Tuesday, September 30

So - "Cabin Boy" was postponed. Maybe I'll bring it to the Robin's Nest Sunday night. It's all of 80 minutes - I'm certain that there would be at least that length of time during which there is no quality programming on the tv. Or the tee-v.
Anyone wanna buy a monkey?

First off, yay Pack! Now on to other news...
So, I hope it's not very, very bad to buy a couple things for yourself when shopping for birthday presents. I already mentioned the Badtz Maru t-shirt (and who could blame me for that?) but on the weekend shopping excursions I also picked up one loverly copy of "Cabin Boy" on the DVD. For the cheap. I have such an affection for that movie, and, as it's terrible, any affection would be an unhealthy one. We'll be watching it this evening after the healthy affection for the Gilmore Girls is pacified (for this week).
Today I ruled at work, but of course the overachievers are going to try to out-shine me. Damn them! Whatever... I still got all the credit for putting together a little project, and the craziest of crazies still thinks I'm hot shit. So... fuck 'em, that's why! (My! Such language!) My potentially big scary meeting with the big big boss lasted all of 15 minutes, and I got nothing but praise. I'm secretly hoping the overachievers are raked over the coals during their meetings, but I suppose that probably won't happen. I happily admitted today that I am both mean and evil. That was actually unrelated to this present story, and revolved around CB, but I think it still holds true.
Anyway... I can't wait until I get my next promotion and all of the overachievers can bite me. It's been nearly 6 months, I think I'm due. Oh crap... maybe it doesn't actually work that way. Eh, we'll see.

Sunday, September 28

I've decided that the general "thanks to everyone" comment below in my former post was nearly specific enough, so... if I miss you in the below list, I apologize. Rest assured that it is not because you aren't important. Unless, of course, you actually aren't.
In no particular order, thanks to:
The Reverend: man of every hour, and sweetest of all cream fillings
UPB: for loving a wife that needs the book "A Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorum" (which is lying around here some place...)
Alo: for dancing with me and touching Mother's softest area
Mother: for reminding me just how tasty the Crivitts drink is
Sissy: for kissing girls, and also needing the same book as I do, and dressing up with me
Dave: for making me feel famous - and keeping your eyes peeled for a car for me!
IP: backrubs (though that should go without saying)
Kevin: for still taking it when I give you shit - I'm not actually still upset about the non-surprise party, by the way
Mr. Jones: I think you liked my dress more than anyone
Machine: for occupying Momma's hubby - otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to sit down today, and promising the hook-up with the stuff
Plinko: most of the above
Catie: for dancing with me - and the stomping -- and dear God, I nearly forgot the chocolate-covered strawberries
DerK: for sparking the desire to sew again - I might end up using some of this fabric yet!
Shaft: some would thank you for not whipping it out, I'm just sad you had to leave so early
T-plaid: laughing when I give shit to Kevin... I wish I could help myself
That Guy Over There: making us all appreciate what we've got, it's a lot

Ok - so I sat home and watched silly, terrible, sappy girly movies all night. I have no good excuse, but I am a girl, so I think it's allowed on occassion. I hope no one missed me too much at the Robin's Nest. Believe me when I say I used up all of my glamour last night, and didn't even get out of my pjs today, so you weren't missing much. On that note, thanks to everyone for being the best friends in the world -- there's no party like a Royal Hawaiian party. I suffered relatively few ill effects (proving my theory about eating to be true), and I don't think anyone ended up hugging the toilet bowl (at least at the P), so I count that as a victory for moderation. Though I must have been awfully drunk, as I didn't manage to fit in time to have any cheesecake. I think that's almost a crime.

Friday, September 26

Success on the gift front - yay shopping!! And hardly any money spent on myself. Save for one t-shirt. You wouldn't think a store would have both a Badtz Maru shirt and another shirt featuring another famous penquin that I actually kind of wanted more. Unfortuately, the Chilly Willy top was not available in anything close to my size -- only the hyper-fat girls could score those. So, for me it's Badtz Maru - hardly a disappointment. Did I mention it's fuzzy? Yeah... it was a good night to be at Mayfair.
Time to go feed the hungry baby. And I mean Buddha.

