Tuesday, March 30

So... what are you doing?

Eating raw cookie dough? Me too!!
Oh, and UPB bought me presents today, including Peeps (well - bunnies, actually, but they're better cuz they get hard faster). MMMmmmm Easter!

Saturday, March 27

So many blogs

Remember the MSN blog? Vaguely? Well, I posted a conversation I had today, so go look at it.
In other news, UPB and I looked at the house today that I was so excited about. It was...ok. Much less excited now.
We also looked at about a million listings online, and didn't see much else that tickled my fancy. Maybe that's why people hire realtors. I suppose it is. Then I took a nap, found out that my sissy is gravely ill, and watched "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", which was quite good, I think.
The Senators tied the Leafs, which is better than losing, but still not great. Now it is my bedtime. Good night all!

Thursday, March 25

Not so big

As many of you know, yesterday's trip to Chicago turned into a trip to Milwaukee. Sissy/Mom and I had a great time, brought back some treats, and exhausted the supply of shoe options for me in the greater Milwaukee area. We also stopped in by my buddy Anthony at International Mini and I found out about a rally/scavenger hunt thingy coming up at the end of next month that I think I'm interested in.
The Sens won tonight - woo! Go Sens!
In other news, there is absolutely nothing going on at work right now. Except cleaning. And hormone swings.

Tuesday, March 23


Make that two girls and a very small car in the big city. Tee-hee! Let the excitement ensue!

Sunday, March 21

Good times, good times

So - last night after a disappointing hockey game, I went out with Sissy and Momma and some of us (read: not me) got a little loaded. We were at Denny's, and then decided we needed to get our groove on and tried to find somewhere in town that did not utterly suck for the dancing. It was not to be. We made three valient attempts, and came home having not really shaken our booties, even a little bit. This is one of the greater disappointments about living in old Osh-burg.
However, looking on the bright side (yeah, the bright side), it doesn't suck too much to be designated driver if you really, really like driving your car. And no one tossed their cookies in Vyvyan, so I'll still call the evening a success, even though our groove-thangs remained un-shook.
In other news, I attempted to brush Ting last night, and that critter is a nappy, nappy mess, let me tell you. And he did not enjoy the experience one bit. I ended up actually cutting off some of the worse bits, but I'm afraid he looks a little worse for wear. I thought perhaps sheading some of that dead weight would make him feel better, and he is eating a little bit more, so... we may be on the road to recovery.
That's about all I've got this splendid, sunny morning. See y'all this evening :)

Thursday, March 18

No news is bad news

I forgot to mention that Ting still isn't really eating much of anything. He hasn't since I came home. I'm not sure how he was doing while I was gone, but it's odd. He doesn't really seem to be out-of-sorts otherwise, and his teeth look good, so I'm not sure what the problem is. When Chia fell ill that last time, the vet had me force-feeding him antibiotics and something to increase his appetite, to no avail. He was miserable and angry at the end and I won't be doing down that road again. So... keep your fingers crossed for my little guy. Thanks.

Hi Kids!

Welcome to another installment of V's boring life.
There's really no news. Next week will most likely be nice and slow at work, gearing up for another season of craziness to ensue shortly thereafter. Tomorrow night I'm going to a Happy Hour for a super great woman who's department has been laid off. She's trained a large majority of people that I come in contact with in other departments who are considered good at their jobs, and seeing her leave is just scary. It's a long story, and really, the company didn't want her to go, but she's going all the same, and we're losing a great asset.
I leave for Asia most likely June 14, coming back around the 25th, so I'm really glad we didn't schedule prom for the 19th, which would have been close to the anniversary. I have no idea what the itinerary is, where I'll actually be going for sure, or really anything like that, so... that's all I've got right now. Since Christmas isn't exactly around the corner, I won't be bringing any gift lists with me, but if there's something specific you've got a hankering for that I can pick up for you over there, let me know. I will definitely be packing lighter than I did the last time (and last time I thought I had packed light).
The Senators won tonight - woo! Another game Saturday night, the regular season is winding down quickly. Then: on to the cup!
Like I said - not a lot going on over here.
See most of you kids tomorrow night after the shin-dig (scheduled to last only till 6).

Sunday, March 14

Mall Redemption

I like to think that I have something in common with Morgan Freeman's character in Shawshank. He was the guy that could get you stuff. Normally, I'm the gal that knows where to send you to get the stuff you want. That's kinda the same, right? Since we're all on the outside and stuff, most people can just go in the direction I point them, and find the things they need. I find this particular quality is in less demand with our friends than with, say, people at work, but still, I like to be helpful.
Today, however, I was blown away with a store in the Fond du Lac mall. I bought 4 things - I can't remember the last time I walked out of a store with 4 items - and only one of them was on sale. Unbelievable. I got a great top to go with my prom skirt - I tried on the ensemble when I got home and felt muy glamourous. (Now I just need shoes - sissy, DerK, you with me? Road trip to DSW? Soon?) Plus, a cute skirt, another top, and a sweater. Plus, I wanted half the other things in the store. And the name of the store: Maurice's. I know what you're thinking, or, at least, what my thought was: but that's the store where all the stuck-up girls shopped in high school. Yes, yes it is. It may very well still be, at least in towns where there aren't Old Navys and Abercrombies and whathaveyou. But I'm telling you, they have some really cute stuff. And not all slutty belly-showing crap. Or fabrics that make me go "ew" when I touch them (we did stop at the Deb first, I should add). My eyes have been opened. And my husband got a free t-shirt.
Now I'm off to watch more hockey. Go Sens!
It's good to be home.

