such a long sentence... sorry.
No visit with my dad this weekend... with the snow yesterday, he got accomplished about as much as I did. So today instead of getting together, we will both be doing laundry, I bet. Yay clean clothes! It's probably best if I don't stink for the interview, and I figured out what I'm going to wear, so life is good.
Why is the football season so short? Sundays just aren't the same without my third quarter nap. Perhaps today I'll have to improvise.
It's been slightly over a week since my last cigarette. The improved sense of smell has become annoying. Everything stinks. Well... actually, freshly baked bread smells good, and pizza, and a lot of things... but not my house. And it's too freaking cold to try to air it out. Maybe I'll have to make a trip to the candle outlet this afternoon. Or just go buy tons and tons of baking soda and place it strategically throughout the house. What's annoying is that I know that at least some of the stink is left over from the last resident, who is now our downstairs neighbor and who I otherwise like. She has a pet bunny... and I can still smell where it's cage used to be. Bleck. That was almost 4 years ago. And yes, I've tried that. That, too... there is no solution as far as I can tell. Time to start saving for a house, I guess.
And now I'll sign off, as my lunch should be arriving shortly. We live in a wonderful age.

Saturday, March 8

In the midst of my little freak-out yesterday, I forgot to mention that I have news of my own. I have an interview Wednesday morning. It will most likely be low-key, as it includes me, my boss, and one chick from HR. That's it. Now, all things considered, it's all rather silly, since the only people attending have the following information: I want the job. My boss wants to give me the job. HR knows this. So... the interview may be a little unnecessary. Sorry to any fellow employees who may be interviewing for the position (there are 2), but... better luck next time, losers. Ahh ha ha ha!! I shouldn't be so cocky... whenever I am things tend to bite me right in the ass. So... everyone still keep your fingers crossed for me.
Also, my boss brought up a good point yesterday while we were talking about the whole interview thing. She wasn't at my first interview (maternity leave), so she really doesn't know anything about what I've done prior to joining OKB. So she gave me the head's up that she'll probably ask a lot about that. Which means I should start trying to remember what my job descriptions used to be, because as many of you know, what I actually did was jack squat. That is a really funny funny phrase if you stop to think about it. I'm giggling right now just reading it again.
In other news, yesterday I got a big bag of free stuff from work, left over from the vendor conference. Anything free is worth having (as we all know) except disease and rancid food, so I'm not complaining, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with half the stuff. I don't actually need the world's cheapest, worst umbrella. Anyone who does, give me a jingle. I'll start the bidding at a nickel. The sweatshirt is super nice and soft, and there was a baseball cap that will come in handy during volleyball season, which I assume will be starting any minute.
I got to drive Shaft's car last night. It's big. Also, I got to see Chuck (the lumpy potato). Tomorrow I may get to see Chuck (my dad).
And finally, it's snowing. It's snowing. God, I hate this weather.

Friday, March 7

Oh my good Lord... where to begin?
#1 Pop Quiz: What year did you graduate from high school?
Ok... deduct points for every second of delay, double those if you've graduated within the last 10 years... triple if it's within the last 5.
Here I will point out that I asked CB this afternoon what year she graduated from North, and it took her over a full minute to respond with "Ummm...nine..teen... uh... umm.... yeah... ninety.... er...uh...nine, I think" and Miss CB ends up with another tally in the loss column.
#2 And the bombshell (and by bombshell, I mean, take shelter, this will hurt) of the day is: she's pregnant. Going to have a baby. With child. Bun in the oven. Her husband's convinced it's twins.
We were evidently having some kind of race towards pregnancy, of which I was unaware, because she told me as we were leaving tonight, "I was sure you were going to beat me" - now she didn't mean it in the way that a) yes, I would very much like to give her an Oshkosh pound-downding or b) I was ready to leave before her for the day, which is a huge break from the norm, but as it turns out she beat me to the door. She meant, boy, I was sure you were going to be pregnant before I got pregnant cuz everyone wants to be pregnant and since you're older you must have been trying for a long time now and what's wrong with you why aren't you pregnant. And then she actually said, literally, I shit you all not, "I was just convinced you were going to get pregnant first, or while I was, so then we'd have to share our pregnancies." Ok... just... stop talking. Cuz I really shouldn't hit a pregnant girl. Or push one out in front of that convenient speeding truck. Luckily the art thieves arrived just in time to save me from myself.
I need to go breath into a paper bag now. See y'all later at the P.

Wednesday, March 5

well, lookey what decided to start working! It's blogger! Hooray!
Now I can wish Machine a happy anniversary of your manufacture day!
And Peabody's, not actually opening tonight. Something about floor tiles. I was told I didn't want to know, which makes me think that Wally does not fully understand my appreciation of the diy arts. Oh well...
On a different note, I am a dirty liar. Possibly a damn dirty liar, as Twister has a website, it's right here.
And I'm still of the opinion that breathing better is stupid and I want a cigarette.

