Monday, September 30

Waaaaa! Now I'm sick. This sucks.
My face hurts. Stoopid ick.

~Whiny bitch

Sunday, September 29

Oh, did I say cock-wasted? That's right, I think I did.

Saturday, September 28

New bras, great friends, sooper sweet presents to give away tonight... I just feel like counting my blessings this afternoon. Also, the echinacea must be working cuz I'm feeling FINE! Yay me! Ok... a little slothy and our shower has gone all crappy, but other than that - GREAT! And luckily for me, I only need a shower to make me cleaner, not to erase any kind of mind-warping pain.
Mr. UPB is doing me a great favor this afternoon, so I can do a great favor for someone else. I guess everyone is feeling generous lately!
Now to start worrying about what I'm going to wear... it's so complicated when you know half of it is coming off... dilemma dilemma. Happily, I've been given an early anniversary present, and half of it is flourescent turquoise. You'll all get to enjoy the beauty of the garment this evening - and DerK, you can't steal it. Sorry.
I've got two words for one Reverend: cream filling. Oh yeah. Tonight's going down in the record books. I'm pretty sure. Oh course, whenever Cher's in town, there's a party going on. If you ask me, that's a pretty sweet rep.

Thursday, September 26

Happiness is a full tummy. We had someone send in a piece of artwork that said that, as an example of what they could do for babies' art... now I know how true it is! A shout out to Plinko for a fine dining experience. And, just for the record, he kicked my ass at Fluxx. So there!
I'm so looking forward to this weekend that I've been slamming slightly stale Esberitox just so I won't miss anything. Nearly everyone at work either is sick or has been - and I refuse to be just another statistic. Damn it. I'm going bra shopping. And I'm going to get cock-wasted. And no germ is going to stand in my way!

Tuesday, September 24

Work has been relatively uneventful, compared to yesterday. Today it's just the same old crazy questions from people who barely speak English that I get to translate and then attempt to answer.
I'll just have to deal until tonight when I get my Buffy fix.

Monday, September 23

Who's house? Ron's house! Yyyyeaaah, boyyyeee!
Ching ching!! How sweet!
Would love to be there to celebrate with you all tonight, but I've been working very hard on a birthday present for a certain someone and I'm a froze popcicle. I'm taking a hot bath, putting on flannel jammies, and hitting the sack. We'll just have to buy you round after round of tasty drinks to celebrate on Wednesday. Or Friday. Or possibly Saturday. Or maybe all three. So, when does this job start exactly? :) And maybe, just maybe, to celebrate you'll get to see my bra. What? We can pretend that wasn't going to happen anyway, right??
At any rate.... congrats! Welcome to the 9-5, baby!

I'm afraid my dad is a jinx. I love him, and he's very sweet and good and kind.... but I talked with him on the phone yesterday and he asked if I forsaw Oshkosh B'Gosh staying in Oshkosh for a long time. I thought (and said), "well, I don't know why not... we have one other small office in New York, but nothing really goes on there as far as I can tell." Whoops.
Today there were rumors and tension and finally an announcement that the design function is being moved to New York. Speculation is that art will follow shortly. The concensus of the highest of the higher-ups is that good talent for these things cannot be drawn to Oshkosh, WI because, well.... we live here, we know. This is of course insulting to nearly everyone I know and everyone I work with. I would like to point out that in my estimation it doesn't actually take a lot of design talent to do kids clothes. It's not like we have a run-way show or anything. The phrase "kids fashion" is nearly an oxymoron. But even given that... it was a blow to a lot of people who've been with the company for a long time. Even more so when they found out that if they wanted to move to NY and continue to work for the company, they'd have to reapply for the jobs they already have. *ouch* And the way they were told was even worse than how I've been treated when asked to exit the company, in my opinion. Everyone was called into a room, handed an org chart, and told, if you're job is in yellow, your job is moving. Not you, just your job. Oof.
So... even though I'm not in the creative part of the business, there's a little uneasiness all around. I'd like to think that I don't need to update my resume just yet, but it never hurts to be prepared. I wonder if Enzy is still looking for that second writer....

