Thursday, July 31

Had dinner with the in-laws tonight, it was nice. My niece/sister-in-law and I read from a Dr. Suess book together, I got lots of pity for my tough, tough job, and we left a little early without me having to play tag. We left early so I could go back to work, but then I didn't because... oh yeah, Mulletfest = no parking anywhere remotely close to my place of business. So now I'm going to see how much, if anything, I can get accomplished tonight from home. I wouldn't be too worried about things, my meeting this morning went well, but I'm expected to have quite a bit more information pulled together for the next round, and that's Wednesday. I'm going to try to make that go, and probably post a bit more (or not) later...

Tuesday, July 29

Thanks and shouts out to aLo for the head's up about the TMBG clock-radio. I am loving it. Apart from the songs from "People Are Wrong" which is the musical produced and starring Flansburg. Now, he didn't write the songs, which is good, because as far as I can tell they're a bunch of hippy crap. I think sarcastically, purposely so, but nonetheless, out of context of the story, they are not something I've enjoyed listening to. Thankfully the songs are interdispersed with plenty of MonoPuff, Linnell's State Songs, and TMBG classics and remixes and lovely other things. For example, Robot Parade, which is on right now. *sigh* another reason to sit in front of the computer all night... just what I needed.

tired...fried...long day...too much to do before I meet with my boss's boss Thursday.
I don't wanna have to go back to work.

Monday, July 28

There are times when being easily amused is a definite plus. I made the near-fatal mistake of picking up the one-year anniversary issue of The Soapbox. I was not amused. I was, in fact, appalled that this "publication" still exists. Their cover boasts that they are "balanced" and "fair". Well... they do have a balance of sooper crazy left-wingers and sooper crazy right-wingers, so if the world of politics were merely a teeter-totter, they'd be fine. Unfortunately, their stoopid teeter-totter doesn't not even work. It's a damn good thing that thing is free, that's all I'm going to say. (ok, maybe not all...) I have to feel that even people who espouse 1/2 (cuz that would be the most you could agree with, being that they are balanced...) of the opinions represented would shutter at the presentation. It's as if someone decided it would be a good idea to publish a bunch of unedited blogs. By lunatics. So... the whole thing kind of got my blood boiling.
Luckily, a Beggin' Strips commercial came on and I was able to see the lighter side of life. Giving a dog an ink-blot test, where one of the pictures is quite obviously a cat, and having him bark/shout "Bacon!" is funny. For me, it was actually laugh-out-loud funny. As I said, easily amused.
In other advertising news, people at Target are geniuses. The fact that it took someone this long to use (Anything You Want) "You Got It" by Roy Orbison in a commercial is a little strange, but it pleases me that Target claims the prize.
I also get a prize today... a lovely lambswool sweater. Lucky me!

Sunday, July 27

I demand a recount. It can not possibly be Sunday night. The weekend can not be over. I'm more exhausted than I was on Friday, after the longest week ever. Not that I mind helping out a friend, but seriously, moving sucks. And moving on the muggiest day of the summer especially sucks even for someone who would otherwise be cold. At any rate, I'm glad everything is moved and taken care of. I'm sore and I keep finding new bruises where things knocked against me or I knocked against things, but I'm expecting one hullva good party to make up for all the personal wear and tear.
Now to play some coins, check out, and go to bed. 'night y'all!