Thursday, September 25

Oh, and Bebo... no Mini yet -- don't worry. I'll be sure to publish many nice pictures when it happens (don't hold your breath, though).

I had such good intentions of posting when I got home from work last night, but noooo... no blogger for me. Well, to be honest I didn't have very exciting news to write about anyway, nor do I now.
My happiest news is this: ye old spaceheater is plugged in and I'm feeling toasty and warm. I kind of wish I had a very light generator so I could just carry the whole thing around with me. It would have come in very handy for the cold cold volleyball game. Ok, it wasn't actually that cold, but it was cold enough that my arms were numb and I didn't realize until today that I'm now covered in bruises. Ow. Ow, I say. Stupid cold.
It could be worse... I could have a cold, instead of just being cold. But I'm playing it safe and stopped at the Village Market for the handy-dandy Esperitox (now I suppose I'll get even more hits for the stuff). It really does work, people. Of course, this is the first time I've had to pay retail for it, and damn! It's expensive! But, I'm not sick. The battle is won.
Speaking of being ill, I got a sage piece of advice today: if you've never gotten the flu shot, they say this is the year to do it (whatever that means). Well, to that I say, "Suck it!" The one year I got the flu shot, I got the flu. And I never get the flu. This wouldn't be nearly as disgusting if it weren't for the fact that getting the flu shot was NOT my idea. In fact, a co-worker even paid for me to get it, because she thought it was that important. Then: sick. So very, very sick. Not again, nope, not gonna happen. While I may have the constitution to take a Benedril and make it through the day unscathed, I can not (evidently) handle the flu shot. I was as weak as a little girl. Quite a departure from standard, freakishly-strong Steph.
Anyway... I think I should probably roll my stuffed full of Jansen's self away from the computer for a little while. They have such good pie. Pie.... why don't we eat there all the time? Oh, that's right... if you don't get there at 5 you can't sit down. We were smart enough this evening to dine early. The waitress, who was very nice, screwed up my order. It was fine, I ate the mistake, but she gave us two free drink coins to make up for it. Now we can play Tiddily-winks. I'm kind of excited. I'm keeping mine. To remind me of the night I got the last piece of strawberry rhubarb pie. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 23

Hello fans!
That's right.... I'm back. I (narrowly) survived the weekend and the first two days of this week, and now it's smoove sailing.
Alright, so I was hurting a little bit on Sunday, but I'm pleased to say I learned something from the experience. And that something is: eat something (let's say, one meal) during the day if you plan to consume masses of alcomohol. This will make for a better tomorrow. Trust me, it has to help. Luckily, I plan to test this theory this coming weekend for sissy's party. I'll let you know how it turns out.
The big wigs have left the continent, and now it's slack-o (remember when I worked with him?) time. Or, that's the plan at least. And that sounds ok by me. I've got enough crazy crap coming back from the past to haunt me to keep me busy for awhile, I'd like a little breather before all the new crazy crap starts. And it sounds like it might be extra crazy for yours truly, but stay tuned... you know how these things tend to change.
Today was a good tv day... Gilmore Girls season premier, Queer Eye, with a dash of Law and Order here and there for good measure. "Close the door on your way out... hello, boys!" *sigh*
Now I should probably get to bed and not dream about not being able to sleep, which would be a nice departure from last night.

