Monday, April 28

So... once upon a time there was a girl. And she was considering going back to school, for her MBA, to further her career and feel more edumacated. Then she had to read a stoopid book for a (presumably) stoopid seminar. And she remembered why she was so glad to not be in school.
Instead of my dreamy three-block commute, I get to drive to the Hilton tomorrow and Wednesday to learn "Negotiating Skills". Not spelled with a 'z', you'll notice. Did I mention that tomorrow night I get homework? On Tuesday... the ultimate tv watching night... it's rather bothersome. But I'm sure it'll be something I can do half-assed...much like when I was in college. Wait - maybe going back to school wouldn't be so hard...

Sunday, April 27

Most gorgeous day ever... nice!
Congrats to the happy couple. We're all so very excited for you two!
Thanks to IP for a delicious dinner, and to OP for tasty tasty candy. This has been a weekend chock full of getting more than I deserve.
Everyone is invited to come home with me next weekend for the brat fry. Sunday, at the fire station. Be there or be sad. Brats (on the requisite Sheboygan hard rolls), beer (if you're so inclined), raffles for booze and sausages, door prizes (I win a car wash every year that my dad redeems), and tons of townies. All in all, good Wisconsin fun. There will also be a field trip to the toilet museum. They're open till 4. We can also wander around the hotel if anyone wants... the ice cream shop in the garden is open till 3, in case we don't get enough desserts at the Fry. Assuming it's open. They have 'seasonal hours'. Unfortunately for the fancy among us, the Immigrant Room is evidently undergoing renovations. I should really shake Jim's hand on the whole website thing next time I see him. It's really very helpful. Of course, I have a pretty good idea what I'm looking for, so maybe I'm not the best judge. At any rate, I'm looking forward to the whole affair. I'm thinking we should leave around 11. Let me know who's in and we'll figure out rides. And if anyone is curious as to why people assume people who hail from my home town have money, take a look at the Riverbend site. Be sure to have a paper bag, trash can, or other vomit receptical handy. You pay a deposit of $65,000 and $2,950 annually for the privilege to pay for a room at this place. It's a bit mind-boggling.
Ok... I'm going to go to bed now. Boggled.

Wednesday, April 23

I feel like a blogging slacker. At least I'm usually in fairly good company. (Notice no specific links)
My head got full-up this afternoon when I got the abridged version of "how to set target costs" from my boss. Now she's off for two days so I get to make shit up as I go along. I'm sure it will prove to be very interesting. At least (with the new bitch easily surpasing the Bonnie point) I can concentrate on it and not be burdened quite so much wth crzy emls.
Now it is the time for sleeping.
Bst rgrds.

Saturday, April 19

Woo! Cakes! er... I mean "Kohler". No I don't. I mean Cakes.
Look everyone, I'm posting a photo - that I'm in! I know, I know, you're shocked and amazed. Don't think this is the beginning of some sort of trend.

Friday, April 18

Oh - and watching hockey is really fun. And not just cuz I miss football that much. Though I do miss it quite a bit....

I'm not so good at this sleeping-in thing, despite what my husband says. In my book, I should still be sleeping. And if not sleeping, doing something really productive, like trying to pick up the Hydie, or sewing, or getting something accomplished. But I'm not. Thanks to Jesus, it's my day off. So I'm puttering around, still in my jammies, sitting in front of my beloved space heater. Mmm... warm.
Eventually, I'll have to make myself clean. Church is at 1, or 6:30, but I expect that at 6:30 I'll be stuffed full of dumplings, and won't want to waddle into church smelling of *beef stew* on Good Friday. Shouldn't we be having, oh, I don't know... fish? Not that I'm complaining. Or Catholic. But... it is something of a tradition, isn't it? Again--I'd like to make this perfectly clear--I am not complaining. I am a big fan of the beef stew. Plus, I've never really understood the idea that fish is not meat. I believe the generally accepted categories are: animal, vegetable, and mineral, right? And I'm pretty sure fishes are neither marigolds nor quartz. Therefore: animal. And animal=meat. (Which explains why God made them, because they're tasty, and we should eat them)
See... and this is why I should be doing something productive. This rambling is helping no one. Maybe I'll go make my easter dress. Ok... probably not.
Oh - and that guy at work was totally flirting with Plinko. Totally.

Wednesday, April 16

Oh good heavens.... I didn't mean to cause so much trouble.
I feel the need to explain myself on the dumb/crazy position. Yes, I do think it's true. Yes, I do count myself among those that are crazy. And dumb, actually, so you should probably watch out for me. However, I feel that despite this, I tend to like more people than I dislike. Quite a few more, actually. And maybe because I think that people are generally crazy or dumb to one extent or another, I cut people a little more slack than your average Joe. Upon meeting someone new, am I thinking: how is this person dumb/crazy? No. I figure if I get to know someone, I'll figure it out eventually. And usually, by the time I do, I already like that person enough to let them know that despite their particular brand of dumb/crazy, I think they are a pretty ok person in my book. Even a good person, or a great person. Sometimes people are all-too-aware of their dumbness/craziness, and need someone to tell them that yep, I see it, but it doesn't bother me. I like you anyway. You don't have to worry about that anymore. Let's move on.
So that's the full story. Or, at least, about as much of it as I can muster right now. Again... my particular brand of crazy. I assume if you're reading this, you know me well enough to know it well, and you like me anyway. Let's move on.