Saturday, July 26

You know... sometimes there are people in the world you kinda dread talking to. You see them, or, more often, they see you from across the bar and before you know it, there they are, all wanting to talk and stuff. And then sometimes, it's actually not as bad as you thought it would be.
After a loverly dinner at Calaban's in historic downtown Neenah, and then a trip to the mall to totally geek out on work stuff and cooking stuff and whine about being too poor to shop at Pottery Barn, that was my experience tonight. It probably helped that I was able to work in a story from "A Cook's Tour" about food poisoning made worse by Jerry Lewis (i.e. the French are even worse than we thought), but even that aside it was pretty good. Certainly better than can be expected.
Also, at the mall I swooned over several pairs of shoes. Some of them dreamt up by the giant nanobyte god-tree in Schlee's sporting mecca. (Mrs. Jones: powdery blue Doc Martin mary janes... I'm just saying.) I purchased none of them. A great feat. One that will not soon be repeated, I'm sure. I hate to admit it, because it will just get me committed, but there are honestly many mornings when I look in my closet and decide that I have no shoes to go with the outfit I am wearing. Insanity, I know, but it has many roots: 1) there was a time in my life when I owned no shoes. I'm not making this up. The only shoes I had were borrowed from a classmate. sad, sad, sad...why must I be so sad? and 2) when you're a fat short girl, shoes are the only sure bet when you're going shopping. Granted, I now have many shoes, and can buy clothes that fit in most any store I want (formerly not the case), but one doesn't let go of such major hang-ups. So - I expect that for the rest of my life, unless thrust into poverty or some such thing, I will continue to buy shoes that to the sane person it would appear I do not actually need. Thank you for loving me anyway. Or, as many of my coworkers have taken to saying after their crazy rants, "Thanks for listening".

Thursday, July 24

This has been the longest week ever. I'm sure I've said that before. Many times. But this time it is extra true. Therefore I'm wasting my free time by indulging my addiction to PopCap's Big Money. I have a sickness, and I'm willing to admit it. That must count for something. To my credit, at least I'm listening to TMBG's John Henry, which I realized I've never actually listened to before. I know, I know, there's something (additional) wrong with me. But now I'm feeling very much more cultured.
TMBG has a distaste for the label 'geek rock', I know, but... let's face it. We've all seen there fans. Plus, you know, we are their fans. And we don't kid ourselves about the whole geek thing, so maybe they shouldn't either. But it's gotten me thinking... a co-worker of mine has a son that will, no doubt, be a geek. Or, at least, I hope so. Cuz right now he's just a momma's boy and I'm hoping he evolves a little bit (and soon). But I feel like kids like him need a little direction. Like a reading list, and a must-listen music list, movie must-sees, things like that. You know, the things that many geeks have in common. Things that you understand if someone loves, that is a signifies a certain common ground. "The Holy Grail", TMBG, things like this. Things that I'm quite certain his mother has never heard of.
This is an issue fairly close to my heart, mostly because I grew up with so few geeks. I had no idea how many things I enjoyed were enjoyed by a lot of other people, of a certain type. Meeting the Bad Guys was a rather eye-opening experience that I had much too late in life, if you ask me. Of course, not having geek friends has made me somewhat of a general sort of geek, rather than a geek for any one particular *idiom, sir? idiom*. I am not a book geek, a game geek, a computer geek, a sci-fi geek, a music geek, or any other type of geek that would get me on tv, but I do enjoy all of those things more than most. Plus there's the general sarcasm and witty repartee that comes from being friends with geeks (as opposed to dorks or nerds). So... there's that benefit (in my mind, anyway). All that said, I feel a strange compulsion to reach out to this kid (who is honestly one of the most pathetic creatures I've ever encountered... he calls his mother I would estimate 15 times a day) and give him a mix cd and an internet connection and a Flying Circus box set. Of course, I don't even have the later, so I'd have to buy two, and that would get expensive... What I'm saying is I think this kid needs a sponser. And there are probably lots and lots of kids who do. So we should set up a Big Geeks program to match young (obviously) potential geeks with successful geek role models. I'm sure aLo could come up with a perfect logo. Too bad that MSN money-giving-away contest is over -- I'm sure Mr. Gates would have loved this idea. Better than stupid fucking foam parties. Which just goes to show you a computer does not a geek make.