Thursday, September 18

Have I mentioned how much I love haircut day? Ok... I probably have. Once or two hundred thousand times, but I do.
I got some clothes. I think I'm going to wear at least some of them to the wedding. I'm not planning on wearing two skirts at once, so at least some of the new purchases will have to wait. Or be worn tomorrow. Or Sunday. All of it from the greatest place on earth: Target. Now, I should have just known to go there, and skipped the outlet we-don't-actually-want-you-to-shop-here mall, but I didn't realize that Jones (as in, of NY) had left the building, and I often find things I like at the Casual Corner, or Casual Corner for shorties, but tonight, no such luck. So, Target once again wins my "I'm in a pinch, I really need something I can wear right now, I don't want to look like I'm dressed for the dead of winter" dollar. Go Target Corp. I finally broke down and bought something from my gay boyfriend's new collection, a cute long cord skirt (not planned for the wedding). Somehow the insane billboard neon shirts all seemed to have disappeared. There's no way they sold out... if that many people were wearing them around here we'd all be having retina problems. I can only assume that they were either a)shipped to Fond du Lac, hoping people would buy them there or b) ditto, but Goodwill. Come to think of it, there isn't much difference.
After volleyball last night I was super brokey, and I'm pretty far from recovered, so I'm heading to bed early tonight. I'm considering picking up some Depends for tomorrow night. (I'm kinda looking forward to it, is what I mean.) ...This shirt is dry-clean only, that means it's dirty... YAY!!

Wednesday, September 17

Damn the luck.
Something was funny, and I called I got to blog about it, since someone stole the Jerky Cannon, and now I can't for the life of me remember what the hell it was. I'm betting we'll all persevere somehow.
Tonight we went to see art a la Ms. Deni Rae. Some of the pieces I absolutely loved. Others were less endearing, but not unmoving. I can't say the same of the professor's work that was shown with hers. In the words of a famous horse, "No, sir, I don't like it." Art is funny that way, I guess. Someone once asked me to define art, and I said something to the effect of: a creation of someone else's that evokes emotion in me. Therefore, being indifferent to a piece is probably about the worst insult you could throw at an artist, I suppose. Walking around an exhibit, or sitting in a concert hall, or what have you, and thinking "meh"... yeah, that's no good at all.
Hooray...I remembered the funny thing! I was very disappointed tonight when I learned that the personalized licence plate I had been hoping for was taken: I B NEKID! It's so unfair! We were then postulating on the types of products that market themselves to the nudist demographic. Apart from strong sunscreen, I got nothin'.
Wow... I'm really tired. I've felt all day like it should be Friday, and it so isn't. Not even really all that close. But I should give this sleeping thing I've heard so much about a try.

Monday, September 15

Will the wonders of the internet ever cease?
Recently I've been contacted by someone who, very very randomly, happened upon this-here site and who, by some ultimate act of God, seems to have a Mini for sale. What are the odds? Slim to none? One in a million? Six? I have no idea. What I do know is that I'm awfully (and really, I mean awfully) excited by the whole prospect. And Mr. Jones, I hate to do this to you, but it's an S. And Mrs. Jones, it's green. Now we're all swooning. I promise I'll let you ride in it, if this comes to pass. Ok, ok... you can drive it. Maybe. Maybe in the empty Copps parking lot.
So, on top of lots of other exciting news (i.e. Bella Vie?), and a big meeting to prepare for tomorrow (where I will come out smelling like roses, cuz I RULE!), I feel like there's a lot on the proverbial plate.
Don't forget this Friday is the big comedy extravaganza. Hoop-la all around. Saturday is my coworker's wedding (and rollar-rink reception where we get to teach the foreigners the chicken dance!) and Sunday is Packer day again, when we'll all hope for a repeat proformance of this week. Also, Wednesday is Deni's show at the union, and we have the latest of the late games. I'm sure it will be snowing or some such crap. Of course I can't forget about the OshCon, though my attendance will be scant, I wish everyone a very good and profitable time.
I think I may need a nap just thinking about all of this!
I may post more if I get some news, or if I need a break from the working...lots to prepare for tomorrow morning.

