Tuesday, July 27


So... I played a dice game this evening with a dozen gals from work, and it was pretty fun.
Other than that... I don't know. Work sucks right now. I don't want to think about it. My uncle's wedding is this weekend. I'm tired.
And no, I didn't try the 2 Ball Screwball, sadly. Next time.

Thursday, July 22

Inappropriate Laughter

There's no way that I'm going to be the only one that finds this halarious, and before I completely forgot it, I had to make sure I posted.
This evening UPB and I babysat the niece. It was actually pretty fun. We went to Noonies on 21 and then got candy. She got a Nut Roll (which is funny, cuz UPB doesn't care for them, and he couldn't believe she wanted one). Regardless, this left her fingers a little salty, which was good, cuz stop two was the Dog House. She had evidently never been to a pet shop before. You can imagine my feelings on that. Well... the pet store had three rabbits in a cage at exactly her height, so she was poking around at them, and soon the two that would come up to the side of the cage had been aptly named: Licky and Bitey. She thought it was great fun, and it was a little difficult to pull her away. She wanted to know why they wanted to lick her, and I didn't want to burst her bubble by telling her that it was because she was at the time flavored like a salt lick, so I just said they were giving her kisses. Now I'm pretty sure she wants a rabbit *insert evil laughter here*.
So... we headed back to her house so she could play with her Uncle Phil in the sand box, but first... that wretched sound... the ice cream truck. It was like the guy followed us home. He pulled up right behind us and basically gave us no choice but to purchase his wares. It was for the best, though, because I encountered the best ice cream novelty treat ever. EVER! Now... I didn't buy one, cuz I couldn't choke much out through the laughter (that last a good 20 minutes after the truck left), but let me tell you friends: from this day forward I will view the ice cream truck with the delight of a 6 year old. Maybe you, too, can experience this delight, if you find the truck with the Blue Bunny novelties, because then you will have the opportunity to order: the 2 Ball Screwball. How f*in awesome is that? It makes me giggle even now. I was honestly laughing the entire time UPB was ordering. Now, the driver was foreign, and somehow didn't seem to think anything was funny in the least, despite the fact that I just kept repeating "2 Ball Screwball" over and over. Thankfully, my niece didn't ask why I was laughing so hard... I'm not at all certain if I could have explained it away as easily as the salt lick incident. But, there you have it. It made my fricken night.

Monday, July 19

testing testing


3, sir


It's like a pandemic

So -
You may have noticed that some people...ok, me for one, and quite a few others have been a bit slacky with the postings of late. I have no excuse. Other than work and knitting. And visiting relatives. And getting ready for the rummage sale, cleaning the house to make room for the new furniture, and spending time with friends.
I thought that maybe a good solution would be to start posting more regular-like on the bad guys blog, as a group thing, and that would be a one-stop shop. However, as many of you know, it is brokey and the suck. And I e-mailed blogger support and they were of no help whatsover. On the up-side, no one is paying for it - not even me - so worry not. But... if anyone (or better, everyone) was interested, we could whip up a whole new all badguys site, and everyone could post to it. Or, if you're all happier not sharing the same space, that's cool, too. I looked into having multiple blogs on one site, but man... it takes someone quite a bit smarter than me to make all that code go.  So it would basically end up being the same type of format as the current site (which you probably can't see), where we would just have our names at the bottoms of the posts. I don't know... it was a thought.
This evening I had dinner with my cousin and her family, and then came home and gave Vyv a bath and Twarg a quick rinse as well, and I learned something very important to keep in mind: garden hoses are dirty. And yard apes actually belong inside, where they can't bother me.

Monday, July 12

And this is why God created blogs

So those of us who have some sweet information can dissemenate it to those who may be interested.
Part of the fun of being on the TMBG fan newsletter list is reading their opinions on cities near and dear:
7/7 Madison is such a cool town, the kind of place you think
you should move to when you're on the road. Got to play at
one of our all-time favorite venues, the Barrymore Theater.
Checked in with the "Wayback Machine" site to find our old
set list on tmbg.net (is that site gone?!) from the last time we
played in Madison and was excited to see most of our set is
different from a couple of years ago. Even more new new
songs tonight and some new old songs (Stomp Box!)
which was an exciting challenge.
- from the Flansburg tour diary
Yay!! Now I'm even more sad we didn't go to the Mad-town show. Next time. Honest.
I didn't go to work today, just laid around with a throbbing headache and got sweaty. An attractive image, I assure you.

Thursday, July 8

Such a follower

So... it was back to the doc for me today. Yuck. Seems I have the same issues that Mrs. Jones had a while back that necessitated the ambulance for her. Lucky for me, I just get to be cranky and sore, not passing out or puking. But, I'm on the next round 'o meds, and these mean (as Mrs. Jones') no drinky drinky for *wah* 10 days.
Now, I haven't (of late) been the raging alcomoholic that my archives might lead one to believe that I am, it's true. But I do like my coupla Woodchucks on the Wednesday and Friday nights. And Sissy and I have been talking about tying one on for quite a while... looks like that'll be going on the back burner for at least a little while longer. After this coming weekend, it'll be busy busy for me with the garage sale readiness (though that'll start this weekend, cuz we're getting our new furniture on the 15th - yay!) and then the wedding. You know the one. I'll assume that there will be drinking there, if only to pacify some of my more co-dependant relatives, but that doesn't really substitute for a bras-off evening at the P. How old am I if I feel like I need to schedule something like that, that's the question. And the answer: very, very old. Damn listening to doctors and being responsible.

Tuesday, July 6

Slacky McNoPoster

Sorry for my blog absence as of late. Actually, I haven't really been on the computer too much, apart from getting Mother's b-day present ready, so there you go.
As most of you know, I've been a bit (or a lot, really) under the weather. I take my last dose of antibiotics tonight, so if I'm not doing better tomorrow I guess it's back to the doc for me some time during the day. The only problem with that plan is the insanity at work will most likely keep me tied to my chair.
In happy news, my boss had a beautiful baby girl yesterday. I know she's beautiful cuz Plinko & I took a long lunch to go see them at the hospital. I don't think I've ever held such a new baby. It was really quite something. And my boss is so inspiring... given that she hasn't had more than 2 straight hours of sleep in the last 36 or 48 or so, she really seemed in great spirits, and way more put together than I imagine I would be in the same situation.
Of course, this means that I'm sort of on my own for a while at work, and there are some problems that I've inheritted that just refuse to die. It's making me a bit crabby. Luckily, our team scored an assistant about a month ago who really knows what she's doing (she started the same day I did in the department), so I think that'll take a lot of the pressure off of me. I feel really really strange asking her to do stuff for me since, you know, she's been with the company longer and has been trying to get promoted for quite awhile, but I don't think I can make it through the next three months if I don't, so I'm trying hard to get over it. Besides, the more stuff she does, the sooner she can get promoted (which she deserves), so that's good... again, I just need to get used to having some help. My boss's absence meant that I get a ton of her product, and had to give up some of my own to balance things out. That makes me feel extra strange, to have someone else (who I don't feel very good about) responsible for "my" category. Seems I can't hold onto any product long before it's given to someone else. :P
Ok... I don't have much else, and I don't feel so hot, so I'm going to go peruse the other blogs and then head to bed.
If you're interested, I spent most of the night knitting. That damn blanket is NOT getting any bigger. It's like some kind of sick joke. If it weren't such a cute pattern I'd just start some other design with some massive needles and whip the thing out, but no...I had to pick this one. I guess I like pain.