Tuesday, July 22

Today was frustratingly uneventful at work. A couple departments I depend on to get me information I need were less that dependable, and I started work with the following e-mail from a vendor (who works for my maker who was very naughty, who we had to pull production from):
Dear Everyone,

I thought I need to write you all this message as I would like to let you
know how really saddened I have been after reading your communication w/
Ms. *her boss*.
I have spent many days and many nights working on the Spr'04 Salesman Spls
for you all. I was very very enthusiastic and didn't mind the exhaustion
each day that I was able to send you the salesman samples. To see Fedex
pick up the samples was a fulfillment of my hard work.
But then, the placement decisions came and I was deeply hurt that you took
many of the styles away from us. I realized that all the hard work I did
was put to the side and another factory is making bulk instead of us.
The pressure, the exhaustion, the sleepless nights I went through this
spring season becuase of the salesman samples are nothing because I know
many salesman samples means many orders.
I am writing this because I think it is best to let you know the
frustration I feel right now. I hope that the next seasons would not put
in me in the same situation.
*name omitted*

Good morning, Guilt Trip! How are you?? To say the day went downhill from there may be a bit of an exageration, but to say it didn't get a whole lot better would be right-on. One problem (bigger than normal) after another, and I didn't even get to start my costing stuff.
Tomorrow will be better. I explained today to one of my makers (who doesn't hate my face) that Wednesday is hump day. This has been the longest week ever.

Monday, July 21

Sometimes, it pays to ask. Not usually one of my strong suits, but today I did it, and it paid off. Some of you may know that since I've been officially employed for a while now, we have been trying (not entirely in vane) to pay off ye ole credit cards. That is considerably more difficult when you are paying (literally) for being a not-so-good customer in the past due to not having a jobby-job. As I'm sure you all know (some all too well)... when you have no moneys, they want you to give them more moneys, to make up for the fact that you have no moneys to give them. Rinse. Repeat. But - when you have some moneys, as is now the case, you can call up the evil credit card companies and they are all sugary sweet and they will actually lower your interest rate. If you ask. In my case, she even apologized for not being able to lower it more (than the 10 pts she could). I told her it was ok... I figure the $30 or more it will save me a month should make it ok for the time being.
So that is my small victory today. My happy surprise for the day was that I had completely forgotten that I spent most of Friday afternoon cleaning off my desk, and when I walked in to work today I was wowwed by the space I had made for myself. Having things off my desk made for an incredibly productive day, in my mind. So much so that I was on a roll when I got home from work and paid bills, hence paragraph one.
Now to finish folding and putting away laundry, making up a bag for the Goodwill or other cripples, possibly start a sewing project, and maybe hop on the bike. As soon as I play just one game of Big Money...

Sunday, July 20

News you can use (or throw out):
1 - My new hair makes me look like a rock-star. Or, at least, celebrity. The girl at IHOP was gitty with excitement because I think, for a moment, she actually thought I was Kelly Osbourne (one could debate her status as rock star vs. celebrity). After my 15 miliseconds of fame, she still seemed very excited that I was gracing her IHOP with my presence.
2 - As much as I love love love my hair, I am a retard and should have let someone less camera shy be the guinea pig. At least we took a couple shots where my eyes were actually supposed to be closed.
3 - Some times I am more tired than I think I am. I didn't get a ton of sleep on Friday night, then went to get fabulous, then destroyed all fabulousness by taking a somewhat (in my mind, at least) lengthy bike ride. I lost all sense of direction and could not tell you where we ended up if I wanted to. I do know there was fake wheat there. And sooooo many bugs on the way back. Bugs are dumb. When I got home, I completely crashed. Out. Zzzz. Woke up in time to catch the last half of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, loved it, and went back to sleep.
4 - Woke up at some point because I had a full-on nightmare. Scariest dream I think I can ever remember having. Horrible. Horror-movie horrible. And you know how I love those.
5 - Now it's time to go cuz Jesus is calling. Well, not on the phone. You know what I mean.

Saturday, July 19

Sometimes enhanced cds surprise me. And that's nice. Unless I can't choose something that actually makes me the music start. That's a little annoying. Then my husband has to help me think. And then I get to listen to my new cd. And then I'm happy. And no one is going to like it but me. Ok, I could be wrong.
When you hang out with rock stars you get to learn cool new phrases, like "get skimpy". To use in a sentence that we will probably actually need (for example, in late September): I bought a new bra, cuz I'm pretty sure things are going to get skimpy at the P tonight. I also learned that sometimes douche bag is exactly the right description of someone.
My new hair is very pretty. In little bit, even more so. I should get moving so I'm not so filthy when I go to get prettified.