Sunday, September 14

Look at my slackiness... almost a full week has gone by!
I suppose I should recap, but last week was kind of a blur. I'll sum up by saying that, while I did get everything done that had been expected of me in my former role, doing two people's jobs did keep me from doing all those things that are new to my current job, and now I'm screwed. I'll be going in to work after the Packer game.
Also - I'm looking forward to the rain moving out. As much as I love it (and you know I do), I really need to be able to open my car windows to get the inside to dry out a little, as I left my windows open all afternoon on Friday and I'm sick of having a wet ass.
Other than that.... let's see. Dinner last night was very tasty, courtesy of Plinko. I feel a little like a-Lo -- I brought the bread.
Things may be moving forward with Bella Vie. I think they are. But it's not really up to me, so much, so... stay tuned.
I suppose I should get cleaned and make the house presentable for Packer fan guests. Go Pack!

Tuesday, September 9

Another day down, and other than being slow and boring, it was just fine. In fact, I don't think I have anything to report on, except being really, really glad that I don't have to deal with one particular person anymore since getting my new job. After trying to cover Plinko's e-mails for only today, this woman has already made me want to pull all my hair out. I forgot how frustratingly stupid she can be. Ah well... soon to be not my problem again. Yay!!
Now to watch some Queer Eye.

Monday, September 8

Well... that was kind of a kick in the pants. I got to work today and found out that due was one spreadsheet by me to the uberboss and it was not any kind of done. And it was due at noon. And I handed it in at 2. Plus, my fancy new computer showed up while I was gone (yay!) but did not actually work the first hour and a half I was at work (boo!) That put a serious dent in the possibility I was going to get that spreadsheet done. Also, unfortunately, it left precious little time to discuss what the hell is going on in my in-box with my favorite co-worker before he jetted off to the lovely and remote Tennessee. Plus, my boss was out sick today, so... I was basically clueless once I actually had a chance to look at my e-mails that had accumulated over the last week. Not that they hadn't been gone through, cuz they had, I'm just having a difficult time figuring out what was dealt with and what has yet to be.
Other than that... let's see... I fell dead asleep after dinner tonight. Tasty pasta and then tasty ice cream and then *crash*. And then a fly buzzed in my ear and woke me up.
Also, somehow I've thought it was the 9th all day. I guess it doesn't matter too much.
I've got a little bit of other, secret news, but I think I'll hold off for a little bit. And for love of God, No I Am Not Pregnant. Anyway, I don't want to jinx it, but the plan is that I will be that much closer to getting my beloved Mini. Hoorah!

Sunday, September 7

Per our discussion at the Robin's Nest tonight, I found the following link and thought it might prove inspirational:Saturday Night Live Recurring Characters

Oof. That was not a good Packer game.
I'm a little bummed that my vacation is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. It just went by way too damn fast. Luckily my next vacation day is scheduled for only slightly more than a month away, and I plan to do something truly wonderful during that long weekend. Not that this time off, or our little jaunt to Schaumburg, weren't fun, cuz they were. Honest. I'm just really excited that next time I won't have to drive, cuz my back is seriously f****d up, and I blame Telly. Luckily, he's going to be paid off right quick, and then will begin the saving for the mini. Which means that I may be pinching pennies for the next (possibly long) while, so I apologize ahead of time if I become somehow less fun because of it. (A good excuse to be a bore, don't you think?) I know, I know, you're all going to be drastically affected by our lifestyle becoming less extravagent and fabulous, but I think the result will be worth it.
Now to go play with some numbers.

Saturday, September 6

Ok - I know this will mean nothing to any of you, since I'm addicted to a different popcap game than everyone else, but you'll have to trust me that a score of 243,788 for the puzzle version of Big Money is a very good score. I am, in fact, a zillionaire. That's level 27, in case you're keeping track. I very nearly made it to 28, but this isn't horseshoes, so I guess it doesn't count.
I'm headed to bed now... after all those coins I'm sure I'll be dreaming of spending them on something nice for myself. Maybe a fabulous Halloween costume - oh, wait... I already have one! Tee hee! Clang Clang Clang! All I need now is a wig and a microphone and I'll be all set.