Saturday, March 13

Jiggity Jig

Finally, I'm home. I can't complain too much about travel delays, the long-feeling flight, etc since I was supposed to be home at 3 or so yesterday, but because of a night of boozing it up with about 30 assorted Asians, I slept through my alarm, missed my flight, and nearly got myself fired. (Ok, that last part I assume - our company travel agent when I first talked to her was convinced that the only way I'd get home was with a one-way ticket, price tag $1,100. I would have been fired, then killed. Or maybe the other way around. Thankfully, that ended up to not be the case, and I am fairly certain that I may be able to keep my job.)
At any rate, I'm home again and UPB and I have made plans to play with Vyvyan and try to track down some shoes I fell in love with when in Vegas, that the store did not have in my size. Worst case, I may call the store and have them order and ship me the shoes - or verify for me that those that I fell in love with are truly the same as the ones I can get from Zappos. We'll see.
Now I should go get the stink of travel off of me in my very own shower. Oh, it's good to be home. How I missed my little bag of socks.

Monday, March 8

The Bright Side

Sunday, March 7


Anyone who can figure out why the bad guys blog is not working gets a cookie. I don't have time to deal with it or ask the authorities what's going on with it.

Help Me Shaft!

Love love loved the song on the fast songs by Rotator - got any more?
Yours truly,

3 templates in one day

I'm pretty sure that's a song or something. Anywho, here you have it, an afternoon's worth of putzing and puttering.
To the divine actress in our midst, I've been there, done that with the Valarian (it helped that I had the in at my former employer). It helps UPB on really bad nights, but it just makes me tired and awake and the same time. To others who were not in the know (myself counted amongst you until today) said actress's site and persona have been redefined... check out Ms. Barbara Jackson 3000 (BJ3k for short here). You may find someone who seems quite familiar.

Spring has sprung

Despite the fact that
#1 - it's snowing and
#2 - spring doesn't officially start until March 21 or so
I'm feeling springy and the snowflakes template just wasn't cutting it. So - I'm back to this one, which I love, until I work out a new one. I'm packed and printed and ready to go for Vegas, so I think I'll tinker on the puter this afternoon and see what I come up with. At times, I can't believe what a geek I am.


Oh, Shaft... I'm smiling over here. I'm just so glad to learn that someone actually reads my blog, and can pick up and run with my jokes. I feel completely vindicated. :)

Saturday, March 6

who me?

I feel the need to clear my name, as Shaft has sullied it. I did not say that that song was done by the Happy Mondays, because (as most people I know can attest to) I rarely if ever know the group that does the song, speaking in the most broad sense. I usually am not sure if a song is done by a certain group or individual, even if I own the album. For some reason, that part of my brain has never really worked right. So... I believe it was UPB that concurred with Shaft's assertion that said song was the Happy Mondays, and I believe my response was (and most likely will always be in instances like this): umm.... I'm not sure. Could be.
There. I hope I've saved my reputation as one who never knows these kinds of things and (and this is the important part): admits it.
Today I'm doing laundry. And I made crepes. I think they were pretty good. Hubby is having a battle to the death with our kitchen sink, which still refuses to drain properly. It has left him pantsless. If they were playing strip-dyi, I'd say he lost, but since they're not I'll have to call it a draw.
In other news - balancing your checkbook is hard if you can't do simple arithmetic. A lesson I probably should have learned years ago, but I am now being skooled in the ways of bookkeeping, and sometimes it makes my head hurt. At least now I know for sure that I'll be able to keep making car payments *yay* and still live and shop once in a while. These are good things. Of course, I'm still waiting with baited breath for those 3-paycheck months.

Monday, March 1

Hullo there

So - thanks to many fun birthday celebrations, nice weather, and a sale in downtown Princeton, I got nearly nothing accomplished around the house this weekend. You'd think a nice rainy evening would have given me an opportunity to remedy that - and I suppose it did, but I did not take advantage of it. Instead I mostly sat right where I'm sitting now, putzing around and not doing much of anything.
And then I went to bed. And didn't sleep. So I'm here again. For now. We'll see how it goes. I think I need a shot of motivation. Anyone know where I can pick one of those up, you know, on the cheap?
So - being as it's the first day of March, I pose a question: was today lion-like, or lamb-like? Now, certainly we can all remember much crappier March days, so it's hard to say lamb, but... it did thunderstorm, and that's something. I guess what I'm trying to say is I hope it just keeps getting warmer and warmer and we don't get pelted with nasty freezing rain or sleet or all of those other weather conditions that are nigh-impossible to avoid in March in this lovely state of ours. I just want it to be green, pretty, flowery spring. Skipping right to late-May, and not just cuz of you-know-what. Though that doesn't hurt, either.