Thursday, July 17

tweak tweak

Tuesday, July 15

In case you were wondering, which you weren't, but I'll tell you anyway... the new design is inspired (ok, mostly copied from) my favorite dishes in the whole world. I only have two plates (and they are suppose to come with coffee cups), but I know everyone is always whining that I'm so hard to shop for, so I'll go ahead and let you know where you can buy me more:
This is also probably a good place to go shopping for your mother, or someone like that, who may have broken pieces of her favorite china over the years. Or someone like my dad, who only ever had service for four. I know, I know... you're all shocked. I'm the only person in the modern world who wants to be able to throw dinner parties for 20 and has no dining room table (set up) yet nearly enough matching dishes to pull it off. Oh wait...

I know, I know... I'm a geek.

God, you just knew there'd be more... I wanted to post a link to this last weekend's This American Life - check out 20 Acts in 60 Minutes. Specifically, listen to the act that starts at 25:25. It is priceless.

Oh, and Bebo, thanks for the super link to the crafty site... I wanna make all of it!! Well... maybe not my own lip balm, but I love the orange jello shot idea - super fun! It makes me want to throw a party just to try out some of the stuff :)
If we start planning now, food for the winter formal (the Snow Ball??) could be decidedly more interesting!

Welcome, Bebo, to the wonderful world of blog! *taps fingertips* Soon the whole world will be converted. Mwahahaha! Oh, and I'm working on that leopard print...
Cleaned the kids' cages today (smart day to do it as tomorrow is garbage day) so I'm feeling like I've accomplished enough for one evening, considering I worked till 6. Have I mentioned how much I miss the overtime? Cuz I do.
I got to sit in a meeting today with the owner of one of our biggest mills and fastest-growing garment factories, and he's really pretty cool. He's Chinese, but has a really interesting accent and very casual British grammer, like saying "right" at the end of lots of phrases. It was really interesting, as meetings involving our senior VP tend to be, but I seriously did not have the time for it today, as it was the beginning of our Summer '04 season and I had a ton of stuff to get out. So... I got to work late, and get freaked out by our cleaning staff. Double bonus.
Other than that, nothing of interest to report. I may change my mind on that before I go to bed, we'll see.

Monday, July 14

Hizzah...pretty new blogger with calendar and everything. I am not so think as I drunk I am. Or whatever.
Dealt with some managerial schizophrenia today and learned that I also get upset when I think the why is stupider than the what. In other words, I got additional styles today, which should, by all rights be mine to cost, etc. The issue is that I got them because I had 53 styles and the other person who may have handled them had 35. So now I have 61, and she has, that's right...35. It's the math that has me boggled. Now, if I had been told that the styles were mine because 1)she's brand new in her position and I'm already a veteran with one season under my belt or 2) they should be mine on the basis of the sizes they will be in alone or even 3) new girl to the team will have to be helping out the person who she swapped jobs with... I'd be fine with that. Any of them. And they are all technically probably true. But that the decision was based on quantities, and therefore totally illogical.... this is driving me a little nuts. And the insanity doesn't stop there, but I think my bitching about it probably will... moving on. Deep breaths. Deep, smoke-filled breaths.
Anywho... I wanted to post about a happy moment I had the other day when a telemarketer called me. Yes, you read that right. I just wanted to say how HAPPY I am to have TDS, if, for no other reason, than that it gives me great pleasure to completely deflate people from competing telecommunications firms (say, AT&T for example) when they call up trying to sell me what I surely won't use (unlimited long distance for only HOW MUCH a month?? Have you seen how many long distance calls I make? Which is to say, possibly as many as two?) and I reply, "Oh, I get my long distance from my local carrier who also supplies my DSL connection." And they say, "Oh. Well... um... sorry to have bothered you." And I win. Yay me!! Now, having worked as a telemarketer, I have to say that a well-reasoned response, even if it is negative, is slightly more heart-warming (and makes you feel less like a slug) than just your average hang-up, so really, in my book, everyone wins. Except AT&T. They can suck it.
Just for the record, I'm listening to Martin Gore's original Counterfeit E.P. and enjoying it thoroughly, wrists intact. Counterfeit2 is in the mail, on it's way to me. Never pay retail for music when there's, that's what I say. He has one of my favorite voices ever. Unfortunately, the new CD, like the last, will be all cover songs as far as I can tell, as he seems to have some loyalty to DM and gives all the stuff he writes to Dave to sing, evidently. A shame, if you ask me. I suppose that's where the album titles come from, though.
I also suppose I should endevour to get something done tonight. But before I go...