Monday, April 14

Loper, shut your pie-hole. You are the only human being in Oshkosh complaining about the gorgeous weather today. Gorgeous!!
Training makes me tired. Ti-i-erd. I am so tired that I don't really have a feel for how today went, as far as first days go, for Bucky. Really? That's better than Mr. Buck? Hmm. For me, I feel like a dolt. I think my boss and I both feel "discombubilated". If you were wondering, this isn't a good thing. I'm guessing tomorrow will be better. The plan is to start it with a significantly greater amount of sleep under my belt. That can only help. And maybe I'll clean up some of my e-mails before I go to bed. Or, perhaps, not. As my pillow and blankie are calling me right now.

Sunday, April 13

... and I'm spent.
Madison was, as you can see from OP's blog, crazy. Here's a note to the world: if you meet three strange women, who can't stop laughing, for the love of God don't tell them your nickname is Chappy. It will only end in tears. Tears of laughter, but tears nonetheless.
I learned (once again) that the world is much too small. Met a guy that knows our famous Reverend, my ex from high school, and assorted other Episcopalians from 'round here. Met a different guy that used to shoot darts with the HR gal from work, till his fiancee decided she didn't like the idea of him being on an otherwise all-girl dart team. Learned two totally bizarre facts: #1 Vetts makes chocolates. To sell. In boxes. To people. #2 Cakes is on his way to being a famous actor/model. I will never pick up another Penney's ad for fear of seeing him sporting boxer briefs. These things, like Vetts getting married, will only make an impression on people who actually know them... I understand that. But my mind is spinning, so there you go. Also, ho-made caramels look distinctly like canned diced sweet potatoes, in case you were wondering. I know I was.
Yesterday I was enlightening my more single friends with my sage, old-married women advice: all boys are dumb. (Wait, there's more, don't be too offended yet.) What I forgot to mention was that all women are crazy. The trick is: find the one who's dumbness/craziness doesn't make you want to hit things/them, and you win. Better yet, find one who's dumbness/craziness you find endearing, so much so that you actually don't notice that it is dumbness/craziness. And stay away from the people who are both dumb and crazy. Cuz really, who needs that kind of trouble?
I should go to bed now. Tomorrow will be like Christmas! The sooner I go to sleep, the sooner I can wake up to my nice, shiney new bitch! Yay me! I wonder what socks he'll be wearing......

Friday, April 11

Also, as an aside to Shirley, if anyone has hobo on demand, it's me. Or at least, it will be, come Monday. Mwahahahahaha!

Spring spring, yay spring! Both the warm weather, and the beginning of a new Spring season at work ('04) all in one day! I'm finished with the meeting that I was expecting to take all day, giving me time to get a huge jump-start on sending stuff out, life is good.
Tomorrow is the big KHS shin-dig in Madison... have I mentioned that Vetts is getting married? Cuz he is.

Tuesday, April 8

Go search for Japany Girls with bras on Yahoo. I need to start spelling things right.

Monday, April 7

Oof. It hardly seems like I had a weekend at all. Waking up (very) late on a Monday morning will probably do that to you, though. Also, having very little that was up in the air when I left Friday resolved when I got in this morning, meaning that my meeting tomorrow is going to su-uck kinda puts a damper on the week. Plus, a big meeting Friday afternoon, which will most likely last until after normal people at work will be long gone and enjoying happy hour somewhere. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...(my mantra for the week).
On an up-note, my favorite cube-mate will be moving tomorrow, and I get her (much bigger) spot, to make room for our new employee. *and there was much rejoicing...yay*
Though in-between meetings tomorrow, I have no idea when that will actually get accomplished. I might not move until Wednesday. Unless they move my PC tomorrow, then I guess I don't have much choice. Unless I just take over both cubes.... now there's a plan. (insert evil laugh here)
Happy Birthday to the Pop Tart. 40 years young.

Friday, April 4

Congrats to Mother on becoming an aunty!! Welcome Sullivan Philip Leier, 6lbs, 4oz, born at 6:30 am, April 3, 2003. Congrats to the proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and hangers-on (that would be me). Photos to follow - I promise :)

Thursday, April 3

Seems I have been promoted to king-and-pope. This only makes sense, as I've been at my current job for (doing the math) nearly eight months. A new person started in the art dept, to do their paperwork and I'm sure other things, though I'm not sure what those other things would be. To better understand the business, she'll be trained by lots of different departments so she knows why things happen in what order, yadda yadda yadda. And who gets to train her about import sourcing? That's right, me. One of the third most junior members of the staff. Sure, that makes perfect sense. It's probably because I have so much time on my hands right now. Oh wait...
Time to go make that go... it should be a hoot!!

Wednesday, April 2

I sure do like work. Yep. Especially when I get to verbally smack around some self-important beeyotch who doesn't have to care about details because he is an arteest. Except when those details are wrong and they screw up something on samples, and it's not my maker's fault, it's his. Then, guess what... time to care.