Saturday, January 31

missing childhood memories

so this morning I decided I wanted to search the all-knowing uberweb for references to one of my favorite Sesame Street skits, and I found nearly nothing. It's very disappointing. Maybe some of you will recall the Captain Breakfast skit where Captain Breakfast is pestering a little girl, chiding her for not eating breakfast, trying to convince her of all the benefits of eating breakfast, etc. To which she responds, "I don't want any breakfast!"... making Captain Breakfast very sad. Finally he moans, "Little girl... why don't you want any breakfast?" and she simply says, "Because.... it's time for lunch!" and skips off. He looks dumbfounded - which is a pretty complex emotion for a puppet. Ok... really, his jaw just drops, but you get the idea.
At any rate, this post will now be the most information on the skit available online. And I think that is a tragedy. I want a image of Captain Breakfast to post. Possibly the audio. Something. Anything. But no... PBS or whomever has not seen fit to make this happen. Maybe when I become very rich I'll write them a big check on the condition that they put Captain Breakfast on the web in it's entirety. That's a good idea.

Monday, January 26


I believe that my sooper tiredness, that I referred to Saturday, may have been the first indication that I was becoming a bit ill. I am home today, trying to rid myself of the bug through a regiment of sitting very still and/or knitting. Just taking a time-out now to make sure I didn't miss any major-important e-mails from work (and I didn't).
And now I'm ready for more sleep. Evidently the 10 hours I got last night was not enough. Thankfully there's nothing on day-time programming that could be so exciting as to keep me awake.

Saturday, January 24

Looks like

Our A-lo is famous! That, or Atom is a geek-friendly word that blogger has jumped on. One or the other.
Anywho - not much writing from me lately, with apologies. I'm not sure what my deal is. I've been soooper tired lately, plus there's the Y, and knitting, and... well, I've now run out of excuses.
Rest assured that I still love you all very much. Bebo, I found a couple lovely lovelies that I thought you might be interested in. My plan for knitting that cool-ass sweater has been a bit derailed... more details to follow soon on that. Nonetheless, I went to a sweeeet yarn shop in downtown Neenah today, plus picked up some needles at the OshVegas Vinnie's. Including double-pointers. Look out socks, here I come!
And then there's work.... ah, work. Filled with craziness and more than likely it will only increase. This ties in with the knitting, so again, stay tuned. For once I feel like I can honestly say that reviews can't come soon enough (we're looking at early February).
Not any other real news to report... I haven't had time to take in any hockey this week, but the Sens won tonight 9-1. That's a lot of points for one team in hockey, in case you were wondering.
Now it's time to hit the hay - I have to go in to work tomorrow, so I'll see most of you cool cats tomorrow evening. G'night!

Sunday, January 18

Knit one, purl two

Ok... I'm no master yet, but I'm so happy that the gaggel of knitters in the group is growing!! Mom-in-law liked her scarf (especially the texture... she wanted to take it to bed with her for snuggling), but it doesn't exactly match her brown winter coat. Oh well. On to the next project. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what it's going to be. On that note, if anyone is thinking about early birthday presents for me, here's a good idea. You know, if you were wondering.
It's almost time to head to the Robin's Nest - see you there!

Wednesday, January 14


Who would've thought I'd become such a blog-slacker? Not that I'm not in good company. I've just been, well, busy. I'm finally taking advantage of that spendy Y membership UPB and I purchased, and have gone every day this week. Yesterday and today in the morning. Before work, even. This is no small accomplishment. I'm also back on the WW (that's weight watchers for you skinny folks) train. I had kind of forgotten how all-consuming it can be. Someday I'll figure out how to do it without having to spend so much time and energy figuring out when and what and how much I get to eat in a day. At any rate, if one is out to dinner with me, please ignore the mumblings about "points". I'll try to keep it to a minimum.
And then there's the knitting. I actually haven't done any since Sunday, which is just bizarre to me. I'm bringing it to the bar so everyone can look at me like I'm a wierdo, cuz, well, I am. And the end of the month is coming up fast and I have to have the next birthday present scarf completed by then. I invite everyone to join me in my new passion for knitting. I can't think of anything more fun than a coed stich & bitch at the bar. I'll be working on that kick-ass pattern Bebo posted a link to any minute now.

Sunday, January 11

Are You Ready For Some Football?