In a manner of speaking
I just want to say
That I could never forget the way
You told me everything
By saying nothing
In a manner of speaking
I don't understand
How love in silence becomes reprimand
But the way I feel about you
Is beyond words

Oh give me the words
Give me the words
That tell me nothing
Oh give me the words
Give me the words
That tell me everything

In a manner of speaking
Semantics won't do
In this life that we live
We only make do
And the way that we feel
Might have to be sacrificed

So in a manner of speaking
I just wnt to say
That like you I should find a way
To tell you everythiing
By saying nothing

Oh give me the words
Gie me the words
That tell me nothing
Oh give me the words...

Sunday, July 13

Good job to OP, 23 points plus extra credit, therefore 22 points. This will go on your tally.

23 points to anyone who can give me a good reason why the "word" tur-duck-ken is in my head. No credit given for any story involving Pat Summerall's insatiable appetite for brains. Extra credit if you can somehow work in how John Madden is on Mrs. Jones's list.

Saturday, July 12

Goodness me! I nearly forgot that to mention that I went ahead and bought the new Martin Gore album. This is very exciting news to me and one other person in the known universe. You know who you are. And while we missed the (as far as I can tell) only 2 U.S. tour dates for Martin, Dave Gahan's solo tour is hitting Chicago August 1. I'm just saying... (there are still tickets available)

This evening DerK, UPB and I dined at the fabulous Mario's, and (once again) had live entertainment. A strolling mariachi troubadour, if you will. I was enjoying it thoroughly until he came up to our table just as I was biting into a... let's say a bit of an herb of some sort (actually a twig) and I had to remove it from my mouth as discreetly as possible. It was a bit of a challenge. I commented to DerK that I wondered if he took requests, because "Juantanamera" is one of my favorite songs, and it seemed fitting. I was therefore obviously very very happy when, as we were starting our dessert course, he began playing that very song. What are the odds? Certainly the gals at the Lemon Grass did us no such favors, unless one of us as a special love of "The Rose" that they (intelligently) did not share with the group. Our troubadour, of course, knew about a thousand verses and I think we were finished before he was. And I loved every minute of it.
I was hoping that I could find the lyrics of the song for all to enjoy, but if they're out there, I'm having no luck. I'm sure someone with a)more time on their hands b) better resources or c) less desire to sleep could come up with them to post for all to enjoy. Heck, I know DerK has a CD with it, and I have to think Shaft has at least a couple versions.
Tomorrow is Grandma Keller's 80th birthday. We'll be joining the entire Keller clan in Kellnersville (that's with an 'n', not named after my family) for lunch. Let's all wish Gram a very happy day and pray that no one takes a fork to the eye. I believe the last time my whole family was together it was for our wedding, and even then one of my uncles spent most of the time in the car. These are people that live (at the most) 15 minutes from each other, and they haven't gotten together for a single thing since then. I'm just saying... it could get ugly, people. Luckily, being nonconfrontational runs fairly deep in my family, mostly. You knew I had to get it from somewhere, right? I have to say, though, that the Coaty side may be on to something with the heart-on-your-sleeve and feel free to say things you may regret cuz you'll probably be forgiven for it approach. At least they all still like each other. Though I haven't heard from anyone for awhile, now that I say that...