Tuesday, March 4

Read all about it: Peabody's to reopen tomorrow. Join the fun and festivities. One shiny quarter to the first person I see attempt to redeem this coupon. You know you want to. You would get all of George Washington's head. I know that's got to be tempting to at least a couple of you.
In case you were wondering, which I assume most of you weren't, but then, you shouldn't be here, so piss off... still not smoking. After another stressful day. And I have to say, the benefits are starting to sound a little less interesting. Breathe better, blah blah... not nearly as cool as being a potential super taster.You know, I'm beginning to think that Joe Camel was right all along... it is cool to smoke.

Monday, March 3

Ok. Today was stressful. I figured out that there was a whole big bunch of stuff I should have taken care of last week (early last week) that didn't end up happening until today. I also learned that it's a good thing that I was damaged on Friday, because the people that are in my department that didn't go to Vegas got together for lunch. I begged off, and came home, then to the chiro. Today I learned CB hits her fork on her teeth when she eats (my co-worker told me this, as I admitted my little problem to her last week). My response was, "of course she does". Is there nothing about that woman that isn't evil? And I don't mean that in a good way.
I would have had to kill her. And prison is seriously the last place you want to try to quit smoking.
Speaking of... I wanted a cigarette today. Badly. But I didn't cave, thanks to the help of some friends and some very helpful coworkers with gum. And I'm trying to keep this in mind. I'm approaching 48 hours:
Nerve endings start to re-grow.
Your ability to smell and taste is enhanced.
Interesting... as I've always thought my sense of taste and smell were somewhat overdeveloped already. Possibly, I'm a Super Taster. Wouldn't that be exciting!!

Sunday, March 2

Good morning!
Sometimes, even when you win, you lose.
Though I'm going in to work today, so who's the bigger loser, hmmm? Probably me.

Saturday, March 1

Add more things - or places - to the Unhealthy Affections list. Oh Henry's, how I love thee. And Twister, some day I will emulate you in a shop of my own. Why you don't have a website, I do not know. Of course, this one is a suitable substitute in many ways. (Another unhealthy affection...the list continues to grow.)
There's something wonderful about shopping in Princeton without seas and seas of flea market goers. To be honest, as much as I enjoy the theory of a huge flea market, I don't ever end up buying anything and I always seem to get rather ill. But downtown Princeton is where it's at. We ate at Mimi's for the first time, and it was nice, but I think I prefer the diner or the award-winning pizza place. Be sure to ask aLo about his generous coupon offer, and his cleaning habits. Tracey Porter was closed (thankfully) and Bullmoose Mercantile was open and so hot I nearly wet 'em. Art & Crafts (the architecture and furniture movement, not the Hobo Lobo concept) and super cool books and... oh my. And the shop owner hates the cold, so I liked him immediately. The bookstore had a signed copy of Lyda's 2nd book, which delighted all of us, and other choice items. What used to be Urban Artifacts (now Daiseye) seemed a little too full of hemp-related items and not enough salvaged goodness for my taste, but Dish "epicurean outfitters" was wonderful and I can't believe I didn't come home with the sushi-print sake set. *kicking myself*.
And again I'm asking myself: how is it possible that shops so cool exist in a town so small and relatively remote? And how is it that we can get none of this coolness in Oshkosh, or even Appleton, which is full-up of shops that sell crap and still make a go of it? And when am I going to win the lottery so I can try to change all that?
Seeing as I do not actually play the lottery, I suppose I will have to resign myself to driving to the middle of nowhere to enjoy what Princeton has to offer. I guess I should consider myself quite lucky that it isn't any farther away. And that I'm not driving from Illinois, like so many of the people there. And that I've heard of it at all, to think of it.
Also: remember (those of you who were there and listening to my babbling last night) my trying to describe a certain candy bar, made by Cadburry and found in England? Yeah... I bought one (two? I can't remember now) at Henry's this afternoon. MMmmm... candy :)

I have joined the ranks of those with ink. Last night I was all, "oh, it doesn't hurt, it's fine!". Must have been the booze/adrenalin/crazy talking, cuz this morning, let me just say... ow. A little sore. And I was extra judgemental about it as I laid in bed this morning, but I think I love it. I defintely like it, and I think it'll only grow on me, so... I'm happy. I guess it's probably a good sign that I'm already thinking about the next one. For you veterans, I'm sure this is all very boring. Luckily, I don't have a whole lot of time to sit and babble about it because I have to get ready to go to Princeton - yay! I'm really hoping my hips hold up. Stooopid brokeyness. Also, I feel completely hung-over. Considering I had all of three drinks last night, maybe I spoke too soon when I said I was glad my liver was back to functioning normally. Or, my seven livers, depending on who you ask. I suppose that's probably enough whining for one morning. See ya later!