Sunday, April 13


Yesterday was fun.
I went to the K/BIS trade show in Chicago with Tang. Plaid, Shaft, and Dr. A. It was a good time. We got to pretend we were in the "industry", and are now anticipating a multitude of emails from "suppliers" who want us to "buy stuff".
Going to trade shows when you aren't actually working is awesome. Free champagne, red wine, cheese and fresh-baked cupcakes (thank you Electrolux!) Frighteningly cheap glass tiles (oh yes, you will be mine!) and getting down with our bad selves as the LG dj spun the hot tunes.
There but the two down-sides to this event:
1) It was in Chicago, and that is sort of far away for a one-day trip, so even though I didn't have to drive (thank you sooooo much to those who did), it's still a bit of a hike.
2) OMG! That place is so effing huge and I haven't walked that much in a very long time. I think the Kohler booth alone was about the size of the block I live on. And I am paying for it today. I can hardly move my legs. I took a nice, long nap this afternoon. That didn't actually help too much, but it was delightful.
In 2010 I think I'm going to suggest taking two days to take it all in. Uf-da.