Woo! Go me! Not a single chore done, but I did make a surprise for a certain someone who was kind enough to hook me up with some lovely tunes (and pointed out a matching t-shirt, to boot) last night.
I think everyone is on-board with the thoughtful, lengthy, and accurate review of Lemon Grass. It was not bad, but nothing I need to rush back for. We were discussing hitting Taste of Thai or another downtown Appleton establishment in the near future. There are probably literally hundreds of places I've never eaten in the valley, and I bet there is a percentage of them that are tasty and don't have re:re:s for wait staff. Here's hoping.
For now I get to try to decide what to have/where to go for dinner tonight within the city limits (I'm guessing).
Hope all you geeks are enjoying the geeking!

Thursday, July 10

I'm feeling better.... I feel hap-py! I feel hap-py! I don't want to go on the cart!

Have I mentioned how glad I am we watched that the other weekend? It's been far too long.
Took a nice nap this afternoon, trying to get the chill out of my bones. It mostly worked and now only my feet are really cold. I suppose turning on the space heater in July would make me a crazy person.
Talked with S tonight - she's headed off to Ethiopia soon, which is sad for us but good for them. The plan is to see her before she heads out, and I invited her to Waskekum for some of the crazy fun that is to be had down there, if she's not in Cali at the time.
That said, it's looking like my tentatively planned vacation will have to be rescheduled. The summer is just going too darn fast. Of course, this is the first summer in three years that I've had to work full-time, non-temp, so that might be why I seem to have so little time. My one-year anniversary at b'gosh is right around the corner, and it seems a little strange. Lots of things have become second nature quickly, so it seems like I've been there longer than that, but at the same time I can't believe it's been that long already, mostly because I still like it so much. Despite the bitching that manifests itself in most posts here, I really do like it.
And now I'm just rambling, so I should probably sign off. Also, I'm getting cold again.

Home from work today. Sick. Shakey. Weird.

Tuesday, July 8

So kids... what's the cure for being sooper tired when you arrive at work in the morning? I don't know, but I do know it's not twiddling your thumbs waiting for a meeting that doesn't start until - oh, that's right, 4:30, i.e. quitting time.
I didn't exactly have nothing to do today, but I didn't exactly have something to do, either. So it was a long long long boring day. Happily punctuated by a tasty lunch at Mario's. Mmm.... potato and cheese enchilada...
The meeting went relatively quickly, because half the people in it had been meeting with other various members of my department for the whole day. One woman said as we were leaving that she didn't think she could feel her butt anymore. One extra special kick in the teeth was that they went over the styles that are in the new category while they were waiting for my boss and I to arrive, so I don't have the notes on those. Lovely, just lovely. Smile and nod.
One thing I did manage to accomplish was tentatively setting my vacation. I could just say 'screw you all' and plan it whenever, but it's nice to be able to take it when there is a bit of a lull in the workload. Of course, since starting the new job it's been relatively lull-less, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that will change. Chances are it won't be soon, but Labor Day here I come.

Monday, July 7

I hate this basement!!
Ok, I don't actually hate my basement. It's just fine, really. I'm just tired and kind of have a headache, so I'm bitchy, and my day at work didn't really justify any bitching in particular, so... I hate this basement!
Remember when I said the little department shake-up didn't really affect me in any way? Well, turns out that isn't entirely true. I will be doing another category of garments starting... wait for it... now. In truth, starting tomorrow. It should be interesting, especially since the one person who has a clue about what I'll be picking up is going to be learning a whole new job for herself, and training someone who will also be learning a whole new job. Therefore, I think I'm going to be on my own on this one. Usually one doesn't use so many 'o's in a paragraph, but I like to shake things up sometimes.
In other news, people in Oshkosh are bad drivers, but the restaurants here are still better than in Sheboygan. I'll let our reporter on the street cover the first topic, and I don't think anyone cares to listen to my take on the second, but I'm standing by my statement.