Sunday, September 22

Early to bed, early to rise, make my husband already present at OshCon, and a night spent at Plan B makes me a slacker. I'm heading down there right now. Honestly. This minute. Just as soon as I finish breakfast. I'm looking forward to playing games I can win. (I don't, in point of fact, ALWAYS win at Fluxx... I didn't win yesterday, even.) Anywho... I'm gone.

Saturday, September 21

I'm pleased to report that the "sleep pendulum" has swung. After getting a nice night's rest, I decided half way through the con that I required even more sleep, and that's what I got. Mmm. Nap. And the best part is, I'm pretty sure I'll be sleeping soundly again tonight. No thanks to the image planted in my mind by Plinko of Sterile in one of Plinko's wife-beaters. Yeah. Thanks for that.
After some tasty dinner, I may be heading back to the con - which is going fabulously, I think - or perhaps I will lounge about the house. We'll see... either way, I'll see most of you all tomorrow (pre-kickoff, of course).

Thursday, September 19

Stoopid template doesn't not even work.

I'm a terrible, terrible person. I am not at work. I slept in this morning until a telemarketer called and woke me up. I hate them. I even hated me when I was one, so I think that's fair.
I suppose I should have started this out with a nice, swarthy "arr matey" but I just don't feel like I have it in me to talk like a pirate. I'm just too pasty. And I'm afraid of parrots. And both of my eyes mostly work. And I have both my legs. In other words, I am not a pirate. Therefore, I'll leave it to those who can at least master the lingo to entertain and amuse the group.
And on to the weather: it's moist. Damn moist.
In case any of you read my blog and not David's (though I can't imagine any of you don't, cuz you should) I thought I'd add a link to MASH as well. That, my friends, is so old skool that I couldn't help but look. And laugh. It's wonderful, but I have to say that it's just not quite the same if you don't have the pencil and paper. Maybe that's just me. Now I have an overwhelming urge to make those foldy paper fortune thingys. Possibly party favors for Mrs. Jones' shin-dig. We'll see.
Speaking of the Joneses - congrats and much love. You two certainly have a very special kind of love. Thank God you found each other, I can't think of anyone else who could thrive on the kind of abuse you seem to enjoy so much! And I'm hardly even talking about the pegging. At any rate, my life has been much improved by your coming into it. It's wonderful to have a sister and brother-in-law. All the best, mynas.

Wednesday, September 18

Glad to see I'm not the only one who's sleep deprived. Obviously Invisible Pete has me beat by a long shot, but it's nice to know that even a Machine can't turn off all the time.
I'm home now so I can get in a disco nap before I join all y'alls at the P. So I should be sleeping right now. I, in fact, left work early to do just that. So - yep. You guessed it. Not so much sleeping. I'm going to give it another go in just a couple minutes. Luckily, a nice lunch with Mother of grilled cheese should be kicking in any minute. Cheese nap. Mmm. Not to mention the fact that she is going to school full time, working (nearly) full time, and decided that wasn't enough, so she got a paper route. Kinda puts my schedule back into perspective. Friends are so important. Ms. Sullivan, I owe you one.

Tuesday, September 17

Faaahhhking Hotel California.

Woo-hoo!!!! I'm tired! Like, punchy someone-shut-me-up tired! Woo-hoo! Or maybe Shanny just gets me all excited. And I'm SO HAPPY to see that Mr. David has come over to the good side. Automobile speaking, at any rate.
Oh! And I'm not so cold. It is, in fact, nice outside. Our house is still on the cool side for me, but I'm not currently wearing sleeves, so I guess that's my own stupid fault.
There was much noise and excitement at the Krause household last night as Shaft made some lamps, and then some stuff fell down. Nothing serious, but as we all know, gravity can be so annoying at times. He may be joining us again this evening, depending on whether or not his favorite TEE-vee shows premier this week. I'm thinking I'm going to have to clean out my car to get all the beautiful lamps to the place this weekend.
Which reminds me... you remember the woman I like not-so-much at work right? Yeah... she's a townie, and she doesn't know where the Masonic Temple is. That I could overlook, the fact that she was confusing it with the Jewish temple, not so much. And the fact that she was CONVINCED I was wrong. Oh... that bothers me. Then she thought I was thinking of the Eagles. No. I'm not. Did I mention that she threw a stink when my hotel bill showed phone calls home? She tried to get me in trouble, and my boss basically said, "No, that's fine." ARrrrgggh. As Plinko would say, there's not enough killing going on.
So when you kids are killing Germans and Japanese next month, please visualize one of the Germans as a large, manish head-in-the-sand Lutheran woman for me, could you? Thanks. I'll owe you one.