That's right, kids... it's Packer game day. Philly is supposed to be chilly, and that's a good thing.
Also - hockey. Wooo!! My first real-live in-person NHL game. I only wish I cared a little about either team we're seeing, but as they say, beggars can't be choosers. We got a good deal on the tickets through a hook-up at work, so I'm not complaining.
So much sports, so little time. I'll miss you other kids at the Robin's Nest tonight - have a good week!

Thursday, January 8


What am I doing awake you might ask... funny, I'm thinking the same thing myself. TGIF (nearly), that's all I gotta say. I would be so much more productive if the work day could just be pushed back a few short hours. 10-6:30 - who's with me??
Happy almost B-day to DerK, and happy belated to my bro. I should've called, but I didn't cuz I'm a bad sister. If it counts for anything, I also haven't bothered to call my bank to transfer some money to cover all those checks I wrote before last weekend (including the deposit on the car), so you're in good company, Teej. I'm what some might call irresponsible with the money that way. I've made a resolution (not a new year's one, just the regular kind) to get better about that going forward. Installed MSMoney and everything. Time to get my house in order, as they say.

Wednesday, January 7


So - instead of going to bed as I had planned, I thought I'd check my tracker first. Some interesting searches (though my link is brokey and I'm not sure why), but I followed one because I was curious, thinking "when would I have ever said that?" and stumbled upon a post from a little over a year ago. Sometimes archives are good, sometimes, not so good. It was from when Chia died. And now I'm very very sad again. I was also thinking that since the people at the Mini dealership were so nice when it happened, I could maybe name my new baby after my first baby. What do you think? Is Chia a good name for a car? He was kinda silver, after all...little and fast and sweet and cute and round... I'm going to think on that for awhile.


As in, busy little bee. At work, at home, at the Jones', at the bar... and knitting the whole time. Well, not the whole time, as work has picked up again (you didn't know there was a lull for me, but there was - about 3 days' worth). Let the insanity ensue. You see, our company seems to have a problem managing the calendar of product launches, so everyone is crazy busy for two or three weeks, and then everything pretty much settles down to a more managable pace again. For most people. People in our department have what seems to me to be slightly more craziness, plus the added job of explaining to the rest of the company that Chinese New Year means no worky for nearly a month for most of the people we do business with. We like to think of it as catch-up time in our department, but really, it's a pretty big snag to have to work around for shipping and production and the like. And it seems like some people forget about it. Ah well, no matter... it will come whether they are prepared or not. Of course I, being the go-tard that I am, volunteered to do the CNY Newsletter for the department again (that gets distributed throughout the company). It was fun last year (kind of) though took a lot longer than I had intended. I think I might ask for a little help on this go-round.
I've been awake later than I'd like as of late, excited and a little scared about the whole car thing. I've never owned anything quite so spendy, and it's a little intimidating to think about. Possibly this reaction is why we haven't seriously looked into buying a house yet. It's all just so grown-up feeling. And I'm just so not.
Anyway, I should maybe try getting some sleep now. Looking forward to the celebration on Friday and some Packer action (followed by wooo NHL!) on Sunday. Did I mention wooo?

Sunday, January 4

You called her what?

I'm drawn to the name 'Renny', as my research has shown that it means "small but mighty". Seems appropriate.


That's right - I ordered the car! It's a very exciting time to be me.
In addition, Go Pack! Thank goodness we have God on our side.
Sorry I pooped out on the Robin's Nest tonight. I ended up taking a little nap, and this week at work is going to suck the big thing that one might suck in these kinds of instances, so I'm saving up my strength.
What else? Let's see... we joined the Y, that's exciting. My husband is a genius and has figured out a way for us to become internet/grocery store millionaires, so that's nice. My knitting is coming along nicely. On Sunday I'm going to a real live NHL hockey game. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday, so Happy Happy! New Year's was very nice, despite leaving some literature behind (sorry t-plaid!) I was treated to a tasty dinner last night while most of the rest of you crazy kids were killing goblins or something. We opened a new bank account so I can be all responsible with the money and stuff -I'm even going to learn to balance my checkbook. But really, all that said, really the car is the news. I've been told it will be arriving sometime in late February. That means two things: my current little bastard has to last at least that long and I need to come up with a wonderful name for my new little one. I'm up for suggestions. I was also asked if I was getting personalized plates. As of right now, I'm not, but there was one suggestion thus far, just in case: EEEEEEE. In case you're wondering, that will be the sound that I'm making every time I sit in my new car. It will be high-pitched. I'm just warning you now. Also, if anyone is in need of a somewhat reliable though kinda old and busted car, please let me know. I'm selling. For a reasonable amount of money. If you're interested.