Sunday, July 6

Good morning all you crazy kids!
Missions accomplished yesterday.
First stop was St. Vinnies, where we dropped off more than we bought (always a good sign, I think). I scored a bunch of snap tape, and now I can do the t-shirt altering thing from this month's ReadyMade, which I'm kind of excited about.
Then on to step 2 of the day: I picked out new, super-fun glasses at the fancy Target in Appleton. They're sparkly, and UPB says I can use them to hypnotize people into doing my bidding. Unfortunately, they make their glasses off-site, so I won't be getting them for 3-9 days, says the guy who works there who is evidently not happy with his career choice. I told him to call me at work when they came in, and that I was at work between 8 & 5. His response was, "Must be nice..." whine whine. Then I had to make it sound like actually, it's still work, and even though I don't have to work on national holidays or Saturdays (most of the time), I do work quite a bit of unpaid overtime and really it's not so much better than working in the Target optical department as a 40-year-old father of three, but I'm pretty sure I didn't do a good job of it. Mostly because I'm not a good liar.
Then we, too, ate at the Red Robin. I was disappointed with my choice in sammich, and won't get it again, but UPB's was good and the free refills on fries almost made up for the fact that it was 50 below in there.
I was getting sleepy at this point (driving my car, with no A/C will do that), so we made a quick stop at the Menasha GoodWill, headed back to Oshburg, stopped for baby food (and saw Buddha's brother, who also evidently hasn't learned how to give himself a bath, as he was sleeping in the little bath-house) and came home. Then I crashed.
Woke up from the disco nap, had some tasty dinner, watched a movie - Catch Me If You Can - and came home. I also managed to get a few more mosquito bites.
And now I'm up and someone is mowing their lawn. I understand that it isn't technically early, or even early in any sense of the word, but living with my dad for the majority of my formative years has drilled something into my brain that I'm certain no one else (ok, maybe the Amish) subscribes to. That philosophy, if you can call it that, is that nothing - no Nothing - should be done (except for going to church) on a Sunday morning. Noon is the time, on Sundays, when you are allowed to start doing things. Now - we don't take this to extremes. You can shower, and wipe your own ass, things like that. But no social phone calls were ever received in the Keller household on a Sunday morning without a disapproving glance, and Lord help the telemarketers who think it's a good idea to bother Chuck on Sunday at any time, but before noon-- look out. You now have (at least) two out-holes. So - mowing the lawn, making all that noise, it is right-out. Basically, anything you do that could annoy someone, or disturb them, or make them know you are alive and on this planet in any way, those things need to wait until 12:01 pm. It used to drive me nuts, when I was a teenager trying to make vital plans for the rest of my Sunday, to have my dad freak out when the phone rang. Now I understand that for those few hours a week, he expected some peace and quiet and even, though at the time it made me shutter, "family time". I know now that I'll do exactly the same thing when we have kid(s). Right now, though, I have to go kick the guy mowing his lawn.

Saturday, July 5

I am at a loss. It's Saturday. But yesterday felt like Saturday, so now I don't know what to do with myself. Other than stopping at the pet store for some food for the babies, my day is relatively un-planned. I guess I should enjoy it.
Thanks to all of the best friends in the world for a very fun evening. If only we had had some snakes, it would have been really cool. Despite consuming quite a bit of boozamahol, I am feeling like sunshine and roses this morning. Maybe it's because it was Shirley's b-day, and no one should be hung-over if he's not. I like that theory.
My unplanned day just evaporated (thankfully) and now I'm going shopping for thrifty things and eyeglasses. Next time you see me I might be cool. Yeah... I'm not buying it, either.

Friday, July 4

Happy birthday to our nation and to our friend A-lo.
We were up early this morning (with, once again, no power) and cleaned out the garage. This is no small task, let me tell you. But it's finished, and I am pleased. I stink like... well... stink, but I plan to shower before any of y'all see me. Hopefully that will help some.
So - if I can get some coordination, possibly today's festivities can be held over here. I know that's asking a lot, considering the size of the group, but I'm just putting it out there as an option. I don't expect we'll be traveling too far a-field, so give us a ringy-dingy and we'll try to get this thing sorted out. Stoopid weather, always raining on our parade. If all else fails, we'll just stop at the grocery and pick up some extra trash bags, I mean, rain gear, and hang at the Joneses.