Monday, September 16

Did I mention that the 49's lost, too? I just thought I'd make a note of that.

So I had a nice change of pace today as I read Gary's blog and for once it made me laugh, as opposed to fume. See - the only person getting battered at my house yesterday was Plinko (unless you count an inadvertant though deserved elbow to the ta-ta or Mr. Jones molesting himself). It's nice to live in a world that is not so black-and-white (or black-and-blue, for that matter).
The game was, I'll be the first to admit, pathetic. But the festivities were still fun and the soup was good and we had hot buns. The kids even had time for a bath, so all was not lost. And though my time probably would have been better spent doing laundry, there's always time for that during the week, right? So despite all my guests trying to bolt in the 3rd quarter, I had a lovely day.
And in case you're wondering: yes, I'm still cold.

Saturday, September 14

I hate you. I hate you all. Everyone who ever complained, "Oh it's so hot. I'm going to burst into flames. Wa wa." I'm freezing, and you all suck. Now I have to wear sweaters every day until June again. Not that everyone minds me wearing sweaters, but come on! It's only September. So - now I'm grouchy.
Even so, it was good to see everybody last night, hear the latest word (*gasp*), and meet some of Plinko's friends from that one place that prints stuff. And thank you Invisible Pete for keeping me warm with your magic touch. ahhhh. Mrs. Jones missed out, that's for sure.
Tomorrow is Packer day at the Krauses'. There will be soup (two kinds, I'm thinking, if I get ambitious enough today to make soup... shouldn't be too much of a stretch), and possibly a variety of crunchy things that one would normally put into soup, or eat as a companion to soup, that sort of thing. That's at noon o'clock, and all are welcome. And don't worry, I don't expect most of you here. I've known all of you long enough to know that most of you were dropped as infants into your parents' waiting arms by aliens (possibly dressed as storks) and are thus not true Wisconsinites ie (i.e., etc...) Packer fans. And that's fine. I'll see you later that day at the boys' house. And I won't tell the government your nasty little secret. Oh wait...

Friday, September 13

My dick is relatively unscathed. I've been asked to stop using the dick-in-the-door reference, as I personally do not have one. Maybe some of the other ladies can help me come up with a suitable alternative this evening at the P. I blew off the corporate lunch today at Fratello's in the hopes that I will be able to accomplish something at work today without having to be there until 8pm. Usually dining with a group of 40 can get long. At any rate, my next check promises to be exciting.
In other news, I posted about OshCon on the Looney Labs message board. Perhaps this will generate some nice traffic for the event. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Now I should eat, and keep the balance in my blog-eat-blog world.
See y'all later (see, I was in Tennessee).

Thursday, September 12

So the wonderful and great Mozybot (the bestest aunt in the world, who looks more like my sister, she's so young and beautiful) is currently setting up her blog! Yay technology!!

Just one more thing: I have to give a shout-out to my lady Sandy at the 4imprint who has gotten out from under the thumb of the lady I was reporting to there. Sandy will now be working for my friend Karin's dad. Yay Sandy!!

I don't get it. I'm gone for three days and I'm totally out of the loop. None of us have lives, so I don't understand how this is possible, yet there it is. The Jones' become crime victims, DerK is famous on the internet (extra famous, not just regular famous like the rest of us)... I miss all the fun. And what do I have to show for it? Well, an offer on a crash pad if I ever make it to Istanbul, but not much else. Nurcan (pronounced Noor-john) is the coolest (she's the one in Istanbul, who insists on smoking...ok!), and Korean-Guatamalan guy was interesting, but I can't remember the last time I pined for Oshkosh so much. *sigh* I guess home is where the heart is after all.
I'm a little glad that the gang didn't play v-ball without me. Despite being dog-tired, I'm looking forward to next week. And I'm selfish. I want to hit Plinko in the face with a super soft volleyball. Twice.
Tomorrow is going to be another slam-my-dick-in-a-door day. I was told that my boss' boss intends to "put the fear of God" into us new people. However, my boss (who is great) told me to not let it get to me. So that is my plan. I'm glad the meeting wasn't today (not just because I was completely unprepared) but because today I'm so tired I probably would have started crying. Boo-hoo... please stop picking on Of course, that probably only would have bumped up my rankings when you search Google for "going away party" "laid off". I'm currently 31. Ouch.
And, just for the record, I'd like to reiterate that "Young Frankenstein" is NOT a Woody Allen movie. NOT. *ugh* She bothers me so much. If, one day, I have to report to her... well, you know the rest.