Friday, September 5

Oh, and congrats to Bebo for being the wonderful and famous Mistress Thespian! Genius!

Today I get to be a driver's ed instructor. Too bad I don't have any ins with any gas stations to give me free popcorn, like my driver's ed teacher did. He'd make us drive out to bumblefuck to get gas, just so he could get his free popcorn. Also, he was a giant mountain of a man and he had a membership at the Sports Core, where the restaurant looks over the pool, and he wore speedos while swimming there. Very appetizing. Maybe it's better I try to stay as different from him as possible.

I suppose I should get clean and start my day. This whole vacation thing has gone much, much too fast. *sigh*

Thursday, September 4

BritishMiniWerks.com is the Mini website I was talking about that Anthony clued us into. Now, why this site has this information and the dealer sites don't? I have no idea -- but here it is.

We are now a two green economy hatch-back family. I think that's kinda funny. Spent the great part of the afternoon car shopping with UPB and Shaft and found a good deal on a pimped-out (well, to me anyway... of course, my car doesn't have a/c so keep that in mind) 2000 Ford Focus. Kind of a lot of miles, but I'm sure we'll get many more out of her. Or him. The car does not, as yet, have a name. Nor does mine, come to think of it. If mine were reddish purple I'd name him Telly, like the monster on Sesame Street. I might anyway, due to the plates, and the fact that despite being mostly harmless I've never really liked either of them. Hmm... that might work. Though I suppose I should be nicer to my car... it still goes, despite the horrible neglect that it has suffered at my hands. Sometimes I think it must be out of spite. Telly has bought into the whole ironocracy thing and has taken it to a whole new level. "I will continue to run, without oil, without the desperately needed wheel alignment, without a terribly overdue timing belt, simply because you want a different car and I know it won't happen as long as I'm alive. Mwahahahaha!" I'm telling you, Telly is evil. To be fair, every so often I drive a different car, and usually end up liking Telly more for it. Red-headed stepchild of the auto world, that's my car.
Anyway... the finance guy at the dealership gave me hives. And I haven't eaten (except for a McDonald's shake... does that count?) since lunch. And I'm ti-erd. And we went to one dealership in town, in my car, and when UPB said he was looking for a four-door the sales guy said, "Oh, you're tired of getting out of the clown car? heh heh." Um... no sale for you, dummo. Step one to being an ok sales person: don't insult a prospective customer. That's not even going for good sales person, that's just ok. You fail that one, you suck. Now, Anthony also chided me for my current car, but somehow it was ok for him. But then, I think he understood that the only reason I wasn't already driving a Mini is the $$, or, rather, the $$,$$$, so it wasn't as much a judgement of my taste or personality as a chummy sympathetic joke.
Ok - milk is here. Time for dinner. Then, the sleeping.

Wednesday, September 3

We're home, we're well... we went to Schaumburg and Milwaukee and had a very nice time with Chuck and now we're home and I'm a little brokey, but only from being in the car too long I think and not from any incident or accident and tomorrow we may begin car shopping. Oh, and somewhere in the depths of my purse I have a business card for our buddy Anthony with a website where we can peruse minis that are in-stock or on-order to be shipped to the Mini dealership in Milwaukee. Just as soon as I feel motivated, I'll post the link for all those mini-hungry people out there. Read: me and shaft.
Shaft and I.
IKEA can take a lot out of a person, but somehow Guernee is still worse. I think it's all the stupid zig-zags and the realization, once you've left the mall, that you could have gotten back to your car much quicker if you just knew what doors led where outside. Of course, I can't complain too much considering the new hot time-pieces we scored at the Fossil outlet. And a birthday present for a special certain someone... tee-hee!!

Monday, September 1

Thus far the day has been nothing if not eventful. Some very good, some very bad... my stomach is still in knots a little and I'm not in the mood to get into it right now. I'll see y'all soon enough anyway, and everyone can spill the beans. Not that I'm bringing beans.