Thursday, July 3

Oh yeah... everyone was real motivated to work today. I think I spent 1/2 the morning discussing which Sanrio characters had birthday is which months. Ok, that may be a bit of an exageration, but the topic did come up.
Also, I hate Clown Bonnie. There are no new stories, no incidents of any magnitude to report, I just hate her. In a cringing, nauseated kind of way.

On to happier news: I was able to deliver D's camera, left at DerK's hizouse, to T last night (Happy Birthday to Shane, by the way) after what may have been the saddest volleyball game we've ever played. Of course, we still had a laugh or two, and some of us were able to show off our fine, hott asses, so all was not lost. Just two out of three games.
Tonight is la celebracion de Lopez. Ai ai ai!! I'm trying to decide what to wear, since it is a party and everything, and I kind of don't want to wear the jeans I'm in now because... well... prepare yourselves... I'm a little too warm. There, I've said it. Do with it what you will.
Of course, I'll be working in a disco nap at some point. Pleasant habits are hard to break.

Wednesday, July 2

Another website to drool over thanks to K. Purple China Flats... how is it I don't already own these? Too fun!
I've taken disco naps before dinner for the last two days. I'm not sure what's going on, why I'm so tired, but there it is. It may be the hot/cold/hot/cold that I experience all day, going from the lovely summer weather into the meat locker that is OKB. It has to be considerably hotter than this for me to welcome air conditioning. But no one asks me.
My afternoon was boooooring, as I had no computer for the majority of it. Everyone else seemed to be working just fine, but no, not me. The week I was working 2nd shift I learned that part of the promotion I got this spring should have involved a new computer (unbeknownst to my boss, or anyone in the department, except her boss... I think she made it up on the spot, but I'll take it!)
This new technology has yet to arrive. The department is also due to receive 3 new lap-tops that will be used when we travel. I don't know if one of those will be assigned to me or not. More likely, I'll get a hand-me-down from someone who already has something old and busted instead of the new hotness. Still, it will be something, and me wantee.
V-ball tonight. Woo. I learned after work tonight that one of my co-workers would be happy to join the team if we need a sub. I didn't really mention that we're pretty much always short (at least for early games). She described herself as a jock, and then I was thinking that maybe the way we play would not really fit the bill of "doing sports" for her. I could be wrong. Plus, she just joined our team at work, we could consider it "team-building". Maybe Plinko could get overtime. *jealous*

Tuesday, July 1

Despite the fact that I rarely - very rarely - get anything but junk mail in my hotmail account, I am compelled to check it regularly. You already know I'm a dork, so this is just one more reason to add to the list, in my opinion. Anyway, I usually grace the sender/subject/etc with hardly a glance, but this evening, the first two things caught my attention:
E-mail #1) (aren't I into numbered lists lately?) subject: Do you know... I love you
Now - everyone likes to be loved. Few people more than me, which anyone who knows me well will happily attest to. So, I was intrigued and delighted... who loves me? This is exciting!! Who could it be?? Well, turns out it's Lois P. McKenzie, a rather unassuming name, really. And she, as I learned just now because the curiousity was killing me, wants me to have a larger penis. Well, thank you Lois. That may come in handy at my next dick-slamming meeting.
E-mail #2) sender: Infant. Now, I don't know about you, but an infant, sending e-mail? That's impressive. But writing to me about how to consolidate my debts? I'm not buying it.
And why do I check my hotmail account? I have no idea.
I think that they've launched the new MSN version because people must have run out of things to talk about. Now it's very easy to avoid conversation because you can just spend your time playing with the visuals. Not that that isn't fun, too, and if you really wanted to talk to someone, picking up the phone is a much more efficient way to do it, it just strikes me as funny that they keeping adding, let's say functionality, that doesn't actually make conversing any easier. On the up-side, I did make an emoticon of a yellow rain drop for when I have to take a potty break. I've been thinking for a long time that they could use one of those, and now I have it.
Also - ho-made emoticons/icons for your friends make charming gifts. Non-clutter arts 'n crafts. Gotta love that.