Sunday, September 8

First off, thanks to all who contributed to a wonderful and not-at-all relaxing weekend. Shopping is what I wanted, and shopping is what I got. Somehow I had anticipated spending more of my own money, and less of the Rev's but that's ok.
Secondly, think of me fondly over the next few days, as I will be unable to post. It's off to hicksville for me, and no, I don't really think it will be all that bad. It may prove interesting. If nothing else, I may be forced to move to the *gasp* West Side after spending so much time with a certain co-worker, just out of spite. Then I'll be closer to the boys and to Target, so even that wouldn't be all bad. I'll be sure to fill you all in Wednesday at the P when I get back.
'till then.

Friday, September 6

So remember when I was whining about how no one has ever found my site using a search engine? I spoke too soon. And now I'm a little sorry I did. Searches include:
edie resurrected from the dead


Oh, and my apologies to any new "bad guys" out there. The German site with the halarious South Park building thingy has gone down. The site is still there, but the link to the flash is gone, and (from what I can tell from knowing all but no German) I think Comedy Central made them take down the fun. Stupid Comedy Central. The least they could do would be to steal the code and let me do it on their site, but nooooo. So this means no more pissing my pants with Mr. Jones *well - not because of South Park anyway* and no more new bad guys. Also, none of us will ever be able to change our "look", not that I see that happening any time soon anyway.
Except I would have given Plinko a cigarette.

So I have this money burning a hole in my pocket. I REALLY want to go shopping. Any takers? Let me know. Possibly someone with a/c in their vehicle that I can mooch on, 'cuz tomorrow's suppose to be a scorcher, folks. (And if I think it's going to be hot, look out!)

Thursday, September 5

I should be cleaning. Or eating.

Wednesday, September 4

He wasn't kidding. The man has a blog. At least, I think that's the address. I have it right on the bad guys. Enjoy, and, as he said, we asked for it.
I may blog more about how today went when I am not so spent. I made it out alive, and I think that's the important thing.
G'night kids.

Tuesday, September 3

Eat?Blog?Eat?Blog? It seriously shouldn't be this much of a toss-up, yet, here I am.
Thanks to the Jones' for a lovely afternoon and evening. We got completely drenched on the way home, by the way. Weather... who doesn't love it? Well, probably people in Ladysmith, and people in trailer parks. Being neither, I enjoy a good storm.
Mr. Shaft is joining us tonight for some tasty chicken and mashedapados. I might make some purses, or possibly not. We'll see.
This afternoon is going to be busy busy for me at work, and tomorrow is the day that I get to have my dick slammed in a door for the first time in a meeting where everything is my fault. We'll see how that goes. I shall try to be prepared.
See all y'all tomorrow after volleyball. WWoooo!!

Monday, September 2

Greetings and salutations. Last night was tasty tasty Chinese at the boys, followed by dancing at the Molly's for me. It was, as always, entertaining. The first half of the Molly's experience was fun as we watched "the norms" get scared away by my overt goth-ness, and that of the other Sunday regulars, such as they are. However, I was thinking that we needed to call in the reinforcements as we were getting seriously outnumbered by the time Mr. & Mrs. Jones and I took off. It was ok, anyway. And we all got to enjoy some girl's new dance move that I'm sure she practiced all summer. It was something to behold, I tell you what. Mark played "Absolutely Fabulous" and "Go West", so that was nice. I had forgotten that the first weekend of the month is "retro" night, but I'm not complaining. When TKK came on I turned to Mr. Jones and said, "This is old-skool" and it's only funny because it kinda is. Strange. We're so old. Except you, Plinko.
Now it's time for me to go console my swearing husband and eat some tasty sushi. Mmm. Sushi and brats in one day, it's so happy!